Chapter 16: Anger. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Lin Zhen walked back happily all the way until he came to the alley of his home district, and he suddenly stopped.

Because he saw a mess on the side of the road. A small cart selling morning snacks that fell on the side of the road. Stuffed buns and soy milk were spilled all over, there was even a little bit of blood on the ground.

He was very familiar with this cart. It was the breakfast cart of his father, Lin Liye. It was this inconspicuous thing that supported Lin Zhen's studies for so many years and it was the foundation of their family's survival.

This scene did not happen in his previous life!

Lin Zhen felt panic. He quickly glanced left and right, and saw his neighbor Aunt Wang among the onlookers. He immediately ran over and asked: "Aunt Wang, what happened?"

Aunt Wang saw that it was Lin Zhen and hurriedly said to him: "Lin Zhen, you are back. Your father was beaten by gangsters and is now hospitalized. He is at Jisheng Chinese Medicine Hospital at the north end of our community. Go and take a look!"

Lin Zhen immediately turned around and ran to the north without saying a word.

Jisheng Hospital was a very inferior hospital nearby. The people who went there are all poor. Lin Zhen ran all the way, sprinting 100 meters every 8 seconds. With that much speed, he soon arrived at Jisheng Hospital in less than three minutes. 

"Excuse me, there is a man named Lin Liye, who was just admitted to the hospital, where is he now?"

"Please wait for a moment, I'll check."

The nurse opened the log book and took a look: "Lin Liye right? He got a concussion on his head and two ribs were broken. He has just been bandaged and treated. Currently, he is in the surgical ward on the third floor. You can find him there."

Lin Zhen didn't even take the elevator, he just took the stairs and went straight to the surgical ward.

When he reached the ward area, Lin Zhen soon saw his parents. 

Mother Li Qin was in the corridor holding a saline bottle in her hand and looking for a place to hang it on. While his father Lin Liye was lying down in the corridor with a dirty blanket under him and gauze on his head. Blood stained the gauze red, and his eyes were tightly closed.

Lin Zhen felt pain in his heart when he saw this scene. He hastily rushed over and took the saline bottle from Mother Li Qin's hand: "Mom! What happened?"

Before Mother Li Qin could answer, Father Lin Liye opened his eyes when he heard the sound.

"My son is back. Tell me, how was your graduation exam?"

Because Lin Zhen had came back this morning, he had already changed into his old clothes and was not in uniform, hence Father Lin Liye didn't know that Lin Zhen had already joined Gale. 

Only after Lin Zhen saw that his father wasn't in big danger did he feel a little settled. He put a smile on his face: "It went very well Dad, I have joined Gale Dojo and become a Second-Class Student. The contract has already been signed. Not only will I'll have a 500,000 yuan salary per month, but we also have a single-family villa for us to live in. They will even help you two solve the pension problem, someone will come to you for signing within two days."

(Tl: I guess the author indeed made a typo before, it is 500 thousand and not million.) 

Hearing Lin Zhen's words, Father Lin Liye and Mother Li Qin's eyes were filled with surprise. This huge news shook their hearts, and they were speechless for a while.

"Good job... good job, you really are my son, good... hehehehe!!!"

Father Lin Liye's face was flushed. But due to his excitement, his broken ribs got agitated causing him to cough violently.

"Old Lin, calm down, you are still hurt. Tone down your excitement okay? Indeed, this is really a blessing." Mother Li Qin was also excited with tears in her eyes, while she continued to comfort Father Lin Liye.

Lin Zhen also patted his father's back in a hurry, it took quite some time for Father Lin Liye to calm down.

"Mom, Dad, tell me what's going on? And why are you in this corridor? Why don't you go to the ward?"

"The nurse said that there is no ward available. We also couldn't ask for a single room. The nurse also said that there was no bed. Though I saw that there were a lot of beds... The nurse said that they were already booked. We are poor so we really can't do anything. If we were like Liu Wanwan, the one who opened a big breakfast shop on the street, we would've gotten a single room like him. Although he only burned his hands and his injury is much lighter than your father’s, he got a single room for himself while we stayed in the corridor."

Mother Li Qin was just an ordinary woman. She panicked when she was wronged. And now that she sees her son is capable, she can't help but want to let her injustices out. 

"Liu Wanwan? The one who has been competing with Dad?"

"Yes, it's him. He also has been spreading rumors that the meat in your dad's meat buns is bad, and he has pushed your dad out of the street. He always finds fault with us."

Lin Zhen frowned slightly and said to his mother: "Okay, I'll ask the details later. For now, let's find a ward for Dad. Wait for me, it'll just take a while."

