Chapter 26: Negotiations

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The big spear in Lin Zhen's hand was tumbling like a black dragon. As the spear images flew out, it left a dent on the dummy from a distance.

Violent Wind is not about frequency, but swiftness and surprise, which is unstoppable like the wind.

After becoming a Seventh-Warrior, Lin Zhen's physical fitness was extremely strong. During his movement, he even created an after image. 


A huge spear image/light suddenly rushed out and pierced through the dummy's chest!

This dummy was made of a new type of soft rubber. This rubber will automatically heal and the speed is very fast. But when Lin Zhen’s powerful shot penetrated it, it actually pierced a basin-sized hole, and it took a long time before the healing was completed.

Lin Zhen stood behind the dummy. The violent aura around him just now disappeared, and his mood gradually calmed down.

"Success! I finally mastered Violent Wind again. I can feel that my understanding now is deeper and more thorough than in my previous life. Probably because this body is younger and my mentality is completely different. Unlike my previous life where I was already in my dying years, and there was nothing to be delighted about when you understand spear skills."

"After mastering Violent Wind again, I almost have the strength of Peak Warrior Level. Although I am not yet an opponent of Warlords, with my Spear skills and Spirit Power, I can at least protect myself against Beginner Warlords."

"In this life, I won't let anyone trample on me, even if it's a god!"

After a while, Lin Zhen calmed down completely. He looked at the time, only to realize that it was about the time he agreed with Zhang Huai and others.

He quickly packed up, putting the 150-jin Black Dragon Spear back into its holster made of mutant deerskin, and carried it on his back.

This much weight was nothing to Lin Zhen. He placed the five alloy flying knives into a small interlayer on his belt, and walked out of the small training room.

As soon as he went out, he saw Zhao Liang and the other three men standing outside.

"Brother Zhao, I'm sorry I kept you waiting for a long time. I forgot about the time while training."

Zhao Liang waved his hand: "It's fine, we just came early. Come Lin Zhen, I will introduce you to each other."

He then led Lin Zhen to the other men: "This is Shi Lei, the captain of our Demon Hunter Squad, a Third-Rank Warlord, and the Number One master of our squad."

"Hello, Brother Shi." Lin Zhen took the initiative to greet him.

"En, I heard Zhao Liang talk about you many times. You have a good reputation recently, and you are getting quite famous. But you have not proven your strength yet and attracted a lot of attacks. Lin Zhen, you have to pay attention. It’s best to find an opportunity to shut up those who question you."

Lin Zhen smiled and nodded. The captain was direct and straightforward. Lin Zhen likes dealing with such people.

"This is Gao Yan, a First Rank Warlord Level sniper. When we go out and hunt beasts, many monsters are killed with a headshot by Gao Yan. He has the highest kill rate in our Squad."

"Hello, Brother Gao." Lin Zhen greeted again.

"Hello boy, in the future, you can just kill beasts with confidence. I will solve the threats in the dark." Gao Yan didn't say much. 

Everyone will be a member of the same Squad in the future. As for what Lin Zhen's capabilities are, he still needs to observe. If he is not useful, he will not take care of Lin Zhen.

"This is Ye Tiancheng, a Second-Rank Warlord with amazing dual sword power. Although his realm is a little lower than mine, he is the Second master of our Squad."

Ye Tiancheng glanced at Lin Zhen: "Boy, what I hate the most is dead weight, and I don't like being a nanny. If you don't get my approval within a month, then I would definitely suggest that Boss Shi kick you out. The Demon Hunter Squad goes out and kills beasts to make money, not for fun."

"Brother Ye, don't worry, if I drag everyone down, I will quit by myself and won't bother you."

Although Ye Tiancheng was very rude, Lin Zhen knew that such a person was a teammate who could be trusted with confidence. So he did not have any dissatisfaction from his rudeness.

