Chapter 23: Using The Custom-Made Genetic Potion. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Lin Zhen smiled and nodded: "Although a Custom-Made Genetic Potion is very risky, please believe in me Brother Zhao, I think I will definitely be able to succeed."

Zhao Liang nodded: "If you really have such certainty, then it is a great thing. The Custom-Made Genetic Potion can at least improve your physical qualities by 70%. And if you are lucky enough, it is not impossible to exceed 80%. If you do reach or surpass 80%, then your strength is likely to reach the Initial Seventh-Rank Warrior or at least Late Sixth-Rank Warrior."

"En, I feel the same way. By the way, Brother Zhao, I want the spot for the First-Class student promotion."

"Well if you succeed and are the first one to successfully use the Potion, then we'll give you First-Class student promotion. To remind you Lin Zhen, as a First-Class student, not only can you enjoy a 9.3% discount when shopping and have a certain percentage raise in your monthly salary; more importantly, the hunting team/s of the Dojo will be more likely to pick you. It is natural for First-Class students to be considered first choice by good hunting team/s. And if you join a good hunting team, you're basically guaranteed to make money as you hunt beasts."

"Hehe! Indeed, being a First-Class student is very good. Brother Zhao, I'm going to start my optimization."

"Go ahead, good luck!"

Hearing that Lin Zhen was going to start his genetic optimization, many students gathered around.

If Lin Zhen succeeds, he will be the first Second-Class student in the Dojo who completed his optimization, and he will get the First-Class promotion.

Both Shen Tuhua and Fu Chengya also came over. In their minds, Lin Zhen was a threat to their status. They all wanted to see Lin Zhen's optimization results. If Lin Zhen's results were not satisfactory, then even if Lin Zhen was promoted to a First-Class student, he wouldn't be a threat to them.

Lin Zhen completely ignored the people around him and walked into a small room.

There was only a wooden bed in the room, and there was a clock on the wall for timekeeping. Lin Zhen sat on the bed and took out the Genetic Potion.

"This bottle of Potion is configured according to the ratio obtained from my previous life. This can be said to be the most suitable.”

“Based on the technology on the StarCraft, after I use this Custom-Made Genetic Potion, my improvement can reach up to 90%. As for reaching more than 90%, it depends on luck. And I really hope that my luck is not too bad."

Lin Zhen didn't think that his luck was bad. And if it was really bad, then why did he get the one in a million chance and was reborn after that black hole incident? 

Hence, he was full of confidence in this bottle of potion.

He drank the Potion and it began to work in his body.

The Genetic Optimization or change did not mean that he was no longer human,  instead the cells in his body became more active, dividing and reorganizing rapidly. 

Genetic optimization is a very critical step. If there was no Genetic Potion, human beings could only cultivate to, at most Fourth and Fifth-Rank Warrior through training. Only when the Genetic Potion enters the body and transforms the human cells, can the Warrior continue to advance.

After the optimization, the Warrior cannot absorb all the medicinal power, and there would be some that remains in the body. That's why the better the optimization effect, the easier it will be to advance later. This is the best opportunity to bridge the gap with other Warriors. That's why people value optimization so much.

Lin Zhen had already experienced Genetic Optimization once in his previous life. The process is like when you haven't drank even a single drop of water for a long time. Your body is very thirsty. But right after that, the Potion soaked with nutrition, would bathe every cell in your body. The cells would cheer, and then power would begin to spread throughout your whole body.

"It feels so powerful. I can clearly feel that my strength is increasing. My strength and flexibility have been greatly improved. This is an all-round improvement. It is a success!" Lin Zhen didn't know how long the process lasted. When the remaining cells were strengthened, Lin Zhen slowly opened his eyes.

He looked up at the clock in the room and was shocked. Forty-five minutes passed!

You should know that Genetic optimization is basically completed within half an hour, and even if it's a special optimization, it should not last more than 30 minutes. 

In his previous life, his genetic optimization only took fifteen minutes. But this time, it took three times as long!

"It seems that the optimization effect this time is very good, I hope it can give me a surprise." Lin Zhen stood up and walked out of the small room.

When he stepped out, there was a loud commotion outside.

Fu Chengya was the first to speak. He looked at Lin Zhen disdainfully: "Lin Zhen, what the hell were you doing? Do you know how many people are waiting outside? Spending 45 minutes in there, what were you doing?"

"I'm optimizing."

"Tsk! Optimization? Does optimization take forty-five minutes? My optimization effect was evaluated as Good, and it only took less than 20 minutes. Even if you are evaluated as Excellent, it won’t even take 30 minutes. I see you that you're doing this deliberately!"

Shen Tuhua also looked disdainful: "Lin Zhen, there must be a limit to your pretense. You are still a Second-Class student, even if you performed well in the bar fight, that is only because I was not present. A Second-Class student can, at most, get a Good evaluation. So why take so long? Don't tell me that you got a Special evaluation?"

Fu Chengya continued: "I think he probably got a Poor evaluation, and he's just embarrassed for people to see, that's why he deliberately stalled for time in the room."

Because of the bar fight, Fu Chengya was always hostile to Lin Zhen, and he always wanted to attack Lin Zhen every chance he got.

Lin Zhen looked at the two: "You said that I deliberately stalled for time? Just because you couldn't do it yourselves, doesn't mean I can't."

"Tsk, can you prove it?"

"I naturally have my method. And if I can't prove it, I will give you five million each. But if I prove it, do you dare give me five million each?"

Fu Chengya and Shen Tuhua looked at each other. The two of them graduated from the aristocratic No. 1 and No. 2 High School respectively, so they are rich. But they just bought their weapons, and since they are unlike Lin Zhen who got a 20 million reward from the Dojo, they didn't have much money on their hands currently.

But they didn't believe that his genetic optimization took 45 minutes! Moreover, they were in the presence of so many students, so how could they back down?

"Fine, I'll bet with you. Since you want to give me money, I, Fu Chengya, have no reason to refuse."

"Alright, I'll also bet. Everyone present is a witness. Lin Zhen, if you lose, you can't back out."

After the betting agreement was set, Lin Zhen looked at the two with a sneer, and said: "By the way, didn't you know? I used a Custom-Made Genetic Potion."

"Custom-Made Genetic Potion!" The people took deep breaths.

Zhao Liang did not publicly say that Lin Zhen used a Custom-Made Genetic Potion. And if he really used a Custom-Made Genetic Potion, the optimization might really take more than half an hour. Because as long as the Potion is successful, the improvement is at least 70%, so it will naturally take longer.

70%, if Lin Zhen succeeded, wouldn't he be the Number One student in Gale.

"You... have you succeeded?" Shen Tuhua and Fu Chengya asked in unison.

"Do I look like I failed?" Lin Zhen asked rhetorically, and just walked towards the strength testing machine without bothering with them anymore.

The students from behind hurriedly walked over to look, and even some of the passing Fighters stopped and paid attention.

If Lin Zhen succeeded, these Fighters will most likely recruit him to join their team. After all, it is really rare to have a successful Custom-Made Genetic Potion.

In fact, the Fighter hunting teams were already paying attention to this group of students. This is because it's normal for casualties to occur in the wilderness, and even a whole team gets wiped out from time to time. So many teams were lacking in staff/members. After these students take the Genetic Potion, their strength will improve rapidly, and they will be brought to the wilderness for training. Some outstanding students were already in the sights of the Fighter teams and Lin Zhen was one of them. 

So as soon as the news reached that Lin Zhen had used a Custom-Made Genetic Potion, many Fighters were present and watched, waiting to see Lin Zhen's performance. Some even turned on their phones and prepared to record Lin Zhen's performance.

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