Chapter 18: Arrangement. 

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He slapped him dizzy!

No matter how tough Fei Long looks, at the end of the day, he's just some guy who failed to join a Dojo and his qualifications were also low. So how could Lin Zhen be afraid of him? Let alone not do anything to him. 

Lin Zhen lowered his head and drew the short knife from Fei Long's waist: "True, you have a knife, but do you even know what it means? You can't probably kill a chicken with this knife, so shut the f*ck up!"

With a wave of his hand, he threw the short knife out the door.

Liu Le outside the door was shocked and immediately stood against the wall, thinking that he would not get hit from this angle.

But who was Lin Zhen?

He is a Spirit Master!

Using Spirit Power, the knife suddenly curved in the air and drew an arc, then stabbed Liu Le in the @ss!

It hit not the left cheek, nor the right cheek, but the middle and into the hole!

Liu Le screamed and immediately knelt on the ground as his legs went soft. His luck was really bad today, does this knife have some tracking device or something?! 

At this point, Director Wang knew that he had kicked an iron plate. 

'This Lin Zhen is definitely not an ordinary person, he must be a Dojo student, otherwise he couldn't have beaten Fei Long so easily.’

Having figured this out, Director Wang's attitude took a 180-degree turn.

Director Wang already experienced life and knows who he can't offend. And he learnt from experience that Fighters are basically lawless people. They commit crimes as they wish, as they are not under the jurisdiction of the local police station.

This means that if this young man in front of him killed him today, although he technically committed a crime, he wouldn't be held responsible for the time being. Moreover, Director Wang didn't know any Fighter, so basically, no one would stand up for him. Hence if he dies, he'll die in vain.

His previously cold face was now full of smiles. He ran out from behind the desk with his head down and trotted towards Lin Zhen.

He was very depressed in his heart, thinking: 'Why is a Fighter here, at a civilian hospital, anyways? This is unfair!' 

"This gentleman, please forgive this ignorant one who didn't recognize Mount Tai. Please sit down... please sit down."

Lin Zhen couldn't really get used to the way these hospitals run. The poor could not get a good medical environment, even if they paid the price. Although he knows that the social hierarchy became more serious after the Divine change, Lin Zhen still can't stand it.

But since Lin Zhen had already taught them a lesson, he didn't get arrogant and also replied: "You don’t have to be polite with me. Just hurry up and arrange a room. My father must get good treatment. As for the security guards. I'll give each person 10,000 yuan. As for the one who vomited blood, I'll give him 50,000. The money counts as medical expenses, charge them to my account."

Lin Zhen was still very cautious. Although technically since he's not under the law, he still hurt some people, so he has taken a measure of action and paid their medical expenses; so that if ever a Fighter comes to trouble him in the future, he would be able to use this point.

Director Wang didn't dare to disregard his request anymore, nodded and agreed. He immediately ordered the nurse to arrange a room.

"Director, the single room is already occupied." The nurse said.

"How could there not be? Hmm... Liu Le, since you dared to offend a Fighter, I have to inform you that on behalf of the hospital your father, Liu Wanwan, will not be treated in our hospital anymore. Please switch places quickly, don't bargain using money, this is final. Now move and leave."

Liu Le has a lot to say considering that he's injured, and this two faced bastard quickly changed sides! But he could only think these and not actually say it. 

He simply ran away. Five minutes later, the father and son crawled out of the hospital.

And after another five Minutes, Lin Liye was already lying in a clean single room. It was warm and comfortable, and the medicine was of good quality. 

Compared with the A.D. calendar, the biggest improvement in the Divine Change is probably the level of medical care. Because people have to fight mutant Beasts constantly, injuries are commonplace.

"Dad, the director said that your injury is not serious. And you can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow morning. So now that's settled, can you tell me what happened now?"

Mother Li Qin heard her son's affirmation, and was relieved that her husband wasn't in danger. Liveliness returned to her body. She immediately said: "From my perspective, it went like this. This morning, your dad went to the stall when four people came. They claim that the meat of the steamed buns was bad and the soy milk was also sour. Your father has already been in this business for almost 20 years and he has always been true to this job. So how could he make such a mistake and serve rotten food just to make money? What those people said were obviously lies so your dad couldn't help but rebuke them. And then they beat up your father."

Lin Zhen nodded. Those people were obviously there to deliberately find trouble. Fortunately, they weren't Fighters, otherwise the injuries his dad had received wouldn't be so light.

But this event didn't happen in his previous life. So since it happened in this life, it means that this has been influenced by his actions.

Though he has not offended many people in the past two days. The only ones he fought against were from the Tulong Dojo. The highest probability of who he offended was Ouyang Yu and/or Zhang Huai.

"Did those people say anything?" Lin Zhen asked Father Lin Liye, feeling a little guilty.

"Said anything?... Let me think about it..."

Father Lin Liye thought for a moment, before replying, "Yes. Those people said that if you are unsatisfied, then you could go to the Black Swan Bar to find them."

Lin Zhen nodded and said to his parents: "You don't have to worry about this matter. For now, let's stay here and we'll go home early tomorrow morning. Then we'll go to the villa given to me by the Dojo. There, the security is very strong and secure. You're gonna be safe there."

There was joy on both of his parents’ faces. They have lived almost their entire life in the civilian area and they didn’t expect that they would be able to live in a single-family villa when they were old. 

Father Lin Liye seems to forget the pain, and started talking to Mother Li Qin excitedly about their future life.

Seeing his parents happy, Lin Zhen smiled and exited the room.

Since he made his parents happy, Lin Zhen felt a sense of accomplishment. But there's still a matter he has to attend to and that was those who hurt his parents. Lin Zhen will never let them go.

Lin Zhen dialed Zhao Liang's phone.

"Lin Zhen, what's the matter?" Zhao Liang answered the phone.

"Brother Zhao, I want to ask you some favor."

"We are brothers, there's no need to be polite, just say it." Lin Zhen was now a key training target of the Dojo, so Zhao Liang was very happy to befriend him.

"A group of people injured my father and left a message saying that they belonged to the Black Swan Bar. Can you check the origin of this bar?"

"No problem, there is nothing we can't find in Ice City, just wait."

After he finished talking, Zhao Liang hung up and within five minutes, he called again.

"The boss behind Black Swan Bar is Zhang Huai of Tulong Dojo, the one known as the Butcher. He has a group of thugs under him, and they do all the dirty work. I also inquired about who hurt your father. And they are all his subordinates."

"So it really is Zhang Huai! Needless to say, this incident was probably caused by last night. They couldn't accept their loss so they took it out on my family? Brother Zhao, this matter has to be settled."

"Of course, Lin Zhen. First, we have to report through the police station after catching those thugs. And when Zhang Huai comes to collect them, we'll collect the debts."

Lin Zhen nodded, "Alright, we'll do as you say."

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