Chapter 17: Rampant 

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"Are you Lin Liye's family?" Director Wang asked Lin Zhen coldly.

"Yes, he is my father. He is seriously injured and isn't suitable to be in the corridor. He needs a single room. We will pay the fee." Lin Zhen was still relatively polite, after all, he's asking for help.

Director Wang snorted coldly: "Young man, you are still too green (inexperienced). Our hospital has our own rules and regulations. How can we give you a room that someone already booked? This is not a question of whether you pay or not, but a matter of principle. There are no more rooms." 

Lin Zhen glanced at Director Wang: "By the time my father arrived, there was obviously still a single room available, but you actually arranged for my father to be in the corridor. What? Does Jisheng Hospital have the class to choose patients despite only being a civilian hospital?"

"Do you really think it is necessary for me to explain that to you? My answer remains the same. Leave now if you don't like our arrangements. We won't welcome you either. If you unreasonably cause trouble, I will call the security."

Lin Zhen was finally angry. He stepped forward and stood directly in front of Director Wang's desk: "I originally planned to find a car and transfer my father to a better hospital. But now, it seems that I changed my mind. But first, tell me, why can Liu Wanwan, the shopkeeper, be able to get into a single room even though he came after my father? Huh? You have to arrange a room for my father, don't come up with bullsh*t excuses!"

At this time, Liu Le suddenly appeared at the door of the office, and said to Director Wang: "Uncle Wang, this kid is just a rascal. He's from No.6 High School and he probably did not pass the graduation exam. Yet here he is, shamelessly going wild. Tsk, how much gall does he have to even show his face here?”

Hearing Liu Le's words, Director Wang became more confident. He had some status so why would he be afraid of Lin Zhen, a poor boy?

He put the tea cup down, and sneered: "Who would've thought that you're just some shameless brat after all? I won't arrange anything for you. What? Can you do anything?"

"Well if you don't, I'll find a room myself!" Lin Zhen grabbed the teacup and threw it out the door.


Liu Le, who was standing at the door, was unexpectedly hit on the forehead by the teacup , and blood started flowing out.

"You dare to hurt someone here?! You're too arrogant! Too arrogant! Security, where is  security?!"

Director Wang really didn't want to deal with Lin Zhen, a young and strong youth, and tremblingly rang the bell under the table.

Within a minute, four security guards rushed into the office.

Seeing the security guards come in, Director Wang pointed to Lin Zhen: "Kick this kid out and also help Lin Liye. Our hospital doesn't accept this kind of rogue (Lin Zhen). You came here to ask for something, so you should behave! I will make sure to teach you a lesson today!"

Liu Le also yelled from behind, "Go! Cripple this kid's arms. Don't hold back, I'll take care of it when something goes wrong. My family has money."

The security guards immediately rushed forward. But Lin Zhen simply sneered at them. However, the Fighter circle has rules and is not allowed to oppress civilians because the strength of a Fighter is too far apart from the civilians; even if it was just a student like Lin Zhen, their punches cannot be blocked by ordinary people. If it weren't for this, Lin Zhen wouldn't have held back. But still, they were no match for him. He just casually kicked three times. 

Three of the security guards holding batons immediately fell to the ground. The last one saw the fate of his comrades and wanted to run away, but Lin Zhen grabbed him. Lin Zhen took the baton away and in the next second, the security guard screamed and fell to the ground.

Liu Le originally thought that Lin Zhen was finished. But he didn't expect that the battle would end like this. He also didn't expect that Lin Zhen would throw the baton at him and was caught off guard. He immediately had a panda eye on his left eye and he couldn't open it.

"Uncle Wang! This son of a b*tch didn't pass the exam, even if he has some ability, it all ends there. He has no status nor money!" Liu Le yelled, while covering his forehead with one hand and his left eye with the other.

Director Wang was actually a little scared just now, but when he heard what Liu Le said, he immediately regained confidence. He would be a laughing stock, if he didn't have the balls to stand up to a student that didn't even pass the exam. 

