Chapter 19: Move.

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Lin Zhen asked Zhao Liang to resolve the matter, which meant that he owed Zhao Liang a favor. After all, Lin Zhen is still just a Junior student (in a Dojo) and has little power/connection. However, when Lin Zhen gains strength in the future, he will naturally pay it back.

Zhao Liang sent two Beginner Fighters to protect Lin Zhen's parents. As for Lin Zhen, he left the hospital first and went to the villa in Jiangbei.

The three-story single-family villa has been renovated. The only things missing  were some of the home essentials like furniture and appliances, etc. Lin Zhen then went shopping online.

Although he has 500,000 yuan in his card and has money to spend, it was not easy to decorate a villa. It took him just about the whole day before the villa was finally somewhat arranged. His card only has  a few hundred thousand left.

From curtains to beds, sofas and carpets, computers, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, various cabinets, kitchen utensils and bathroom utensils, etc.; all which needed money. It was already in the middle of the night when he finished. 

"It's almost done. Dad will be discharged tomorrow. It's best for them to move in immediately. Anyway, they don't need to do the moving themselves anyway. It will be done by the moving company. This is also an opportunity for my parents to feel relaxed and proud as others do the work for them instead of themselves."

"It seems that I have to borrow a car from the Dojo tomorrow. When I have the money, I will certainly buy a car for myself."

He called Zhao Liang again to borrow a car, Zhao Liang agreed. It was already very late so Lin Zhen simply rested in the villa. Early the next morning, the Dojo's car arrived and Lin Zhen drove back to the hospital.

In this era, it's very easy to be able to drive a car as long as you are a Fighter, you don't even need a driver's license. This was part of the privilege of Fighters.

Back at the hospital, Gale Dojo's Emblem immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

As the Number 1 Dojo, Gale is very famous among the people. People consciously avoided this vehicle to avoid getting into trouble.

Lin Zhen got out of the car and went to the room. He thanked the two Fighters and then settled the hospital bill.

The cost was not much, and the security guards he beat up didn't even dare to ask Lin Zhen to pay compensation. Though Lin Zhen didn't really care about their opinions, he still gave them the money and left.

But in this way, his card only has about 20,000 yuan.

His parents looked at the 3rd Gen Raptor Jeep of the Dojo, and felt that they must be dreaming as they sat in it.

His parents didn't recover until they returned to the foot of the building where their home was. 

When the car arrived in their community, it immediately aroused people's attention. When they saw the Lin family get out of the car, people gathered around.

"Old Lin, is your injury healed? Why did you come back by taking a car from the Gale Dojo?"

"Is any relative in your family in Gale? Why haven't we heard of such big news?"

"This car is too handsome. It's at least worth millions."

"Oh please, you can't buy the same car even with millions. This is Gale's car! You know, Gale? It is the Number 1 Dojo, you can't simply buy it with money."

Under the envious eyes of people, Father Lin Liye coughed and said: "Hello fellow neighbors. You probably already know that our family doesn't have any rich relatives. This is because Lin Zhen got a good grade in his graduation exam and was recruited by Gale." 

"Ah! Really! Has Lin Zhen joined Gale?"

"Oh my god, Old Lin, you are really lucky to have such a good son!"

"Our community is finally going to have a big shot! We see it here folks, we have to learn from Brother Lin Zhen and strive to also enter Gale. It's not impossible!" 

"We finally have a second Fighter in this community. It was Li Mengxi, the daughter of the Li family. At first when she got recruited by a Dojo, it is said that she has been living in a villa already."

"Yeah, I still remember that Lin Zhen and Li Mengxi were inseparable when they were young. They might be a couple in the future."

Lin Zhen smiled at this scene. He guided the people from the moving company to start with the moving process while he left his parents outside to chat with their neighbors.

Most of the things in the house were gone and Lin Zhen was just packing up some old things. After a while, Mother Li Qin also came up to help Lin Zhen clean. After all the things were packed, the moving company started transferring them to the villa.

Lin Zhen glanced at his old home for the last time.

This house was put up for sale. Although it was not worth a lot of money, it was still his parents’ possessions and cannot just be discarded in vain. Once sold, all the money, except the commission for the real estate agent, will go to his parents. 

"Let's go, Mom. Don't you worry, after you see your new home, you will never miss this one again."

Mother Li Qin nodded and followed Lin Zhen downstairs.

After going downstairs, they saw Father Lin Liye chatting with his neighbors in a spring breeze. One couldn't even see that he had been injured from how bright he was.

After seeing Lin Zhen come down, Father Lin Liye said to the neighbors: "Goodbye everyone. You’re free to visit us at Jiangbei. Us old couple will also feel lonely there. Everyone is welcome to chat and have a drink."

"Okay, don't worry, Brother Lin, we will definitely go to your house."

"Yes, yes, but the security there is quite strict, so you have to give them a heads up in order for them to let us in."

"Our community finally has a big shot! Haha!"

Lin Zhen never said anything and just smiled. After his parents got in the car, he stepped on the accelerator and the Raptor drove out.

After arriving at the villa, his parents were completely shocked. As Father Lin Liye sat on the sofa, he couldn't help but laugh, though it just made him cough due to his injuries. He was also severely pinched by Mother Li Qin.

"Mom, Dad, I already bought everything here. And here's 20,000 yuan. Take this as your pocket money. People from Ice City will probably also come over soon, asking you to fill out the form and handle the pension issues for you. Although the security here is tight, but still, if the purchased goods arrive, you must first confirm their identity before opening the door. Don't just let anyone in."

"Son, what are you going to do now?" Mother Li Qin was still worried about Lin Zhen.

"Mom, I'm just going to the Dojo. Don't worry. Since I am now a member of Dojo, I can't stay at home every day. And while we're on the topic, I may not be able to spend much time at home in the future."

"We understand, a man has to have his own career. Son, you can go do your thing, no need to worry about me and your Mother." Father Lin Liye seemed to be in good spirits. His injury should also recover in a few days time.

"Dad, you should drink less. And by the way, I found those who beat you. I will certainly solve this matter. You don't have to worry about it."

"Okay. Dad believes in you, but don't just fight, otherwise you'll worry me and your mother. I heard that fighting with Fighters is very scary, and death is very common."

"I will, trust your son."

Lin Zhen then went on to explain to his parents how to use some of the things at home. Then the family of three ate their meal. When it was evening, Lin Zhen drove straight to the Dojo.

Although he still has time before he has to report to the Dojo, Lin Zhen has to go back and return the car. More importantly, he does not want to waste any more time. He wants to improve his strength as soon as possible.

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