Chapter 32: Rival.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

It was only after An Ning grabbed Lin Zhen's hand did she realize how inappropriate her action was.

Her face immediately flushed. She wanted to let go, but she felt embarrassed if she suddenly took it back.

Lin Zhen was also shocked, but the next moment he recovered and naturally took An Ning's hand. He smiled at her: "An Ning, why are you anxious, we haven't even eaten yet, let's sit for a while."

An Ning's mind was blank. She just nodded unconsciously, sitting back down obediently, and even forgot that her small hand was still being held by Lin Zhen's bigger hand.

Li Tianhao couldn't hold his poker face anymore. Blue veins started appearing on his forehead and they were even faintly pulsating. He stared directly at Lin Zhen: "Lin Zhen, it seems that you haven't heard what I just said."

"Nope, I heard it. But, it doesn't make sense..."

"You... Enough! You'd better get your dirty 'paws' off her."

In Li Tianhao's heart, An Ning was his future wife, so how could he tolerate her being held by this stinky boy Lin Zhen. He stood up angrily, as if he wanted to forcefully separate them.

But as soon as he got up, Meng Dong pressed him down. 

"Just sit back down honestly. Haven't you seen other people in love?" Meng Dong said without flinching.

An Ning felt like she was a deer and she was in a state of confusion; but when she heard Meng Dong's words, she immediately woke up and hurriedly took her hand back from Lin Zhen's hand.

Lin Zhen was speechless. He really thinks that sometimes, Meng Dong is just too 'innocent'. 

Meng Dong’s words infuriated Li Tianhao even more. He could no longer control the anger in his heart. He took out his phone again and dialed. Once the call got through, he roared: "Where are you Ma Dong? Huh? Why aren't you here yet? Someone here just slapped your young master in the face. Come over quickly and destroy him for me!"

"Yeah! It's just a Warrior, don't tell me you can't do it... Surely you can do it, right? OK, I'm waiting for you."

Hanging up, Li Tianhao looked at Lin Zhen with a grinning smile: "Lin Zhen, since you are so indifferent, then this young master has to fulfill your wish to die. You will know what true horror is when he arrives."

After that, Li Tianhao leaned back on the chair, looking at Lin Zhen as if he was a dead person.

"Lin Zhen..." An Ning was a little worried.

"It's okay, don't mind him. Let's order food, I'm hungry." Lin Zhen didn't care.

Meng Dong also ignored Li Tianho and simply called the waiter to order food. But at this time, the outside door suddenly opened and a vigorous young man strode in.

"Brother Hao, who's that blind idiot who dares to provoke you? See if I don't beat him up!"

"Here, Ma Dong, come here." Li Tianhao immediately called Ma Dong.

Ma Dong strode over, and Li Tianhao pointed at Lin Zhen: "This kid. He's from Gale Dojo but you don't have to worry about it. The Dojo won't care for a student against our Marriott Group. I will take care of everything if something happens."

"Brother Hao, I will let loose as you said, but you'd better take that beautiful woman out first. In a moment, if I break the bar, she might get hurt."

Li Tianhao then said to An Ning: "An Ning, you should go out with me first. Let's leave these barbarians alone."

An Ning gave Li Tianhao a glance, and instead moved closer to Lin Zhen. Although she didn't speak, her actions already showed everything.

"I don't know what to say. Ma Dong, do it for me."

Li Tianhao said. He had already left his seat, he didn't want to be hurt by the residual destruction.

Seeing his opponent arrive, Lin Zhen also stood up and said to Meng Dong: "Meng Dong, protect An Ning, I'll clean this kid up."

"Don't worry, I won't let my sister-in-law lose even a strand of hair."

Lin Zhen nodded and then faced Ma Dong: "Quite a vigorous tiger aren't you? It seems that you need to be tamed a little."

"Drop that BS. I'm at the pinnacle of a Ninth-Rank Warrior. I'm about to be promoted to a Warlord. Ever since I reached the Ninth-Rank, I haven't lost a single Warrior-level fight. It seems that those from Gale aren't really all that amazing. I'll let you... Huh?"

Ma Dong didn't finish speaking, and he suddenly looked at Lin Zhen with some doubts: "Have I seen you before?"

Lin Zhen snorted coldly, "Well, I certainly haven't seen you."

Ma Dong didn't move yet. Instead, he stared at Lin Zhen's face suspiciously. After watching him carefully for a while, his expression suddenly changed.

Behind him, Li Tianhao became impatient, and said to Ma Dong: "Ma Dong, what are you doing? Hurry up and beat this kid, I want his leg useless!"

