Chapter 25: Raging River's Reaping Spear's First Strike, Violent Wind! 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"Gale Dojo has discovered a super genius! The Custom-Made Genetic Potion gave an improvement of 99%!"

"A new record was born, a miracle of 99%! The rise of Gale is imminent!"

"Leaping four ranks in one go; Gale second-class student Lin Zhen promoted to a First-Class student, triggering a frenzy in Custom-Made Genetic Potions."

Posts appeared on Ice City's Fighter Forum which set off a frenzy throughout the Base City and attracted the attention of countless people.

Most of the people who posted these posts were Gale Fighters, they were audiences who had personally witnessed Lin Zhen's live performance that day.

This was a sensational event. Many people even asked Lin Zhen ‘what's the Potion ratio?’ If this method can be spread out, it will be a huge boon for the entire Fighter circle. If  the Potion improves a warrior by 99% each time, it will increase the overall strength/quality of Fighters.

But how could Lin Zhen give an answer? He only remembered his own data and he doesn't have the technology to measure other people's ratios. Hence he could only laugh it off and say that he was just lucky.

However, it wasn't just all praise on the Internet, and many people also said some negative things.

For example, Ouyang Yu of Tulong Dojo posted under the name of Meteor Shower.

"Indeed a 99% improvement is great, and it certainly saves a Warrior time. But Lin Zhen has improved too much in such a short amount of time, his head would probably get big (arrogant) and underestimate the enemies in the wilderness. It is very possible that he'll make a rash advance, and that may even cost him his life. Only a living Fighter is valuable. Because no matter how much of a genius you are, it is useless if you die. So Lin Zhen buddy, you may be a genius and all, but don't try and enter the wilderness."

This post was actually recognized by people. They were basically all students from various Dojos that were angry at Lin Zhen.

This Lin Zhen, just a former Second-Class student, was now becoming more and more popular, so naturally many were challenging Lin Zhen. 

Naturally, Lin Zhen would not bother with these people. But seeing that Lin Zhen did not respond, those people became more and more frantic, saying that Lin Zhen only improved a lot because of good luck. And when it comes to actual combat, he'll just be a slapstick.

Of course, there was also a positive side and that is, other students have begun to train desperately; striving to use their own Genetic Potion even if it's just one day earlier and catch up with Lin Zhen.

There was also news that some people had used Custom-Made Genetic Potions, but they did not succeed.

All Fighters have the ambition to reach the peak, so Lin Zhen was not the only one who used a Custom-Made Genetic Potion. But the success rate is really chilling, and no one can achieve Lin Zhen's super improvement. Some even became Mediocre from being Good because they failed in taking the Custom-Made Genetic Potion. Of course, some succeeded with good results. 

On the second day after Lin Zhen's breakthrough, Chen Jingqiu of Changfeng Dojo successfully used a Custom-Made Genetic Potion and improved by 79%,  was promoted to Seventh-Rank Warrior.

On the third day after Lin Zhen's breakthrough, Lei Ming, the First-Class student from Tulong Dojo, also succeeded in using a Custom-Made Genetic Potion, improving his physique by 75%, and was also promoted to a Seventh-Rank Warrior.

Although these two pieces of news were far less shocking than Lin Zhen’s 99% improvement, they were still rare in Ice City. This inspired the people of Changfeng and Tulong to challenge Lin Zhen on the Internet, especially Ouyang Yu. 

In Tulong Dojo, Ouyang Yu wrote another post provoking Lin Zhen, and just after he went offline, he received a call from Zhang Huai.

"It's time to meet Lin Zhen's side. It was your idea to find someone from my bar to beat Lin Zhen's father. So you have to come with me."

"Brother Zhang, there is no danger, right?" Ouyang Yu was beaten by Lin Zhen that day. Although he was very fierce online, he actually feared Lin Zhen.

(TL Note: Changing ‘Hunting Team’ to ‘Hunting Squad’, the latter sounds cooler) 

"Don't worry, I already had gone to the wilderness multiple times and killed multiple beasts, while that Lin Zhen is still a greenhorn. He would not dare to mess with me. Me being called the 'Butcher' is not just a joke. Besides, the Blood Hand Squad will also go over and see what the Gale people can do."

With Zhang Huai’s assurance, Ouyang Yu was relieved. Zhang Huai was in the Blood Hand Squad, and it was led by a Fourth-Rank Warlord. Lei Ming also joined the Blood Hand Squad. With these people present, Ouyang Yu has nothing to fear with Lin Zhen.