"Okay, now that the five members of our Demon Hunter Squad are present, let me inform you all about the matter today. The purpose of gathering today is to help Lin Zhen solve a problem, and to punish the thugs of Tulong's Blood Hand Squad. Lin Zhen, remember that you can't negotiate all the time and other means must be used..."

"Brother Zhao, don't worry, I know."

"That's good to hear. I also asked the police station to release those who hurt your father today. They are all in the car outside. The police are watching them and will take care of them this time. They are part of our bargaining chip. I'll see if that bastard Zhang Huai actually doesn't care about them."

"Okay, let's go." Shi Lei said. 

The Squad then got into a car. It was a large refitted SUV. There was no brand, but it was extremely strong and powerful.

Behind their car, a police car followed, with two policemen inside, and the thugs who injured Lin Zhen's father.

The agreed location was an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the city.

It is true that space in Ice city is precious and costs a lot of money, but this abandoned warehouse area is an exception. This is a battlefield for Fighters.

There are always a lot of grievances to be resolved between Fighters. Some things will be resolved in the wild, but there are also some minor things that are not so easily solved. So Fighters will agree on a place for negotiation. And if they don’t agree, there is a possibility of fighting. Because Fighters have great destructive power, ordinary places can't resist their destruction and hence this abandoned warehouse area came into being.

The cars entered this uninhabited serpentine shaped land. There were broken walls, rusty containers, big holes, and growing moss everywhere. It was said that this was from the AD Period.

Bullet holes, sword marks, and other traces of fighting can be seen everywhere on the road.

"There they are!" Zhao Liang pointed while driving. 

There were two modified off-road vehicles parked in the distance, and several people were waiting for Lin Zhen and others.

They parked their cars opposite to the other car, and everyone got out.

Shi Lei walked in front with a thick cigar in his mouth. The rest of the members of the Demon Hunter Squad followed behind him, and finally the two police officers and the four thugs.

The four thugs were all beaten black and blue, and their faces were swollen. Under Zhao Liang's orders, the policemen who were close to Gale didn't beat them up anyless. But in Lin Zhen's opinion, this level of beating was still far from enough. But that would have to depend on the negotiation.

Seeing the Gale Dojo people coming over, the Tulong Dojo people also stood up straight, and looked at the former with sneers on their faces.

The two sides stopped less than five meters apart.

Without any courtesy, Shi Lei, as the captain of the Demon Hunter Squad, took the lead and said: "Du Yanhu, Zhang Huai is a member of your Blood Hand Squad. He instructed his subordinates to injure our Squad member Lin Zhen's father. Don't you know that the dispute between Fighters is kept within Fighters? Why did you involve his family? What do you have to say?"

Du Yanhu is the captain of the Blood Hand Squad. He's a Fourth-Rank Warlord, and the strongest person here.

Du Yanhu did not answer this question directly, but asked Zhang Huai: "Is there such a thing?"

Zhang Huai stretched his hands: "Boss, it has nothing to do with me. Who knows what their Demon Hunter Squad is talking about? Just because something happened, they blamed it on me."

After speaking, Zhang Huai looked at the thugs: "They are my people in Black Swan, that's true, but I didn't order them to do this kind of thing."

After seeing Zhang Huai, the thugs were no longer fearful and received a boost in confidence. They immediately said, "No Boss, we beat the old man because the breakfast he made was too unpalatable and the meat was smelly. We argued about it but he still didn't admit it, that's when we started to fight."

Zhang Huai smiled and looked at Lin Zhen: "How about that Lin Zhen? You can't blame me for this."

Lin Zhen did not argue with Zhang Huai's blatant denial, but just asked: "So this matter has nothing to do with Zhang Huai correct?"

"Of course!" Zhang Huai stared at him.

"Then, no matter how I deal with these thugs, you can't control it."

"Huh! Stop spouting nonsense. They have already been detained for half a month. It's time to let them go."

"It's fine to let them go because it is indeed time. But I'm a member of Gale. If my family got injured and I do nothing, won't I be laughed at by people in the future? I say, these thugs will not be able to use their legs in the future!"

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