Ma Dong suddenly turned to Li Tianhao at this time: "Brother Hao, is this Fighter called Lin Zhen?"

"Yes, he's Lin Zhen, why? Do you know each other? It doesn't matter if you know each other, since he didn't give this boss some face, I want him crippled."

"So he is indeed Lin Zhen of Gale..."

Ma Dong took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a long time before opening it. As if he had finally gathered up some determination, he turned to Li Tianhao and said, "Brother Hao, I'm afraid I can't help you with this matter. You can still ask Gao Ming, right?"

"Are you crazy? Do you know what you are talking about? Even if I can call him, I wouldn't. What's the salary I'm giving you for? Can't you even handle an ordinary student?" Li Tianhao looked at Ma Dong incredulously.

Ma Dong said with a bitter face: "Yes, Brother Hao, I am getting your salary, but I also have to do things within my ability. You found me an opponent that I can't beat. I would be seriously injured by Lin Zhen with just one kick."

"What are you talking about? You can't beat Lin Zhen? You're a Ninth-Rank Warrior? Did you eat sh*t for breakfast, that you can't even beat an Eighth-Rank Warrior?"

Ma Dong didn't dare to offend Li Tianhao, so he could only continue to explain: "Brother Hao, you can go and inquire to others. Among the new generation of Ice City, there has never been someone who has reached the same level of reputation Lin Zhen has right now, let alone a Ninth-Rank Warrior.”

“Even a famous Warlord was almost killed by Lin Zhen with a single attack. Do you think my Excellent evaluation is amazing? How about a Custom-Made Genetic Potion with a 99% improvement? This record is nowhere to be found in the city until now. You letting me fight with such a person is like pushing me into a fire pit."

"This kid is really that strong?" Li Tianhao glanced at Lin Zhen disbelievingly, and then said to Ma Dong: "I don't care, you better do what I say if you're taking my money."

Ma Dong's face became serious: "Brother Hao, among the Fighters, money can't solve everything. The most recognized thing by the Fighters is strength. I joined the Marriott Group, not entirely for the money. A considerable part of the reason lies in your father Li Wanfeng. He's a strong fighter at the God of War level. Me knowing that this group has a strong God of War as its backing, I joined for that reason. If your family is just a pure business family, with all due respect, I wouldn't have joined no matter how much money you throw. A person who just sits in the City, no matter how much money you have, your foundation is not stable. Any expert can easily smother your group overnight, so Brother Hao... If you still pursue this matter, then I can only return the money you've paid me then I'll quit my job."

Ma Dong's words stunned Li Tianhao. As the group's young boss, being protected by God of War level parents, and having a lot of money, he has never encountered such a situation before.

Li Tianhao himself already reached the pinnacle of Third-Level under the training of his parents since childhood, and can now take the Genetic Potion.

His father, Li Wanfeng, hopes that Li Tianhao will use a Custom-Made Genetic Potion, and the success rate can reach almost 60%.

Because Li Wanfeng himself used a Custom-Made Genetic Potion, Li Tianhao, as his son, also should be good with using a Custom-Made Genetic Potion. After all, as father and son, they have similar genes, so the success rate is naturally high. This is the advantage of Fighter families.

But even with a 60% success rate, Li Tianhao did not dare to take the risk. He proposed to take the Universal Genetic Potion, which was rejected by Li Wanfeng. In Li Wanfeng’s view, he naturally wanted his son to become an Excellent Fighter. The Universal Genetic Potion is unlikely to produce an Excellent Fighter. This Father and son pair have been fighting over this matter these past few days.

Not only is Li Tianhao timid, he's also rebellious; and he simply wants to be a behind-the-scenes commander, rather than a Fighter who goes into battle in person.

But at this moment, he suddenly realized the importance of strength.

Ma Dong didn't dare to act in the face of Lin Zhen. No matter how much money he gave, it was useless. This was a manifestation of strength.

Lin Zhen just sat there and didn't move. Seeing the mocking smile on Meng Dong's face, Li Tianhao felt his face go hot, and he didn't even dare to look at An Ning.

It turned out that the real reason why he felt awesome was because he had good parents, and not because of himself.

He likes An Ning, but An Ning never gave much attention other than courtesy. She even let Lin Zhen hold her hand which he can't do. This made Li Tianhao feel like a knife was struck in his heart.

And the person who gave him this insult today was Lin Zhen. He had never experienced such an insult before, and he had never hated a person so much.

After staring at Lin Zhen, Li Tianhao suddenly turned and left the bar.

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