Chapter 31: Ma Dong.

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Except for the Ice City Force and Military, the biggest forces are the major Dojos, followed by the major families.

The An Family has influence in a ton of things, from pharmaceuticals to military, media, hotels and other industries. The An Family group has hundreds of billions in assets and is one of the top three powers in Ice City.

As for An Ning being the Big Miss of An Family, Lin Zhen knew about this, but he only knew it a year later in his previous life. Obviously, some changes have occurred in this life and he already knows now. 

An Ning was the only girl Lin Zhen has ever liked. He remembered that in his previous life, An Ning did not take the physical fitness test for the graduation exam. Lin Zhen was sad as he might not see An Ning again; but he later learned that it was not that An Ning could not take the graduation exam, but rather such a thing was unnecessary.

As the An Family's Big Miss, An Ning has hundreds of millions worth of fortune, so she doesn't have to risk her life out in the wilderness; not to mention An Ning herself has strong enough strength.

Yes, she is strong enough. Why? An Ning is a Spirit Master!

The person who first discovered this secret was Ouyang Yu. You could say that this kid at least has some eyesight, as when he found out that An Ning possesses spirit power, he immediately gave her a Spirit Potion. Unfortunately, An Ning didn't put him in her eyes and rejected the Potion.

Later, An Ning's identity was exposed and thus became a stunning young lady and one of the best kind of Fighters; a Spirit Master. All such achievements and fortune gave her an unattainable aura, which made her out of reach.

In his previous life, Lin Zhen had no chance to be with An Ning. He didn't even dare to confess to An Ning. After Ice City was overrun by mutant beasts, he lost contact with An Ning. Since then, he never heard any news of An Ning, not even when he left Earth. 

The greatest possibility was that An Ning remained in Ice City forever (aka dead).

This time, Lin Zhen would not allow that to happen again. He drove directly to Asuka Jiuxiang. Lin Zhen parked the car and walked into the bar.

Meng Dong was in a corner with his head bowed, acting covertly, as if he was a thief sneaking around. Lin Zhen walked over to him and sat down before the latter could even call out to him.

"Lin Zhen, look in that corner. An Ning is with a handsome guy. I know that kid, he is always on the cover of some financial magazines. He's Li Tianhao, the young boss of the Marriott Group. He seems to be pursuing An Ning."

"Marriott Group? Li Wanfeng's group?"

"Yes, Li Wanfeng is the father of Li Tianhao. Both his parents are at the God of War Level. Li Tianhao himself is about the same age as us, but he doesn't seem to be a Warrior yet."

Lin Zhen looked over, and as expected, in that corner, a young man was holding a handful of flowers while saying something to An Ning.

An Ning seemed a little impatient, but she didn't leave either; just that she didn't reply to the young man despite his efforts to attract her attention.

Lin Zhen patted Meng Dong on the shoulder: "Let's go over and take a look."

"Just the two of us?" Meng Dong was shocked.

"What's the matter if it's just the two of us?"

"That kid is very rich, we..."

"Meng Dong, you are now a high-level (he got promoted to a Second-Class Student) student of Gale, do you still need to be fearful?"

Meng Dong obviously hadn't changed his mentality yet. So upon hearing Lin Zhen's words, he suddenly realized that he was no longer just an ordinary person. He immediately gained confidence and stood up, following Lin Zhen.

When the two came to the An Ning's table, Lin Zhen took the initiative to greet her: "Hi, An Ning."

"Lin Zhen? Why are you here?"

Seeing Lin Zhen's appearance, An Ning's big beautiful eyes suddenly shone, and she felt surprised beyond words.

"We are here to celebrate Meng Dong’s success in taking his Custom-Made Genetic Potion, hence we went out for a drink together. I didn't expect to meet you here. Would you mind us intruding?"

"Really? That's great. I heard that Custom-Made Genetic Potions don't have much high success rates. Congratulations, Meng Dong! It just happens that I have nothing to do, so I'll drink with you guys."

As An Ning said this, she pulled the chair beside her, and gestured to Lin Zhen.

While Meng Dong said to Li Tianhao unceremoniously: "Dude, give me a place."

Li Tianhao looked at these two uninvited guests with disgust. He was very upset at being disturbed.

Especially this one named Lin Zhen, why can he sit next to An Ning? While he can only sit on the opposite side? And looking at An Ning's reaction, she seems to have a good impression of him.

In Li Tianhao's mind, Lin Zhen's threat level immediately rose several levels.

However, Li Tianhao isn't some ignorant brat. Although he was disgusted in his heart, he was unwilling to show it in front of An Ning. As the young boss of a company, he naturally had a way to make these two blind guys feel inferior.

The disgusted look disappeared in a flash and a smile instead appeared on Li Tianhao's face, he said to An Ning: "An Ning, are these two your classmates?"

An Ning snorted: "Yes, they are my classmates in high school. Also, I'd like to ask Li Gongzi not to call me by my name."

(TL: Gōngzi is an honorific for a son of an official or nobility.) 

"It's okay, our two families are familiar with each other. You have been like my sister since we were young, you and I are not strangers."

When Li Tianhao finished speaking, he looked at Lin Zhen: "Listening to your conversation, are you Fighters?"

"Yes, we belong to Gale Dojo." Meng Dong said with a grin. He knew that Lin Zhen liked An Ning, and An Ning also seemed to like Lin Zhen. So as Lin Zhen's best friend, he naturally wanted Lin Zhen to shine at this moment.

