Chapter 21: Genetic Potion's Effects. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

It's finally time for the students to enter their Dojo, so the Dojos will be very busy today.

In the parking lot in front of Gale Dojo, many of the students parked their cars and each of them walked into the No. 1 Dojo full of hope.

A young man came out of a white Phantom Seven Coupe. He was wearing Gale's uniform with a First-Class student emblem on his chest. This young man was from the No. 2 High School, he's called Shen Tuhua.

Shen Tuhua has fiery red hair that was styled upright. He has a row of jewel stud earrings in his ears; all of which were colored white, green and gold. He looks very flashy and eye catching.

Behind him were a few students, two Second-Class and two Third-Class students; all of whom were also from No.2 High School.

With his hands on his belt, Shen Tuhua walked in front of the group. When he reached the gate of the Dojo, he saw another group of people approaching him.

The leader of this group was Fu Chengya, also a First-Class student. He's from No.1 High School. Behind him were Zhu Haoran and Zhang Yi.

"Hey! Who am I seeing? If it isn't the genius, Fu Chengya! A First-Class student and is also known as the ‘Star of Hope’ from No.1 High School."

Fu Chengya glanced at Shen Tuhua: "Shen Tuhua, I didn't expect that you, a turkey-like fellow, could also enter Gale. It would be disgusting to always see you."

"Ooh scary, but more importantly, I heard that a certain First-Class student had a fight with Tulong Dojo at Millennium Time Bar and got knocked down. This is really a shame to our Gale!"

"You... what do you know! If it weren't for Lei Ming teaming up with another Tulong student, I wouldn't have lost. And I am the one who contributed the most."

"NO! NO! NO! As far as I know, the person who contributed the most was a Second-Class student named Lin Zhen. He knocked down six Tulong students by himself, including Lei Ming. And he also got a sum of Fighter points as a reward, tut tut tut! I wonder how many points a certain ‘Star Of Hope’ got? Hahahaha!"

"Huh! That Lin Zhen? He just followed behind me and picked up a peach that fell on the ground. One win or loss does not mean anything. The days in the Dojo have just begun. I will prove that I am the actual number 1 in the new generation of Gale!" Although Fu Chengya hated Lin Zhen for stealing his spotlight, he still had to admit that Lin Zhen had already gained a little fame because of the bar fight.

"Hold your horses. With me here, neither you nor Lin Zhen have a chance!" 

Shen Tuhua mocked Fu Chengya, who was already fuming in anger. He then went ahead and walked into the gate of the Dojo first.

Fu Chengya had always been brooding about the result of the previous fight. And now that Shen Tuhua had unrelentingly opened those scars, his mood dropped even further. Zhu Haoran and Zhang Yiqiang next to him, were afraid to even make a sound.

They then followed Shen Tuhua and also entered the Dojo. Many students have already gathered in the hall on the first floor of the Dojo.

In this batch of students, Gale only had two First-Class students, Fu Chengya and Shen Tuhua. While there were a dozen Second-Class students and about 30 Third-Class students.

Although Fu Chengya's performance in the bar fight last time was not satisfactory, Zhao Liang and Old Hu who watched the fight still knew Fu Chengya's strength, and his status in the Dojo was not weakened much.

As an instructor of the Dojo, Zhao Liang stood in the hall and gathered the crowd's attention.

“Everyone will line up. The line order is First-Class students stand in front, Second-Class students behind them, while Third-Class students are at the end.”

"Hello everyone, I will first introduce myself. My name is Zhao Liang. I am in charge of this reception. I welcome you in joining Gale Dojo. You don’t need to applaud or shout slogans. Those who join Gale are already members of Gale. Gale will provide you with everything, but you must always put the interests of Gale first.”

“Don't think that everything is OK just because you entered Gale. You still need to face a very critical step, and that is taking the Genetic Potion. You all know what a Genetic Potion is. So before taking the Potion, you are just novices as only those who have been genetically optimized are eligible to enter the wilderness and hunt monsters! By that time, you are no longer flowers in the greenhouse!”

"However, taking the potion should not be done casually. First of all, you must reach the pinnacle of a Third-Rank Warrior and meet all the requirements in all three of your physical abilities before you can take the potion. Otherwise, your physique would not be able to withstand the power of the potion. Only those with strength above 390kg, speed of at least 7.9 punches per second, and reflex of at least 0.071/m, are eligible to take the Potion."

