Chapter 22: Peak Third-Rank. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Seeing Fu Chengya's results, Zhao Liang nodded: "This result is considered Good. Generally speaking, if the Genetic Potion's effect is by more than 45%, it is just Passing. Those between 46% and 50% are Poor, while 51% to 55% percent are Good, and 56% to 60% are Excellent. From this, we can say that Fu Chengya’s results can be considered Good."

However, Fu Chengya did not have much joy on his face, because he was a First-Class student; when First-Class students take the potion, the average is Good, and there were even Excellent ones. He was not satisfied and Shen Tuhua still hasn’t come out. It's estimated that the results will surpass his own.

As for Passing and Poor, those are usually results that only appear in Second-Class and Third-Class students.

At around twenty-one minutes, Shen Tuhua came out of his room.

"Brother Zhao, I have completed the optimization and I want to test it."

"Okay, start the test."

Shen Tuhua walked to the tester confidently and started the three physical tests.

Finally, Shen Tuhua's results came out. His left hand power was 638kg and his right hand power was 646kg, his speed was 12.8/m, his reflex was 0.049, and his overall result and improvement was 56%. His strength should be at an Intermediate Warrior.

"Shen Tuhua's results are Excellent. If you can get an Excellent evaluation, you would have a good achievement in the future."

Hearing Zhao Liang's comments, Shen Tuhua was even more energetic; and the students from No. 2 High School who came with him enthusiastically gathered around him, like stars around the moon.

Fu Chengya's face was ugly. It was good that he received a Good evaluation, but Shen Tuhua was actually evaluated as Excellent and he immediately stole his limelight! For him who's arrogant, this was unacceptable. 

"You've now seen the Genetic Potion's effects, so you need to train and reach Peak Third-Rank as soon as possible, and take the Potion yourselves. I look forward to the appearance of another Excellent evaluation, maybe even a Special evaluation."

"Brother Zhao, there is a higher evaluation than Excellent?"

"Of course there is. The Universal Genetic Potion can give improvement to up to 60%, but a Custom-Made Genetic Potion will give a 70% improvement once the optimization is a success. That is the Special evaluation. Of course, I do not recommend it because the price is too high both financially and your affinity towards your second intake of Genetic Potion. Again, the likeliness of a failure is high."

The students nodded one after another. Everyone knew the importance of the Genetic Potion, and they knew the ratio of improvement.

Generally speaking, if a Third-Class student takes a Genetic Potion, it is likely that he'll get Passing, while the better ones will get Poor.

If a Second-Class student takes a Potion, it is very likely that he will get Poor, and the better ones will get Good.

While the First-Class students are likely to get Good, and the better ones to get Excellent. 

Although it was not impossible for Third-Class and Second-Class students to get Excellent or Special, they must take a Custom-Made Genetic Potion.

But then again, a Custom-Made Genetic Potion is like a gamble, and the chance of winning the bet is very small, only up to 20%.

Once the Potion fails, the Fighter loses his potential. Not only does he need to take a lot of precious medicine for conditioning, he can only take a Universal Genetic Potion the next time and the improvement can only be 45% passing at most. Your future is basically lost.

So ordering a Custom-Made Genetic Potion was a double-edged sword, and 80% of the time, it will just hurt yourself.

After Zhao Liang finished speaking, he turned and left. As an official Fighter, he needs to spend more time in the wilderness than deal with these student-level kiddies.

After Zhao Liang left, there was a commotion in the hall.

Fu Chengya looked at Shen Tuhua bitterly: "Shen Tuhua, don't think that just because your improvement is better than mine, you will always be ahead forever. We are both Sixth-Rank Warriors and have the same start. I will soon enter the wilderness area. As long as I kill more monsters, I can earn more money. What I still have is the opportunity to improve my strength. This is just the beginning."

Shen Tuhua said unceremoniously: "But you seem to forget that you're not the only one that can enter the wilderness. I too am a Sixth-Rank Intermediate Warrior, and I will soon join the Adventurer Team and enter the wilderness. Fu Chengya, don't be foolish. The Number 1 Rookie in Gale Dojo this year, is without a doubt, me!”

