Chapter 30: Famous. 

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If Lin Zhen’s fight with Tulong Dojo in the bar before was considered a startup, and the 99% improvement from the Genetic Potion was shocking, then his one minute gamble fight with Zhang Huai today was a 'skyrocketing to fame’. it made people realize just what kind of strength Lin Zhen possesses.

A Seventh-Rank Warrior challenged a Warlord. With such a power gap, it was certain that the Warrior would be defeated. But Lin Zhen actually won.

Not only did he pierce Zhang Huai's shoulder, and broke the bridge of his nose; he also made Zhang Huai's face be covered in blood and barely intact.

The Internet was calm and silent for about three seconds after the fight before exploding.

"God! What did I see? Lin Zhen's strength is too abnormal, he can actually beat Zhang Huai. Are students these days that strong?"

"How come I have never seen the Technique used by Lin Zhen just now? Even across the screen, I can feel the violent wind blowing. That strike can hardly be avoided. If Zhang Huai's strength was not stronger than Lin Zhen’s, it would've not ended with just that."

"Compared to his Technique, I admire Lin Zhen's dodging more. Zhang Huai's continuous attacks didn't even touch Lin Zhen's hair. What an awesome reflex!"

"Well technically, it did touch a single piece of hair as Lin Zhen lost a strand of hair. Though who cares, that's useless. Even if you lose a few more, you will not lose any combat power."

"The Captain of the Blood Hand Squad is really disgusting. He actually intercepted Lin Zhen's strike right in the end. Zhang Huai would've already been Hail Mary by now."

"Is the Demon Hunter Squad still recruiting people? I want to be teammates with Lin Zhen."

"Am I the only one who thinks that Lin Zhen looked quite handsome in the end?"

"Lin Zhen hit me up, I work as a reporter at Ice City News Bureau. I am 17 years old. My measurements are xxxx. I will for sure give you a good time..."

But the ones praising Lin Zhen were mostly students and these people haven't really even tried hunting in the wilderness yet. They just spend a lot of time online. On the contrary, those Fighters who do often go hunting don't really value Lin Zhen that much. But although there were some rebuttals, it was soon drowned amidst the praises.

Ye Tiancheng shook his phone in front of Lin Zhen: "Boy, you are really good, you are now a celebrity. Even our Demon Hunter Squad can't compete with you. You already have 10,000 plus fans."

Shi Lei happily said: "Let's go out today and celebrate. Millennium Time is already open, let's eat and drink. Let's toast and party all night, I don't care about the cost. Lin Zhen won the bet and his pocket is full, let's spend money like tyrants."

Lin Zhen defeated Zhang Huai in a head on battle. The depression and insecurity that Lin Zhen had in his last life was relieved by a lot. He was also full of expectations for the future. At this moment, he was in a good mood and smiled: "Then we shall become local tyrants. Everyone should drink till they're drunk!"

The Demon Hunter Squad cheered and boarded the car, no longer being serious and restrained like that in the beginning. Obviously, they all recognized Lin Zhen now, and each of them showed their true natures.

The two policemen also drove away. As for the thugs who were 'crippled' by Lin Zhen, they didn't even bother to take another look at them.

Without Zhang Huai's backing, no one would blame Lin Zhen even if these thugs died.

After a big meal, Lin Zhen spent more than 500,000 yuan. Lin Zhen also enjoyed the treatment of a celebrity during the meal. Many students took the initiative to ask for Lin Zhen's autograph or a photo with him. Looking at this, Ye Tiancheng rolled his eyes.

From morning to night, Lin Zhen drank all the way and was a little dizzy. Fortunately he managed to take a taxi back to Jiangbei Villa and slept soundly at night.

Lin Zhen woke up the next morning and ate breakfast with his parents. His parents didn't know about Lin Zhen's fight because they were not Fighters and could not log in to the Fighter Forum, naturally they couldn't see the posts there.

Lin Zhen received a call from Zhao Liang early in the morning, telling Lin Zhen that he could rest at home for a day and then gather at the Dojo at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. The Demon Hunter Squad was going out to the wilderness.

Lin Zhen agreed. The fate of Fighters is to fight non-stop. Currently, Fighters are comparably weaker than monsters. Although the Ice city has military guards, the situation is still very severe. Hence the government actively encourages Fighters to go out to hunt mutant beasts.

A Fighter also needs a lot of money for better equipment, better weapons, and a better enjoyment of life; killing monsters was the fastest way to make money.

The meat of mutant beasts can be eaten, and it is also a kind of tonic. Their skin can also be made into bulletproof vests, their bones can be used as medicine, their teeth and horns can be made into weapons. Some beasts even have crystals in their bodies, which are equipped with genes necessary to create expensive potions.

