Chapter 29: Victory.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

There was an uproar on the Internet, and many people couldn't believe that Lin Zhen has persisted until now. Especially his dodges, this kid's reflex was very good.

But most people still firmly believe that Zhang Huai will be able to kill Lin Zhen in the last ten seconds. After all, they had a whole realm gap.

At this time, Lin Zhen's legs softened, and he seemed to fall due to exhaustion.

Zhang Huai hasn't calmed down yet, but he didn't want to wait for Lin Zhen to recover even a little bit. So seeing such an opportunity, his fighting instinct made him attack.

"Three strikes!"

From these three attacks, Zhang Huai's every last bit of physical strength was fully utilized. He wanted to kill Lin Zhen in this instance.


Lin Zhen once again raised his spear and blocked two of the attacks. But the strong force from the clash made him continuously retreat. However, when the third strike arrived, he suddenly took a violent step back, utilizing the same force that made him retreat and causing Zhang Huai's last attack to miss. 

Zhang Huai just slashed through the air, and staggered forward.

There were three seconds left!

As Lin Zhen retreated, the tail of the long spear pushed against the ground. At this time, the toughness of the spear played a big role. Using it like a pole vault, Lin Zhen's body bounced back towards Zhang Huai.

Lin Zhen roared and a spear light suddenly formed out.

A gust of wind appeared out of thin air on the spot, violently blowing around. 

"First Strike of Raging River's Reaping Spear, Violent Wind!"

The time to fight back has arrived!

Zhang Huai only saw light and a spear shadow flash in front of him. Immediately after, a black spear came raging towards his throat like a fierce dragon!

"What great accuracy and such meticulous control, this strike couldn't be dodged!"

Zhang Huai never dreamed that Lin Zhen could do this!

At this moment, he realized that he'll get hit.

Lin Zhen had already calculated everything, and him almost falling down was just a facade to lure Zhang Huai into attacking.

If it were not for the one minute agreement, Lin Zhen believed that he would surely be killed because Zhang Huai wouldn't have been so hasty in attacking. 

Faced with a long-planned strike by Lin Zhen, Zhang Huai still showed the ability of a Warlord-level Fighter. Using Dark Energy, he forcefully swung the machete and thoroughly squeezed the remaining power from his body, hoping to deflect this spear strike! 


A harsh metal sound was produced upon collision, making everyone present frown.

After a string of sparks from the spear tip down to the spear tail, it was clear that Lin Zhen's power was still not as good as Zhang Huai's. He did not hit the opponent's throat. However, although the spear did not penetrate Zhang Huai's throat, it still pierced his shoulder, splattering blood everywhere.

Zhang Huai was injured!

Three seconds before the end of the battle, Lin Zhen actually fought back, and stabbed Zhang Huai!

But the battle was still not over. At this moment, everyone saw that Lin Zhen was in a really dangerous situation.

The distance between the two people was too close. Lin Zhen's weapon was a long spear, and it was basically useless in close combat. As long as Zhang Huai counter-attacked with his machete, Lin Zhen could not dodge at such a close distance.

The internet was silent. The situation changed so fast that they didn’t have time to type or send voice messages.

Zhang Huai also realized this. Although he was hit, it was not fatal. The time limit has also not ended yet. He still has a chance to end this within the minute. As long as he swings his machete, he can kill Lin Zhen.

He drew the knife back abruptly and was readying for a strike.

But there is a saying that 'internal thinking kills people.' He was long used to using a weapon, that he has forgotten that the fists of Fighters are also weapons themselves.

And in this aspect, Lin Zhen was much more decisive than him. Lin Zhen had already given up the Black Dragon Spear and punched Zhang Huai.

The two were very close to each other, and since Zhang Huai was still drawing back the machete with both hands, he can't dodge nor block and was punched in the face.

"Eat this!"


Zhang Huai's head was sent back, and when his head faced upwards, he saw his nosebleed flying in the sky.

Before he could react, Lin Zhen attacked again, for the second time.

But this time, Lin Zhen didn't use his fist, and instead slapped Zhang Huai!

"This slap should teach you to never do anything to ordinary people!"


A full 800 kg worth of strength was put into that slap, making Zhang Huai's ears ring. He was dizzy, and half of his face swelled instantaneously.

Just as after the first slap, another one came flying right in. 

"This slap should teach you that a dog must be mentally prepared to be beaten by its master when it's arrogant!"


Now, both sides of Zhang Huai's face were swollen. Zhang Huai wanted to roar and fight back, but he immediately received another punch in the abdomen, knocking his roar back into his stomach.


Lin Zhen slapped for the third time and this time it's against Zhang Huai's mouth, with two of his front teeth falling out in response.

He knew that Zhang Huai would be able to recover soon, so Lin Zhen had to seize what he could get.

"This punch should teach you that if you talk sh*t, your teeth might fly out!"

"Ah...!" Zhang Huai screamed.


Lin Zhen used an uppercut punch to Zhang Huai's jaw making him shut up, "Motherf*cker! Dogs bark better than you!"

Snot, tears and blood flowed out together, and Zhang Huai was going crazy. He drew his machete desperately and wanted to fight back. He was a Warlord and possesses Dark Energy. Lin Zhen can't beat him with just a few punches. He just needs one chance and he'll hack this bastard to death! 

Lin Zhen obviously knew this too. He quickly grabbed the Black Dragon Spear and thrusted! 

Zhang Huai shook his shoulder slightly, and the machete was finally ready to reap Lin Zhen's life. 

Lin Zhen also knew Zhang Huai’s thoughts, but he still chose to continue attacking. Why? 

He already had calculated everything.


Lin Zhen's Spear was suddenly blocked from the side, it was Du Yanhu.

"Why did you intervene?" Lin Zhen asked angrily.

"Captain, why did you stop me from killing Lin Zhen?"

Du Yanhu glared at Zhang Huai with a cold expression: "Do you really want to continue shaming yourself? This event is being live streamed and countless people are watching... The one minute time limit has already ended."

"Ah! One minute...what time limit? I...I can't just f*cking accept this!"

Zhang Huai’s hands that were holding the machete were trembling. Indeed, just now he recovered and finally got the chance to strike back, but he already suffered a lot. He had totally forgotten about the bet between him and Lin Zhen, the one minute time limit...

"Even if you are unwilling, bear it. Zhang Huai, although you can embarrass yourself and not care, but remember that you are still a member of our Blood Hand Squad. What you're doing will also shame the Squad. It's fine to get revenge in the wilderness as long as there is an opportunity. But for now, in front of the people (live stream), bear with it."


After finishing talking, Du Yanhu didn’t care about Zhang Huai anymore, and instead turned to face Lin Zhen: “Lin Zhen, I have to admit that I underestimated you. As a Seventh-Rank Warrior, there are few who can do the same feat you did. We will abide by the betting rules and as promised, I will transfer you 20 million right now. But remember one thing, you're already an enemy of the Blood Hand Squad."

"From the moment I started this, I already knew this very well." Facing Du Yanhu, a Fourth-Rank Warlord, Lin Zhen was not afraid at all.

Lin Zhen was slightly relieved that it was the end of the battle. Otherwise, he might have been forced to reveal his Spirit Power. Fortunately his plan in the beginning paid off. 

If he uses his Spirit power, he may have the possibility of killing Zhang Huai, but it was only a possibility. Not to mention that he does not want to be exposed.

What he achieved for now is enough, he had a lot of time to 'play' with Zhang Huai in the future.

Du Yanhu pulled out Zhang Huai's phone unceremoniously and asked: "What is the password?"

"594250." Zhang Huai reluctantly answered.

Du Yanhu had no words: "You... just... yes... two, five, zero?! F*ck! Look at your password, it really fits you. Damn, it's a shame to have a teammate like you. Lin Zhen, tell me your account number and I'll transfer the money."

(TL: In China, the number 250 means idiot.) 

Lin Zhen gave his account number, and soon, 20 million in cash arrived. Now, he has 30 million in his card.

Twenty million is definitely not a small number for Zhang Huai, a Beginner Warlord. It was probably most of his savings, so losing it to Lin Zhen made Zhang Huai's eyes a little red.

"Let's go! Demon Hunter Squad, we shall meet in the mountains and rivers (aka wilderness) again!"

Leaving this sentence, Du Yanhu left with his team while bringing the injured Ouyang Yu.

As for the thugs, he didn't even look at them.

It wasn't until the opponents disappeared that Lin Zhen's body shook. In this battle, he consumed a lot of physical strength and energy.

However, he still looked at Zhao Liang and others with a smile on his face: "I won! And it seems that I have broken through to Eighth-Rank Warrior."

"Yeah! You won!"

Zhao Liang cheered, and the members of the Demon Hunter squad also gathered around. They smiled at Lin Zhen, patted his shoulders, rubbed his hair and hammered his chest; all sorts of congratulations were being sent to Lin Zhen's way.

Lin Zhen also smiled back. He knew that from this moment on, he was truly recognized by this team and OFFICIALLY became a member of the Demon Hunter Squad.

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