Chapter 27: A Little Bit Off

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As Lin Zhen said so, he took out the Black Dragon Spear strapped to his back.

Although the Black Dragon Spear is a long spear, the shaft of the spear is composed of two parts. Lin Zhen pulled it in the middle, and the original 1.2 meter spear suddenly became 2.2 meters.

"I'll just cripple one of their legs as revenge for my father!"

Seeing that Lin Zhen was about to make a move, Zhang Huai couldn't stand it anymore and shouted: "Lin Zhen, you dare?!"

They were his people. If Lin Zhen crippled them while he was right in front of them, no one would dare to follow him in the future anymore.

"Why would I not dare?" Lin Zhen was about to take action.

"Fine! Lin Zhen, I will give you two options. One is that you let them go and I will compensate you. The other is that you continue, but you have offended me forever. You've probably heard of my nickname, the 'Butcher.' I got that not because I kill many beasts, but people who were blind of me in the wild. Don't blame me for not reminding you."

Listening to Zhang Huai's threat, Lin Zhen said, "What kind of compensation can you give?"

"I'll give your father 500,000 yuan. I know that his injury is not a major one. The treatment costs only a bit more than 10,000 yuan. So by giving him 500,000 yuan, you have already made a lot of money from this."

Zhao Liang couldn't listen anymore, and said angrily: "Zhang Huai, are you treating our Demon Hunter Squad as beggars? Just half a million? That's not even enough for a meal! If you really plan to compensate, can't you be a little more sincere? And stop pretending, no one here is a fool."

"Then how much do you want?" Zhang Huai asked.

Several people looked at Lin Zhen. After all, Lin Zhen had to settle the final price.

Lin Zhen rubbed the spear in his hand: "In my heart, these people are already dead, and even that is not enough to forgive their sins. But since everyone is here today, I will give you some face... 20 million! Then you can take these thugs, otherwise leave one of their legs behind."

"Bah! You're dreaming!"

Zhang Huai spat out fiercely: "You think this boss’s money came from the wind? The maximum is 1 million. If you still don't accept that, then you would really offend this boss." 

With that said, Zhang Huai raised his hand and drew out a three-meter machete with traces of blood stains on it.

Zhang Huai is good at using knives (a machete is a heavy knife). His martial path is frontlining; daring to fight and rush at the battle. Ever since he got the title of the 'Butcher', ordinary Fighters really don’t want to offend him; but this Lin Zhen, who was just a small student and had joined the Dojo not too long ago, has the courage to offend him.

He thought that this Lin Zhen was just bluffing. But even though it's just 'bluffing', he by no means can back down and lose face.

Lin Zhen glanced at the members of the Demon Hunter squad. Everyone nodded to Lin Zhen, and Shi Lei even said: "Lin Zhen, you are now a member of our Squad. Your business is our business, everything is up to you."

"I really thank you for your support in advance." After speaking, Lin Zhen suddenly moved.

The Black Dragon Spear made four consecutive stabs, and each stab accurately pierced the thighs of the four thugs.

"Puff puff puff puff!"

The thugs screamed, and a bloody hole appeared in each person's crotch!

The Fighters around only saw vague shadows piercing...

Lin Zhen's action was too cruel. He actually crippled these four thugs so directly. These thugs would never be able to do what they love to do for the rest of their lives.

"I'm sorry, I planned to hit one of their legs, but my accuracy is still of a beginner’s, and I was a little bit off the mark. I instead got their third 'leg'. Haha! Anyways, I did not break my promise, it's still one 'leg'."

The Blood Hand Squad members looked ugly. Although they didn't care if the thugs died or not, the fact that this was done in front of them, completely disrespecting them in their faces.

One of the thugs fell down with his hands on his crotch. He shouted at Ouyang Yu before he passed out, "Brother Yu, we helped you, why..."

Ouyang Yu's eyes were blood red. He had long been displeased with Lin Zhen. So at this moment when he got exposed, if he didn't do anything, I'm afraid no one would give him any face.

But he had forgotten that he hadn't even taken the Genetic Potion, and that there was a big gap between him and Lin Zhen. He just angrily drew a short knife from his waist, and rushed towards Lin Zhen.

