Chapter 24: In One Go. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

More and more Fighters came down from the upper floor and out of their rooms, then quickly gathered to the testing room on the first floor.

Lin Zhen was not anxious about the crowd. He had already planned to make his name known. His successful usage of the Custom-Made Genetic Potion was definitely a good opportunity to expand his reputation.

Lin Zhen first spent a few minutes getting warmed up, and did not immediately start the test. But his actions, in Fu Chengya and Shen Tuhua's eyes, was just a deliberate way to act 'mysterious'.

Lin Zhen couldn't be bothered with these two. Seeing that more than a hundred people had already gathered in the hall, he knew it was almost time to start. And when he felt that his body was at its best, Lin Zhen was ready. 

Zhao Liang stood beside Lin Zhen at this time, and said loudly: "Lin Zhen's previous record on his left hand is 397 kilograms. Now, start testing your left hand."

Taking a deep breath, Lin Zhen punched out with his left hand.

Everyone just saw the shadow of a fist and none of the actual fist, they were extremely shocked. Lin Zhen was very, very fast.


The test machine had a slight tremor, such a result was definitely not an effect that ordinary students can produce.

They then saw a big number displayed on the screen.


"What the sh*t?! How strong is that? Is this really a student's data?"

"This kid isn't even left-handed... Did he already reach the Late Stage of a Seventh-Rank Warrior?"

"Lin Zhen is not left-handed, his right is his dominant hand. My God! Why is he so strong? How much is this improvement? Someone calculate it!"

Zhao Liang also opened his mouth wide, not knowing what to say.

But Lin Zhen didn't care about other people's reactions. He just waved his right hand and punched again.



When a big number appeared again, everyone was dumbfounded. This kid had balanced hands and both hands were close to 800 kilograms. He was at the Peak of Seventh-Rank Warrior.

Soon someone calculated the improvement. Lin Zhen's genetic optimization had improved his strength by around 99%.

In the entire Ice City, they had only heard that someone who used a Custom-Made Genetic Potion got an 87% improvement, but not more than 90%. It is said that even in the Capital, only a few exceeded 90%.

As for an improvement of 99%, it has never been heard of.

Fu Chengya and Shen Tuhua were stunned silly. They couldn't comprehend what just happened in front of them. It was crazy.

Many Fighters immediately began to contact their teammates, saying that they should recruit Lin Zhen, a super talent, into the team.

An improvement of 99%, such a person is estimated to soon break through the Seventh-Rank Warrior and become an Eighth-Rank Warrior, and even the promotion to the Warlord Level is not far away, he's an absolute genius!

As long as Lin Zhen's reflex reaches the requirement, then he would go from the Peak Third-Rank Warrior to the Peak Seventh-Rank Warrior in one go!

And Lin Zhen's crazy performance was still going on.

In the speed test, Lin Zhen got 15.9 punches in one second; each of the punches had a power of over 650kg, which also corresponds to the Peak of Seventh-Rank Warrior. 

As for the final test, the reflex, and under Lin Zhen's deliberate control, it reached 0.021/m. Such a result was very eye-catching.

Lin Zhen's reflex is at the Eighth-Rank Warrior. This alone was enough to stand his ground against an actual Eighth-Rank Warrior.

But the thing that only Lin Zhen himself knows, is that after taking the Genetic Potion, his mental power has improved again. Now the silverization of the air mass in his mind has reached half. So in fact, his reflex has already reached Warlord Level!

It's just that he didn't want to reveal this secret for the time being, it's always good to have one more card up your sleeves.

Amidst the shocked eyes of people, Lin Zhen walked towards Fu Chengya and Shen Tuhua, "You two, shouldn't you keep your promise? Five million per person, it shouldn't be one cent less!"

Fu Chengya and Shen Tuhua's faces were extremely ugly, they never expected such a result. When did using a Custom-Made Genetic Potion deliver such a great effect? To actually improve 99% of your physique. If they knew such a thing, they would've ordered their own long ago.

"Coincidence! This must be a coincidence! Lin Zhen, you are just a blind cat catching a dead mouse. No one can improve by 99%!" Fu Chengya's eyes were a little red. After Lin Zhen's results, he got demoted to being the third in this group of students.

"Coincidence or not, you don't need to worry about it. What you should worry about is whether you have enough money in your card. Walk the talk of your promise and don't let people look down on you!"

Lin Zhen was not polite with these two at all. Under the full view of everyone, he didn't mind if he was shaming them. In the end, they bit the bullet, taking out their mobile phones and began to transfer money to Lin Zhen's card.

Soon after Lin Zhen received the notification that he received two transfers of five million yuan each, he now has another ten million yuan.

"Thanks!" Lin Zhen smiled. He then turned around and was planning to leave.

But at this time, the Fighters surrounded him, and were ready to recruit Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen waved his hand: "Seniors, no need to bother, Brother Zhao Liang is very good to me. Ever since I joined the Dojo, he has taken care of me a lot. I can't be ungrateful. And I have already decided to join Brother Zhao Liang's team."

Then he turned to face Zhao Liang: "Brother Zhao, is there a shortage of people in your team? If so, how about giving me a spot?"

In a team, the standard configuration is five people. Lin Zhen knew that Zhao Liang's team currently only has four people; and one person was still missing, and that Zhao Liang was planning to recruit from among the students. Since Zhao Liang is a very good person, Lin Zhen had already decided to join him long ago.

Sure enough, Zhao Liang showed a pleased smile. He was laughing as he patted Lin Zhen on the shoulder: "From the day I saw you in No.6 High School, I knew that you're a very good kid. Our team will leave for the wilderness in five days, you are welcome to join."

Seeing this scene, the other Fighters could only sigh and showed a knowing smile at the same time. Respecting love and justice is also the virtue of Fighters. So when Lin Zhen joined Zhao Lang's team because he's grateful, no one could say anything but admiration.

When the matter was over, Zhao Liang originally wanted to ask Lin Zhen to go out for a drink. 

Unlike when Lin Zhen just joined the Dojo, this time he planned to treat Lin Zhen as equal. After all, they will be comrades-in-arms in the future. Although Lin Zhen was only at Seventh-Rank Warrior currently, he believes that Lin Zhen will become an Eighth-Rank Warrior in a few days. And he is not far from the Warlord level. At Lin Zhen’s age, he will have a lot of room for growth. And maybe one day, he (Zhao Liang) would be left behind, hence now was the best time to bond with Lin Zhen.

However, Lin Zhen declined and said to Zhao Liang: "Brother Zhao, I am afraid I don't have time right now. There are only three days left before we have to negotiate with Zhang Huai and others. And I will also enter the wilderness with you in five days. So I want to seize the time and train."

Zhao Liang understandably nodded: "Okay, you train during this time. And three days later, I will call the other members of our team and we'll all get to know each other. Then we will meet Zhang Huai. Zhang Huai, that prick! I'll let him know that our Demon Hunter Team is not so easy to mess with!"

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