"Smelly boy! You are dead, you actually dare run rampant in the hospital, you're finished!"

Director Wang took out his phone and made a call.

"Brother Long, it's Little Wang. Yes, yes, yes. There is a kid here in our hospital, he has some ability but he failed his exam. I'm hoping that you can come and clean him up. Once you are done, I will call the police to arrest him and his family."

Hearing what Director Wang was saying on the phone, Liu Le suddenly asked: "Uncle Wang, is that person the most famous Brother Fei Long?"

"Yes, Fei Long and I are old friends. His home is also nearby and he will be here soon." Director Wang said proudly, as if knowing Fei Long was such a great thing.

Liu Le, still covering his injuries yelled at Lin Zhen: "Lin Zhen, you are done for. Brother Fei Long graduated from No.2 High School. Others say that he is not someone ordinary. You're nothing but a bug in front of him!"

"Brother Fei Long?" Lin Zhen sneered with disdain.

"That's right! But let me tell you, even if you start begging me now, it's useless. Your family will go bankrupt just for barely paying the injuries I suffered today!" Liu Le shouted, but he didn't dare to come in and just stood at the door. He was still scared of Lin Zhen deep inside. 

Soon, someone walked in from the outside.

It was a bald man. He was wearing a black tight-fitting tank top and had a black dragon tattooed from the top of his head to his back. Even his eye sockets were tattooed. There was a short knife hung around his waist. 

"Brother Fei Long, it's this kid!" Director Wang was the first to call out to the man. 

Fei Long simply came in without paying attention to Director Wang. He swept his eyes around, then sat down beside the nurse while hugging and squeezing her chest.

The nurse suffered from the pain, but didn't dare to make a sound or even move.

Fei Long then turned his gaze to Director Wang, and said with a grin: "Which one would dare to make trouble at Jisheng Hospital? Is he blind? Doesn't he know that this is my territory?"

"Brother Fei Long, that's him. He insisted on arranging a single room for his father, and even injured our security guards. He also injured Mr. Liu's son."

Fei Long glanced at Liu Le, and Liu Le quickly smiled.

Fei Long simply glanced at him and did not look at him again. He instead set his gaze on Lin Zhen.

"Little brother is very young, you just graduated from high school?"

Lin Zhen looked at Fei Long: "So what?"

Fei Long stood up and scrutinized at Lin Zhen up and down: "Have you entered a Dojo?"

Before Lin Zhen could speak, Liu Le already said: "No Dojo would want that bastard. The graduation exam just finished, but he isn't wearing a uniform, meaning he is not in a Dojo."

Fei Long was also just testing Lin Zhen. So he immediately felt relieved when he heard Liu Le's words. He walked towards Lin Zhen, "Boy, I guess you also aspire to become a Fighter, but you didn't pass the exam. Our experience is similar. For this similarity, I will give you a chance today. If you can defend yourself and not get killed, I will let you go and not hand you over to the police."

"What are you talking about? I can stop you and not go to the police station at the same time without your 'chance'. "

"Haha! It seems that you still don't understand the situation here. I, Fei Long, only need one strike to kill. And since I'm gracious and I'm giving you a chance, just shut up and try your best to survive my strike. Trust me, this is much better than falling into the hands of the police."

Director Wang also sneered at this time: "Brother Feilong's knife... Kid, you can only blame your bad luck."

Lin Zhen raised his eyebrows slightly: "I admit, I won't definitely be able to stop your knife."

Brother Feilong said: "It's good that you're starting to understand now. How about this, if you don't want to face my knife, just put out one million and I won't come for you..."

But Lin Zhen interrupted him and completed his previous sentence, "Because you won't even have the chance to draw your knife."

"What did you say...!"


As soon as Fei Long was about to get furious, a flower suddenly bloomed on his face. A big hand suddenly appeared in front of him and slapped him at lightning speed.

Fei Long felt his head dizzy, his eyes spun in circles. His head slammed into the wall while staggering and fell to the ground!

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