After this confrontation, Fu Chengya no longer quarreled with Shen Tuhua and started shopping online. 

After the Warrior's genetic optimization is complete, they will choose their Techniques and weapons. In fact, in order to prepare for entering the wilderness, many students will have already studied a certain weapon. 

In terms of weapons, in addition to using Cold Weapons, there are also some Fighters who opt in using Hot Weapons, but usually those people who choose Hot Weapons are Fighters who are not very talented.

The advantage of Hot Weapons is that they are quick to learn. But the disadvantage is that they have limited growth and achievements.

Seeing the two shopping, Lin Zhen didn't continue to pay attention to what Fu Chengya and Shen Tuhua did. For him, it's better for the two to compete so that they will not pay attention to him for the time being. And he can use these few days to quietly continue improving his strength.

In fact, not only him, but everyone else was also working hard, as everyone wanted to be the first student that gets promoted to First-Class. They all want to reach Peak Third-Rank in the shortest time possible.

Lin Zhen's reflex had already met the requirements long ago. His speed was also not far from Peak Third-Rank. However, due to lack of exercise in his left hand, there was still a gap, even if he had already mastered the Breathing Technique.

Ten days passed quickly. In this period of time, Lin Zhen had hardly left the Dojo. He practiced boxing during the day and increased his Spirit Power at night when there was no one around.

His growth in Spirit Power was progressing rapidly. The cyan air mass in his mind was becoming more and more silvery, and the white and silver aura was getting more and more prevalent; it has already accounted for a quarter of the total. He is already considered an Early Silver Stage Spiritual Master.

He was able to manipulate three flying knives at once, of which were even more powerful than a pistol.

With his targeted training, his left hand made rapid progress, and it had finally exceeded the 390kg mark today.

He punched the target, and the numbers "397kg" appeared.

"Finally, 397 in my left and 399 in my right hand, and my speed has reached 7.99 punches per second. I am now at Peak Third-Rank and can take the Genetic Potion."

The Genetic Potion he ordered was delivered this morning, just in time.

At this time, everyone was working hard in cultivating. Lin Zhen knows that several Second-Class students are about to enter Peak Third-Rank, but their progress was a little slower than his own. So if he takes Potion now, he can get the spot for the promotion to a First-Class student. 

But just when Lin Zhen was thinking whether to take the Potion now or not, Zhao Liang came over and said to Lin Zhen, "Lin Zhen, the police station called me and said that the detention of the hooligans are ending soon, but Zhang Huai still hasn't been there once. There's no trace of him, and he just left them in the prison without contacting us."

"Is he actually that indifferent?" Lin Zhen really didn't expect this to be the case.

"It seems so... Anyway, the police station can only detain them for fifteen days at most and after fifteen days, they must be released. So he probably let them endure hardship than lower his head to us and reconcile."

"Huh! Is he that confident that we won't do anything to those bastards? Fine, since he doesn't want to lower his head, I'll be sure to get rough with them!" Lin Zhen gritted his teeth in anger.

"Then, should we take the initiative to make an appointment with Zhang Huai? If we can negotiate the compensation, it is the best. Otherwise, we have to take the violent route and break the legs of those hooligans."

"How many more days can those hooligans be detained for?"

"About four days. After four days, they must be released."

"Okay, then in three days, I will make an appointment with Zhang Huai." Lin Zhen made up his mind.

"Three days... but..."

Zhao Liang wanted to say something but stopped. Lin Zhen knew what he meant. He was saying that Lin Zhen's current strength was too weak to be qualified to negotiate with Zhang Huai.

Lin Zhen smiled: "Brother Zhao, don't worry, I have already reached Peak Third-Rank. I can take the Genetic Potion now. Once my genetic optimization is completed, I will no longer be a rookie."

"But even if you finished optimizing, you too...Ah wait! I almost forgot, you chose a Custom-Made Genetic Potion! Lin Zhen, are you really sure that it will succeed?"

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