Chapter 15: Raging River's Reaping Spear. 

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Lin Zhen sent the proportions of the Potion, and then transferred 10 million to the Science and Technology Department’s account. He soon received a reply.

"Your order has been received. Please wait patiently for ten days. After ten days, we will deliver the Potion to your location. The address is confirmed as Gale Dojo. Lin Zhen will receive it. Please verify that the information is correct?"

"The information is correct."

Lin Zhen replied and the order was completed.

And with that half of the 20 million was spent. But Lin Zhen didn't stop shopping and continued browsing through the items.

The second item Lin Zhen chose was a Cultivation Technique. 

Every Fighter has to have a Cultivation Technique. Nowadays, it's very convenient to get one as you can simply purchase it. Almost any Cultivation Technique can be purchased online.

Once you purchase the Cultivation Technique, it will be given to the Fighter in the form of a chip; not a book, nor on a computer screen. The chip comes with a virtual helmet, which is bound to the user’s genes and is limited to the user. Learning is private, and no outsider can peek. This system prevents one person buying the Technique then sharing it to everyone. 

There are hundreds to thousands of such Techniques, and the Fighter must make the right choice when choosing one. He should choose the most suitable one according to his own preferences and habits.

Gale, the legendary Fighter, uses a sword as his weapon. Therefore, many students in Gale Dojo also choose swordsmanship. Gale Swordsmanship, the Technique created by Gale.

And other than Gale Swordsmanship, there are many more Techniques from well-known Fighters that were sold online, and there were even many unknown ancient ones.

But unlike most students, Lin Zhen did not choose swordsmanship and instead opted to an ancient classic.

"Raging River's Reaping Spear, the second and third book."

Raging River's Reaping Spear is an unknown classic. Currently, there is only the second and third book in the Gale Dojo Mall, and even on all the Internet. As for the first book, it's existence is unknown. 

The second and third book talks about and trains the Fighter's accuracy. