Chapter 28: One Minute 'Showdown'. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Although Zhao Liang and the others were worried, Lin Zhen had already decided so they couldn't say more. They could only take out their phones and started live streaming.

Ye Tiancheng gave Lin Zhen a thumbs up: "Lin Zhen, you have some guts, I like it. As long as you don't lose too badly, you will be I, Ye Tian Cheng's, buddy in the future. With the help of current medicine, you'll be cured in no time. As for the 20 million, it is not a big deal, I'll help you earn it back."

Shi Lei also nodded: "I also have the same thought."

Gao Yan also said: "You have a very good temperament, Fighters have this kind of aura."

Lin Zhen smiled at his teammates. Obviously his actions were approved by them.

Perhaps in their opinion, he had already lost but Lin Zhen knew in his heart that if it was a long fight, he would definitely lose; but if it was only one minute, he might have a chance.

In fact, Zhang Huai was Lin Zhen's enemy in his previous life. In his heart, he had already simulated numerous battles with Zhang Huai. So at this stage, he knew exactly what kind of strength Zhang Huai has, and had planned ahead.

Taking off his coat and throwing it, Lin Zhen was left wearing a black tight-fitting vest, showing off his steel-like muscles. He held the Black Dragon Spear and was ready to fight.

Zhang Huai took off all clothes on his upper body, showing his chest hair. Matched with his face, he looked very intimidating.

The live stream had also started, and several posts appeared at the same time.

"Gale Dojo versus Tulong Dojo, Lin Zhen versus Zhang Huai!"

"Lin Zhen, a Seventh-Rank Warrior of the Demon Hunter Squad, has arrogantly challenged Zhang Huai, a Master at the Warlord Level. It is a one-minute gambling fight, no complaints if killed during the fight!"

"Courage and self-confidence! A young leader of Ice City is about to be born! This is a one-minute showdown!"

The people live streaming also quickly said the rules of the fight and made both sides have no possibility of denial.

When the streams went online, they attracted countless Fighters in just a span of seconds.

Though most people think that Lin Zhen was being arrogant despite only being a Seventh-Rank Warrior, he actually challenged a Warlord! Although it was not without  precedent, the results are similar, and those Warriors were defeated.

Even if some people were lucky enough to win, they were rare, and they were all famous geniuses in history.

And although Lin Zhen's improvement from the Genetic Potion was great, he has not proved his strength yet, nor is he favored by the people.

After all, improving physical fitness is completely different from actual combat.

Lin Zhen didn't have time to monitor what was going on the internet, all his attention was on Zhang Huai. 

'Zhang Huai, his strongest attack method is his sword technique. He cultivated the Blood War Sword Technique. This sword technique was created by a strong man from Tulong Dojo at the God of War level long ago. Although it's not a perfect technique, it is without a doubt strong and powerful.'

'Zhang Huai is currently at the Beginner Warlord Level. His temper is relatively fierce and he will definitely not delay time. He wants to defeat me in the shortest time possible. He will probably use his technique straight away, so I need to use the advantage of having a long weapon (Spear) and guard against him. As long as I can last for more than 30 seconds, I have the chance to succeed. After all, a Warlord can use Dark Energy, and his strength is above 1000 kg, it's difficult to resist him for a whole minute.'

Right after Lin Zhen was finished with his thoughts, the battle between the two began.

Sure enough, as Lin Zhen expected, Zhang Huai gave Lin Zhen a grinning look, and then rushed forward.

"Little bastard, I'll let you know the gap between a Warrior and a Warlord. Don't be so arrogant in your next life!"

The machete in his hand was also produced by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It was of the same level as Lin Zhen's Black Dragon Spear in terms of value. With a swing of his machete, the blade pierced through the air, making a harsh whistling sound.

Lin Zhen flicked the Black Dragon Spear and met Zhang Huai's strike forcibly.

A harsh sound of metal colliding rang in the air. Lin Zhen backed two steps and felt his palm tingling slightly.

Zhang Huai is a First-Rank Warlord. Although it hasn't been long since he achieved that, his strength can't be compared to Warriors, because Warlord's have Dark Energy. 

On the other hand, Lin Zhen's strength is only at 800 kg. When he met the blow just that now, he was solely relying on the benefits of a long weapon, and could barely resist the strike.

Zhang Huai laughed, and the machete chopped towards Lin Zhen.

"Lin Zhen is really going to be in danger!" Shi Lei and the others were a little nervous.