"Be careful!" Zhang Huai reminded loudly from behind, but it was too late.

Lin Zhen flicked the Black Dragon Spear and the spear tip roared towards Ouyang Yu's head.

Lin Zhen had long wanted to beat up this guy, who made him so miserable in his previous life.

Seeing the spear rushing towards him, Ouyang Yu finally remembered the gap between himself and Lin Zhen. But it was too late for him to retreat. In a hurry, he could only block Lin Zhen's spear with his knife. 

"Clang! Click!"

Lin Zhen didn't even use his full strength, but with just a single blow, Ouyang Yu's hand broke and the knife flew out!

Ouyang Yu screamed, his arm folded in half. He howled and fell to the ground, the pain causing him to roll around.

When Lin Zhen knocked down Ouyang Yu, the others also moved.

One was Zhang Huai, and the other was Lei Ming.

However, Zhang Huai was obviously faster than Lei Ming, and got to Ouyang Yu first: "Little bastard, I told you to be careful and not to move!"

Lei Ming's movement slowed down since Ouyang Yu was passed onto him. In addition, he was also a little unsure if he could deal with Lin Zhen. 

Seeing Zhang Huai move, Zhao Liang and others also acted. 

Although it was not sensible to fight with the Blood Hand Squad here, they couldn't watch Lin Zhen suffer a loss. After all, Zhang Huai is a Warlord, while Lin Zhen is only a Beginner Eighth-Rank Warrior at most.

Seeing Shi Lei and Zhao Liang drawing their swords, the Blood Hand Squad members also took out their weapons.

The snipers on both sides also set up their sniper rifles, and the rest of the people have also entered a state of combat. Once the fight is started, someone must fall for it to end.

But Lin Zhen suddenly shouted: "Brother Zhao, don't move! I'll duel Zhang Huai."

If the two sides really did fight today, then Lin Zhen believes that the Demon Hunter Squad will be at a disadvantage. After all, the opponent still has a Fourth-Rank Warlord, and the result will definitely not be pleasant.

Hearing what Lin Zhen said, Zhang Huai, who was about to strike, was shocked, before laughing loudly: "This is really f*cking ridiculous. A mere Seventh-Rank Warrior wants to stand up against me, a Warlord? Come then, Lin Zhen, I'll teach you the results of your rashness today."

Zhao Liang was a little worried: "Lin Zhen, don't be rash."

"Brother Zhao, can you trust me this time?" Lin Zhen looked at the members of the Demon Hunter Squad.

They looked at each other before nodding. A Duel means the honor of a Fighter. If it was imposed to stop, this Fighter may not be able to raise his head in the future.

The people on the Blood Hand Squad also stopped, obviously thinking that Zhang Huai would win.

Lin Zhen stood in front of Zhang Huai with the Black Dragon Spear in his hand: "Zhang Huai, as a Warlord, do you dare to agree to my small request?"

Zhang Huai did not immediately agree, but first cautiously asked: "What is it?"

"One minute! I'll only fight you for one minute. Within one minute, if I lose, then I will unconditionally give you 20 million, and cripple one of my arms as compensation for Ouyang Yu. But if you lose, then you have to give me 20 million. Do you dare?"

Zhang Huai rolled his eyes when he heard these words: "What if there is no winner or loser in one minute?"

"Then fight for another minute."


Zhang Huai laughed, "Lin Zhen, oh Lin Zhen. I didn't think that you are so stupid, even betting against me. One minute is more than enough for me. Everyone heard that clearly right? Lin Zhen said it himself. So Demon Hunter Squad, you are not allowed to interfere!"

"Your Blood Hand Squad is also not allowed to intervene. For one minute, even if I get killed, no one will complain!" Lin Zhen decisively added.

"Okay! That's very good! Lei Ming, go online and broadcast this duel. I want to show all the Fighters in Ice City what will happen if they offend I, Zhang Huai, the 'Butcher'!"

Zhang Huai was extremely proud. In his opinion Lin Zhen, a Seventh-Rank Warrior, was not much of an opponent at all. One minute was enough for him to finish Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen also said to Zhao Liang and others: "Brother Zhao, let's also broadcast this live. Let everyone see that our Demon Hunter Squad cannot be taken for a fool!"

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