Riding on two modified off-road vehicles, five people from the Blood Hand Squad, plus Ouyang Yu, went straight to the meeting place agreed upon by both sides. 

In Gale Dojo, Zhao Liang met with three Fighters.

"Liang'zi, Lin Zhen hasn't been out of the training room for three days. Isn't this guy training too hard?"

The leader of the Demon Hunter Squad that Zhao Liang was a member of, was called Shi Lei. He's a Third-Rank Warlord who was good at using long swords, a typical Gale Fighter.

(Tl: Remember that in Gale Dojo, swords are the most common weapons, hence the 'a typical Gale Fighter'.) 

"Yeah, only training isn't always good, you have to talk to Lin Zhen later. Actual combat is still the best way to get stronger. After all, flowers grown in the greenhouse don’t grow big."

This person is called Gao Yan, he's a First-Rank Warlord and a sniper in the team.

In most Squads, they will be equipped with one or two Fighters who use hot weapons. Long-range sniping is also a very necessary position. However, those who use hot weapons are unlikely to be promoted to the God of War Level. Their main purpose is to kill beasts to make money. And when they make enough money, they will choose to retire.

"Gao Yan is right. Although Lin Zhen's 99% improvement is amazing, he has not yet proven his actual combat ability. Killing mutant beasts and bar fighting are two completely different concepts. Zhao Liang, you recommended Lin Zhen so you must talk to him. If he becomes a dead weight in the Squad, we have no obligation to take care of a child."

This person is called Ye Tiancheng, a Second-Rank Warlord.

"Don’t worry you guys, Lin Zhen has a strong fighting consciousness and mental will. If it weren’t for me having some friendship with him, I’m afraid this good seedling would not have joined our Squad. Wait, the time is almost up, he will be out soon."

The group then went silent, they were waiting for the genius Lin Zhen to appear.

Lin Zhen was in a critical moment.

After secluding himself in the small training room for three days, Lin Zhen devoted all his energy to spear training.

Raging River's Reaping Spear is an ancient classic. No one knows how this classic appeared, but the techniques recorded in it are extremely powerful.

Lin Zhen bought the first book in his previous life. In the first book, it recorded the introduction to the First Strike. It is precisely because of this First Strike, that Fighters cannot directly learn the second book. Because if you don't learn the first book, you won't be able to understand the second book at all.

Lin Zhen has been practicing for three days, and these three days have basically made him feel like he's back in his previous life while using the spear.

Although he is worse off right now, he's on his way to mastering the First Strike he once learned in his previous life.

Lin Zhen was sitting on the ground covered with sweat, with mist rising from his body. The Black Dragon Spear was placed in front of him. His eyes were closed tightly, and he recalled the essentials of the First Strike.

"Raging River's Reaping Spear is said to be divided into nine strikes namely, Violent Wind, Torrential Rain, Waterfall, Long River, Crossing River, Sea Dance, Rifting Sky, Falling Star, and Collapse."

"I have already understood the profound meaning of Violent Wind. The only shortcoming is that my body is currently weaker compared to my previous life. Although I've trained hard for three days straight and my strength has reached the Peak of a Seventh-Rank Warrior, I'm still a bit short.”

“But as long as I'm able to use Violent Wind, coupled with my excellent reflex, I can deal with Ninth-Rank Warriors, and even save my life in front of a Beginner Warlord."

He recalled the insights of his previous life...


He suddenly stretched out his hand and raised the 150-jin Black Dragon Spear, then Lin Zhen slowly opened his eyes.

"Violent Wind is a strike akin to that of a violent wind attacking the enemy, and it has a miraculous effect when dealing with less powerful enemies. With the length benefit of spears, short weapons cannot resist. This is the advantage of spears!"


Lin Zhen felt that he had touched the true meaning of Violent Wind again in his heart. He suddenly jumped up, shook his spear, and went charging at the soft dummy ten meters in front of him.

The soft dummy was made of a new type of rubber with special material mixed in. It will automatically recover when hit. It is the best material for training.

The spear in Lin Zhen's hand flicked, and the Black Dragon Spear drew an arc in the air. It was just like any other strike, but the situation suddenly changed!


A violent wind rose out of thin air, and a large group of spear images flashed in front of Lin Zhen, piercing forward like a fireball bursting in the dark night. Even though the tip of the spear had not touched the dummy's body, shallow pits that were appearing one after another, it was being punctured by just the force behind the spear!

'This is Violent Wind!' 

The feeling from his previous life is back!

"The first step is now completed!"

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