But unbeknownst to them, Lin Zhen was just testing Zhang Huai's strength. After getting a feel of it, he felt confident in his heart. Although Zhang Huai was strong, it seems that it was not impossible to resist him after all.

He took a deep breath and poured all his strength into his arms. The Spear danced like a windmill and met the attack again, he didn't even take a step back!

"Zheng clank clank clank!"

A series of sparks shot in all directions, and the scene was like that in a blacksmith's workshop. Zhang Huai's machete was fierce, but he couldn't break Lin Zhen's defense immediately.

"Smelly boy! You are drinking poison to quench your thirst. You’re using your breath to improve your resistance, but once your breath leaks, hahaha let's see how you'll resist me!"

Zhang Huai continued to violently attack. Although this was very taxing to him, he believed that he would be able to hold on longer than Lin Zhen.

The fight is set to be one minute and he didn't want to drag it on till it was time. It was an insult to his reputation as a Warlord Level Master.

Such an intense fighting scene immediately set off a big wave on the Internet.

"This Lin Zhen can actually resist a Warlord..."

"Yes, for the time being. But didn't you see that he didn't breathe a single time? Once he breathes again and his momentum is gone, he might not be able to hold on anymore."

"Yes, yes, he's just a Warrior after all, it's too hard to leapfrog a whole Realm. But I also think that Zhang Huai's attacks also consume a good amount of energy. So this fight probably won't last long."

"Being able to persist is good but in the end, I bet that Zhang Huai will hack Lin Zhen to death. If it doesn't happen, then I will eat sh*t."

"Alright, I'll wait and see you eating sh*t if it doesn't happen."

Soon after more than twenty seconds, Lin Zhen finally couldn't hold his breath any longer.

'No, I need to hold on for another five seconds!' 

Lin Zhen's face flushed, and he insisted for another five seconds through using willpower.

Finally, he took a heavy breath, and as he breathed, the defense of his Spear slowed down.

"Haha! Boy, you can't persist anymore? Die for me!"

Zhang Huai laughed. The half-minute frenzied attack also made him very tired. After all, Lin Zhen has the advantage in defense, and a long weapon has the advantage, but now Lin Zhen could no longer persist. 

He cut his machete diagonally! 

"Lin Zhen be careful!" Zhao Liang and the others yelled anxiously. In their opinion, Lin Zhen might not be able to stop the attack.

And it's true, Lin Zhen really couldn't stop it, but he had his cards to play.

And that is his extremely outstanding reflex!

Lin Zhen is a Spirit Master, thus his reflex is already strong as is. But after taking the Genetic Potion, his Spirit Power has further advanced to the Intermediate Level and his reflex now has actually already surpassed a Beginner Warlord.

Well, at least it is better than Zhang Huai's. 

Therefore, it was not very difficult for Lin Zhen to dodge this strike. At the moment when the machete was about to reach his body, he slightly moved his body allowing the machete to pass by!

"It's just a f*cking coincidence!"

Zhang Huai didn't dare to believe that his strike was dodged. But since he didn't hit his target, it caused his hand to be out of position. 

How could Lin Zhen let this opportunity pass? Even though he was a bit exhausted, he made an effort to kick Zhang Huai's calf.

But Lin Zhen didn't seem to have any strength anymore and his kick didn't do much. It just made Zhang Huai's leg feel a bit of pain. Fortunately it made him step back, and it stimulated the pain. Taking him another five seconds to recover.

"Boy! Just lie down obediently and let me cut you up to pieces!"

Zhang Huai used his Blood War Sword Technique, and his machete came in surprise from various angles. Lin Zhen's heart was empty and his body just moved left and right. The opponent's machete was like the bullets in the reflex testing machine. In Lin Zhen's eyes, it is easy to dodge, Zhang Huai's machete hasn't even reached the speed of a bullet.


Lin Zhen's body kept dodging, and even occasionally twisting to an exaggerated angle, and evading the unexpected strikes.

The most dangerous strike so far was the one that passed by Lin Zhen's neck. Though it cut off a strand of Lin Zhen's hair, he was not injured.

As soon as the Blood War Sword Technique was finished, Zhang Huai couldn't hold on anymore. He had to retract the machete and back off to catch his breath.

Seeing the strand of hair falling in the air, a smile appeared at the corner of Lin Zhen's mouth.

More than ten seconds had passed, and it was only less than ten seconds before the end of one minute.

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