Whether it was the Military, the Dojos, or the Base Cities themselves, they encourage that the corpses of the beasts are to be recovered. And each has a price.

As a Fighter, you usually go out to hunt once, and after returning to earn money, you take a rest and train for a period of time before going out again.

In the entire Ice City, there are about a thousand Fighter Squads active, and the Demon Hunter Squad is not even one of the many outstanding Squads. It can even be said that they're relatively on the lower end because the strength of the members in the Squad is low.

Although Gale is the number one Dojo in Ice City, it does not mean that every Squad in Gale is strong. Every Dojo has an elite team for that aspect, and the strength of the members is high. With this, Demon Hunter Squad can only be regarded as inferior.

For example, Tulong Dojo's Blood Hand Squad. It is not an elite team, but its overall strength is still slightly stronger than the Demon Hunter Squad’s.

After Lin Zhen and Zhao Liang finished talking, Lin Zhen received another call from Meng Dong.

"Lin Zhen, I succeeded in taking the Genetic Potion!"

"Really? Congratulations, how is the effect?" Lin Zhen was not surprised. Meng Dong also chose a Custom-Made Genetic Potion to have a bigger chance in breaking through from being a Third-Class Student. 

"Of course it can’t be compared with your perverted results, but it’s not bad either. I improved 76% overall. The Dojo has also signed a Second-Class Student contract with me. Haha, I am also now an Early-Level Senior Student at the Seventh-Rank Warrior!"

"Great, that's worth celebrating, where are you right now?"

"I think so too. Today, I saw a newly opened restaurant called Asuka Jiuxiang downstairs of the An's Group Building. Their main specialty are mutant birds. Let's go take a look."

"Okay, I'll be there in a while."

Lin Zhen then hung up the phone, he was planning to give himself a day off today anyway so there is no problem celebrating with his friend. 

In Dojos, students who have already taken the Genetic Potion do not have to train in the Dojo every day because these students will choose to join a Fighter Squad, and the wilderness is the best training ground for them. 

Lin Zhen didn't leave immediately, and instead bought some things online first.

First of all, he bought protective mutant deerskin clothes, trousers, and leather boots.

In the wilderness, there are many things that can threaten Fighters. They are not necessarily just large mutant beasts, they could also be porcupines, snakes, and rats, etc. These things may have long-range attack capabilities or carry viruses, so some necessary protection is very critical.

After spending more than one million to buy a set of protection, Lin Zhen also ordered two cars.

One five-million yuan bulletproof Raptor, and one four-million yuan bulletproof Coupe.

The off-road vehicle, Raptor, will be driven by Lin Zhen, while the Coupe is for his parents.

It was very convenient ordering a car as a Fighter, and it does not require too many procedures. As long as you pay, the other party will fill out the documents of the car and send it to you within half an hour.

In addition to these things, Lin Zhen also spent some money to buy a lot of small things, which were all gonna be used when he's going out to hunt. Lin Zhen has knowledge far beyond the others. With this, he can do many things others cannot nor were aware of.

After a while, the cars were delivered, and a big package containing the things he bought has also arrived. Father Lin Liye and his wife smiled from ear to ear. They didn't expect that not only could they live in a villa, but also have such a good car. Their son was really promising.

In a blink of an eye, out of the 30 million, only 20 million was left. Lin Zhen didn't plan to spend any more.

He was currently saving money because he knows that an epoch-making product will come out soon.

The products are meteorites collected by the Ministry of Science and Technology for many years now, and they finally figured out the composition of the meteorites, it is called the Empty Star. And with it they developed a ring that holds objects called a Space Ring.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has been studying meteorites for many years, and gradually discovered some of the mysteries of the meteorites, but they have not really understood the full potential of the meteorites.

Only people like Lin Zhen who came back from the future knew how much wealth these meteorites contained and how helpful they were to the cultivation of Fighters. 

The Space Ring they developed, is a self-contained space in a vacuum state, in which inanimate objects can be stored into it.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has developed small space rings, each with three cubic meters of space. Though the space wasn't that big, the price of a ring has reached 200 million.

As soon as this kind of ring went on the market, it triggered a panic buying frenzy, and the price soared.

Lin Zhen calculated the time and there is still about a month before the Space Ring goes on sale. So he must have 200 million available within a month.

After informing his parents, Lin Zhen drove his Raptor out of the villa area.

Not long after, Meng Dong called again: "Lin Zhen, where are you now?"

"I'm on the way, what's the matter?"

"Come faster, guess who I saw in Asuka Jiuxiang?"


"An Ning! And there is also a man, who is obsessed, with her here. I also overheard their conversation, and An Ning seems to actually be An Family's Big Miss!"

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