Chapter 20: Training. 

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Lin Zhen drove to Gale Dojo that night. 

Just when he entered the Dojo, he happened to see Zhao Liang.

"Brother Zhao, I brought the car back."

"It's you kiddo, what's the hurry? You could've just brought it back tomorrow morning."

"It's fine, I also came over to exercise."

"Okay, work hard. By the way, the people who beat up your father have just been arrested. They are just all small hooligans. Also, the chief of the police station is from our Gale. So without my instructions, the Tulong Dojo would not be able to bail them out within their fifteen day detention. Do you want to go and clean up those bastards?"

"Of course, they have to be cleaned up. But let's wait for Zhang Huai's actions first, then we strike."

"That's OK too. When Zhang Huai comes, let's confront that bastard then. Zhang Huai has been domineering long enough and this period has spiked his arrogance. We'll have to teach him a good lesson."

Lin Zhen smiled. Since Zhang Huai dared to order someone to beat his father, this matter will not end so easily. But currently, Lin Zhen was not strong enough. He must improve his strength as soon as possible and strive to become a Third-Rank Warrior in the shortest time possible. Once he reaches the peak, he'll use the Genetic Potion he ordered.

In a way, a Genetic Potion was also a shortcut for Fighters to quickly improve their strength. Because if the effect was good, he can be promoted to the pinnacle of a Sixth-Rank Warrior or even a Seventh-Rank Warrior. By then, Lin Zhen will have the capital and have gained a foothold in the Fighter circle.

Lin Zhen had already purchased the rights to use the advanced training gym for half a year, so he can use it whenever he wants. Since it's night-time, the gym was basically empty with no people training. Once Lin Zhen separated from Zhao Liang, he entered the advanced training gym.

The advanced training gym has many various training machines and facilities. These machines and facilities help aid and comprehensively improve the physical fitness of Fighters.

Lin Zhen removed his coat, leaving only a black vest, and stood in front of a strength machine.

"I want to reach the pinnacle of a Third-Rank Warrior in the shortest time. Before, my left hand strength was about 300kg, and my right hand strength was about 370kg. I have 7.6 punches per second for speed. As for my reflex, it is my strongest aspect."

"My left hand is weak because of the lack of training before. I have to increase its strength by 90kg in the shortest time, which is not something that ordinary training can achieve. I need to use a Breathing Technique."

"Breathing Techniques are a very popular training method in the interstellar space. For example when punching, the Technique can help your internal organs, muscles, and heartbeat to be in the same rhythm of your punch. This will result in twice the power with half the effort, though this method has not yet spread on Earth. So it can be said that only I can do it."

Lin Zhen took a deep breath, then exhaled, breathed again, and then exhaled. Lin Zhen's abdomen was violently undulating like waves. He had to find the breathing rhythm first.

After doing this dozens of times, Lin Zhen gradually mastered the rhythm; his heartbeat gradually formed a rhythm. This method may seem simple, but if there is no relative demonstration and/or teaching, it is absolutely impossible to learn.

If someone was around at this time, they would be able to see such a strange scene.

Lin Zhen's abdomen contracted sharply, as if his abdominal cavity had collapsed in an instant; and then when he slowly exhaled, a white arrow formed from air was spat out from his mouth, ejecting three feet away in the air.

His rhythm gradually accelerated, from 20 to 30 breaths a minute, from 30 to 40 breaths, and it was getting even faster and faster. At this point, it was already far away from normal breathing.

Soon, after his abdomen rose and fell rapidly, he suddenly paused. 


Lin Zhen suddenly punched the strength machine with both of his arms. His speed was very fast! More importantly, the speed was exactly the same rate of how fast his breathing rhythm was!


The strength machine was constantly being beaten by Lin Zhen's punches. Maintaining such a rhythm, Lin Zhen's crazy punching made him reach the limit of his body.

In less than three minutes, his black vest was drenched with sweat.

His entire upper body; shoulders, back and chest muscles have been fully exercised.

"This Breathing Technique is combined with training. The longer you persist, the stronger your muscles will be. However, you still have to grasp how much you do it to a certain degree, as it is important to not strain your muscles in the process. You just have to exhaust yourself and reach the limit at just the right time. Fortunately, I have already used this method many times in my previous life. That's why I could allow my muscles to get the maximum exercise without getting an injury."