Father Lin Liye hurriedly said, "Son, don't go looking for trouble. We can't afford to offend those doctors and nurses, they might charge us more for our medicine..."

Lin Zhen turned his head and smiled: "Dad, starting from today, it'll be different. Your son is now a student of Gale Dojo."

Father Lin Liye was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that his son Lin Zhen had already grown up. He had become a master of humanity, a Superior Warrior.

Just as Lin Zhen was about to leave, a young man came over.

"Oh! Isn't this Lin Zhen? Is the graduation exam over? Which Dojo did you join? Why aren't you wearing a uniform? Did you not pass the exam, maybe?"

Lin Zhen looked at who it was, it took him a while before he remembered this person.

Liu Le, Liu Wanwan's son, was by no means a good egg. 

But Lin Zhen didn't have the time banter with him so he just said directly, "It doesn't matter to you whether I failed the exam or not. Just go away, I'm going to find a ward for my dad."

Liu Le sneered: "Then you don't have to hurry at all, unless you want a big room with more than ten beds. The last single room was already occupied by my dad. You can't find any available single rooms anymore."

"Would you know that? My dad shall get a room this time."

"Oh please! Does your family even have that kind of money? Even if you can squeeze all your 'pennies', again, there will be no single rooms available. Tsk, you'll just embarrass yourself."

Lin Zhen didn't care about Liu Le anymore and just went straight to the nurse's station. He opened the door and walked in.

"Who are you looking for? Change the bandage?" A nurse asked without even looking up.

"I'm Lin Liye's family member. I want a single room or a bed in a ward."

The nurse raised her head and glanced at Lin Zhen. There was a bit of surprise and disdain in her eyes.

Lin Zhen was 1.78 meters in height, which is not particularly tall; but his posture was tall and straight, his appearance was stern. And because of his Spirit Power, his eyes were clear and shiny, it's even a little dazzling. He also has a strong masculine aura that makes people afraid to look at him directly.

But Lin Zhen's dress was too ordinary, and the nurse could tell at a glance that this person was definitely poor; a member of the common people, and the lowest level person.

So no matter how your temperament is, as long as you're deemed poor, people who have money or power will look down on you. The nurse curled her lips: "There are no single rooms available. There are also no beds in ordinary wards. Didn't you see how many people are in the corridor?"

"My father suffered a head injury and has broken ribs. How can such an environment be conducive to recovery? He needs a ward." Lin Zhen was getting irritated. Let alone him joining a famous Dojo now, he has experience from his previous life. The accumulation of countless years of experience being in the Heavenly Body Realm was not to be trifled with. If he was not worried about his father, he would have exploded in anger and raged long ago.

But unexpectedly, the nurse sneered: "You think the environment in the corridor is bad? Then you can change hospitals. Ice City Hospital is a good choice, but can you afford it?

Faced with the nurse’s ridicule, Lin Zhen said coldly: “A person surnamed Liu came later than us but how come that he got into a single room instead of my dad first? Now let me ask you, can you represent in talking about this matter?"

While saying this, Lin Zhen's emotions got a tad bit out of hand and some of his Spirit Power uncontrollably leaked out. His words gave people a heavy sense of oppression.

The nurse immediately became timid. No matter how arrogant she is, she is an ordinary girl, she can't withstand Lin Zhen's Spirit Power even if it's only some leakage. She replied with her voice a little lowered: "If it is about an ordinary ward, then a doctor can represent. But if it is a single room, the director has the final say."

"Then take me to your director."

Lin Zhen soon realized the leakage and controlled his emotions. 

The nurse stood up reluctantly and moved forward albeit slowly.

"Hurry up!" Lin Zhen yelled, and the nurse moved forward quickly.

When they arrived at the front of the director's office, the nurse seemed to become a bit bolder again. She knocked on the door twice and then walked in.

"Director Wang, there is a family member of a patient here who insisted on finding a single room for his father. I told him that the single rooms were all occupied, yet he still went to the nurse's station and caused a ruckus. I was afraid..."

With that said, the young nurse's eyes turned red, and she looked at Director Wang aggrievedly.

The one called Director Wang was a rich middle-aged man. He did not immediately comfort the nurse, but instead first asked: "Who is the patient?"

"It's not someone notable. It's just an old man in our community who sells buns and soy milk every morning. It's his son that questioned why Mr. Liu got a single room when he came in later but not his dad..." The nurse wiped her crocodile tears and said disdainfully.

Hearing the words of the nurse, Director Wang suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, it turns out it wasn't someone with power. When he saw Lin Zhen coming in, his face became cold.

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