"Among all of you, Shen Tuhua and Fu Chengya are First-Class students. They have passed the three physical benchmarks and can now take the Potion. The rest of you will still need a period of training. The Dojo Master is not here right now, but before he left, he said that whoever reaches the pinnacle of a Third-Rank Warrior first will be promoted to a First-Class student; and will enjoy the treatment and privilege of a First-Class student, so work hard!"

"Understood!" The students present yelled together. Such a reward immediately aroused the sense of competition among these people. Especially the Second-Class students. 

Stepping ahead this time means stepping ahead in the future. 

"It’s good that you understand. Now Shentuhua and Fu Chengya, do you choose the Universal Genetic Potion or have it custom made for you? If you custom make it, you need to pay an additional 10 million. If you choose the Universal Genetic Potion it's free of charge."

Fu Chengya and Shen Tuhua looked at each other, and they both chose the Universal Genetic Potion.

Although the Custom-Made Genetic Potion can increase their strength more, the chance of failure is also greater. To be safe, most Warriors will choose the Universal Genetic Potion.

"Well then, each of you will get a bottle of Universal Genetic Potion. After half an hour of intake, you will test how much your overall power has improved."

Two bottles of Universal Genetic Potion were then handed by Zhao Liang to the two of them, while the other students could only watch in envy.

Genetic Potion was a necessity for every Warrior to advance. No one can do without it. And if they provide it themselves, the market price is 10 million. And there were also rumors that the price will increase in the near future. Hence the biggest advantage of joining a Dojo was that you can get this bottle of Potion for free. If you don't join a Dojo, it would be fine if you're rich but it was undoubtedly an astronomical figure for ordinary people.

Fu Chengya and Shen Tuhua both showed proud expressions on their faces. Especially Fu Chengya, who also casted a glance at Lin Zhen, while saying in his heart, 'Didn't you fight well in the bar? Well, look who's first to get a Genetic Potion. I am ahead of you, and that will continue to be true in the future.’

The two then walked into two separate rooms and started the genetic optimization. There was no possibility of failure because they both used the Universal Genetic Potion.

The remaining students were just waiting in the hall, waiting for the results of the two genetic optimizations and how much their strength grew.

Genetic optimization is to improve the cell viability/genes of a Fighter. It was the biggest difference between a Fighter and an ordinary person. Generally speaking, the faster the process, the smaller the improvement. While the slower the speed, the greater the improvement.

The Universal Genetic Potion is guaranteed to give an improvement of 40% at the minimum, and a maximum of 60%. The highest increase ever recorded in Ice City was a 63% improvement. And in this aspect, geniuses will generally be stronger. 

Within half an hour, all of the students paid attention to the two rooms to see who completed their optimization first.

After about eighteen minutes, one of the doors opened.

The person who came out was Fu Chengya.

Zhao Liang said to Fu Chengya: "Your previous test data is: left hand strength is 392kg and right hand strength is 396Kg, speed is 7.93/m, and reflex is 0.071. All of which meets the standard of a pinnacle Third-Rank Warrior. Now, go test and see how much you improved."

Fu Chengya looked very confident, he came to the front of the strength testing machine.


With a roar, his left hand punched.


A big number appeared, and the students around were amazed.

His strength has increased by almost 200, this was not a small improvement.

"Right hand test!"

Fu Chengya punched again, and a number was displayed: "602kg!"

"Speed test!"

Fu Chengya punched continuously, and within a second, a series of numbers fluttered on the screen.

"Speed test result, 12.05 punches per second!"

"Reflex test."

One minute later, Fu Chengya's nerve reaction came out as 0.05!

"All the tests are completed, the overall increase is 52%. You're currently in the initial stage of a Sixth-Rank Warrior. The Genetic optimization is successful!"

The students looked at each other in amazement. The bottle of Genetic Potion improved a Fighter's strength from the peak of Third-Rank to the initial Sixth-Rank Warrior. What an amazing effect this is!

A Fifth-Rank Warrior can be called a Quasi-fighter. So at the initial Sixth-Rank Warrior level, Fu Chengya was already just barely able to go to the wilderness!

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