"Oh! Gale Dojo, I am very familiar with it. Our family employs many Fighters who withdrew from Gale. You may not know some of them, but you must be familiar with this person."


"Do you know old Hu? Hu Yifei, he has already agreed to my family's invitation yesterday and is about to leave the Dojo to join our Marriott Group, as the Deputy Captain of the security team."

"Old Hu is leaving the Dojo?" Meng Dong and Lin Zhen were both stunned. Of course, they knew Old Hu, he was the one who recruited Fu Chengya and the two others.

Unfortunately, the performance of Fu Chengya and the two others in the Dojo was completely overwhelmed by Lin Zhen and Meng Dong. Today, after Meng Dong’s Custom-Made Genetic Potion was successful, the limelight of Old Hu in the Dojo was once again overshadowed by Zhao Liang. It is said that Dongfang Jun talked to Old Hu, but the content was unknown.

Unexpectedly, Old Hu wanted to withdraw from the Dojo. The two of them really didn't know of such news.

Seeing the expressions of Lin Zhen and Meng Dong, Li Tianhao was even more proud. He leaned on the chair and tapped his fingers on the table lightly. "You Fighters being naturally aloof of ordinary people is fine, but in my eyes, you're just normal. First of all, my parents are Fighters at the God of War Level, plus with the reputation of our Marriott Group, as long as we give a sufficient price, isn’t it a deal? Fighters are also commodities. In this world, there is nothing money can't buy."

Meng Dong was made silent by Li Tianhao’s remarks.

In Meng Dong's perspective, Fighters at Old Hu's level are unattainable, and yet they can easily be poached to leave the Dojo and join others... This Li Tianhao's influence is just too great.

An Ning gave Lin Zhen a worried look, lest Lin Zhen become angry because of the other party's remarks. She wanted to help Lin Zhen speak, but she didn't know what to say.

Lin Zhen smiled slightly: "What you said is not all wrong. People are different. There will always be some Fighters who pursue money, but only one fact is true and that is: Fighters like that can never reach the peak. They have already lost the integrity of Fighters. A real genius (Fighter) will never do such a thing and be persuaded by mere money. In my eyes, such a Fighter is no longer a Fighter, if it only takes money to sway them. They're basically just a slave at that point, and are not worth mentioning."

Unexpectedly, when mentioning Old Hu, Lin Zhen who's only a Student-level rookie dared to refute himself, Li Tianhao's expression immediately changed. He sneered: "So, you consider yourself a genius?"

"I dare not claim that, but I shouldn't be considered that bad." Lin Zhen replied.

"Well, I didn't expect that there are still people who claim to be geniuses. That's good, but are you not just a student? I will let you see what a genius among students actually is like."

After speaking, Li Tianhao took out a phone and made a call, only saying a few words: "I'm in Asuka Jiuxiang, come here."

Meng Dong couldn't help asking: "Who are you calling?"

"Hehe, don't worry, you are just students. So I will not bully you with Fighters at the Warlord level. I will show you what a genius student truly is. Do you know Bikong Dojo?"

"I know, it's the Ninth (rank) Dojo in Ice City."

"Although Bikong is ranked Ninth, this year, there is a genius called Ma Dong. It is our Marriott Group who sponsored him to be a Fighter. He is evaluated as Excellent when he took the Genetic Potion. Currently, he is my personal bodyguard and is now a Ninth-Rank Warrior. When he comes, you can have a good discussion with him."

Meng Dong's expression changed. A Ninth-Rank Warrior with an Excellent evaluation was almost the pinnacle of Warrior Level. Such a person must have more potential than Old Hu. Much more, he didn't expect that such a talent was just a dog for the rich.

Li Tianhao saw Meng Dong’s expression, he continued: "An Ning, you may not know the life of Fighters but I do, as there are some in my family. These Fighters go out to kill mutant beasts just to make a little money every day. If you are lucky, you can earn some money if you run into a single beast. But if you are unlucky, you will be eaten alive by these beasts until no bones are left. So when it comes to choosing a partner, a Fighter is the least reliable. That's why I, possessing the strength of a Third-Rank Warrior, don't want to take the Genetic Potion. What I prefer, is to dominate everything behind the scenes."

"For example, Ma Dong. If it weren't for our Marriott Group helping him, he would have starved to death on the street. And with our help, he succeeded. He's now a Ninth-Rank Warrior as a student, I wonder if you two can compare?"

An Ning was not ignorant of what Li Tianhao was saying. 

But Lin Zhen knows that An Ning is already a Seventh-Rank Warrior, and she is not far from awakening her Spirit power. After An Ning takes the Spirit potion, she would be promoted to Warlord Level. But An Ning hasn't mentioned this to anyone, and Li Tianhao didn't know about this.

From An Ning's point of view, Li Tianhao calling this person called Ma Dong to come here was simply to attack Lin Zhen's confidence. Lin Zhen is just an 'ordinary' Fighter. How could he surpass a Ninth-Rank Warrior who was rated as Excellent?

Although Lin Zhen never said anything to An Ning, An Ning didn't want Lin Zhen to be depressed. She raised her head up and took Lin Zhen's hand: "Lin Zhen, let's go for a walk."

Li Tianhao's expression suddenly changed as he watched the two of them holding hands together.

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