Five minutes, seven minutes... nine minutes!

Lin Zhen's breathing slowed down and stopped when he was about to reach ten minutes. His muscles trembled because of the large-scale movement. He was shaking uncontrollably, but it was from the desired effect he was aiming for, to train to the limit. 

Though Lin Zhen didn't stop moving completely amidst the shaking. He instead shook his arm back and forth to do some relief exercises. Otherwise, if his tired muscles would suddenly come to a halt, it would experience a certain degree of exhaustion.

After doing relief exercises for about three minutes, his muscles gradually returned to normal.

"While my muscles are still in a state of excitement/agitation, I should practice heavy punches during this time."

He tied arm guards weighing 15kg to both of his arms. Lin Zhen stood in front of the sandbag and began to punch continuously.

His punching pattern was once with his right hand and three punches with his left. This was because, again, he wants to increase the strength of his left hand in the shortest amount of time. Hence, he naturally has to increase the training efforts of his left hand.

"Boom boom!" Each punch echoed in the room like raindrops. His breathing also followed the rhythm of his punching. This Breathing Technique was super effective making his strength, slowly but surely, improve.

After bombarding the sandbag with a thousand punches, Lin Zhen felt that his arms were so exhausted that he couldn't even raise them anymore.

This marked the end of his strength training.

"Next, are squats and 100 meters sprints. Physical endurance was also important for Fighters. Although it was not measured during the exams and promotion assessments, the lack of endurance will be fatal in actual combat."

Lin Zhen continued to train while using the Breathing Technique.

It was not until midnight that Lin Zhen ended his training session.

"Now is the time to see the result of a whole night of training. There is no need to test my reflex. What needs to be tested is my strength and speed."

He came to the strength machine and Lin Zhen first tested his new strength.

Left hand!


"Indeed, the closer you are to your limit, the greater the improvement. The last time I tested it was only 298Kg, and it increased by 13kg from this session. The effect is very good."

His right hand this time.


"The last test was 368. This time it has increased by 4kg, which is only less than 30kg from the peak Third-Rank warrior."

Lin Zhen punched the target like lightning consecutively, and he got 7.7 punches per second as a result.

"Although it only improved by 0.1, it is already considered good. Once it reaches eight punches per second, he'll reach the level of a Fourth-Rank warrior. What I want is to increase my speed to 7.9 punches per second in the next training session."

After finishing his strength and speed training, Lin Zhen still did not immediately rest.

Because as a Spirit Master, since his Spirit Power is far stronger than normal Fighters, he doesn't need to sleep a long time. It was enough to maintain two to three hours of sleep every day. 

Since he still has time, he used it to cultivate his Spirit Power, which was also a kind of rest.

The first thing Lin Zhen needed to do was to control things, also called Telekinesis.

Spirit Power can act on inanimate objects. Since Lin Zhen's current Spirit Power was at the peak of Bronze Level and is half-step from Silver Level, he can already control some relatively light objects.

"A Spirit Master's controlled weapon is much more powerful than a Fighter's fist and feet. Unfortunately, the Spirit Power in my previous life was awakened too late, and I could not practice telekinesis properly."

Lin Zhen placed the five throwing knives he bought in front of him. Thirty meters away in front of him was a target for practicing shooting.

His Spirit Power was released and attached to one of the flying knives. Although it was indeed true that Lin Zhen's Spirit power was very ordinary in his previous life, he was still familiar with the first few steps.

Although his initial test was a bit rusty, after more than ten minutes of trial and error, Lin Zhen finally managed to control the flying knife.

Spirit Power is like the string of a kite and the flying knife is the kite itself. To put it simply, it's like a remote-controlled kite. Currently, Lin Zhen was revolving the knife around his body. 


As soon as Lin Zhen opened his eyes, the flying knife disappeared into a stream of light in the air, and shot out like a bullet; hitting the target 30 meters away!


The target was torn apart by the flying knife, and the knife continued to pierce through until it hit the wall 100 meters away!

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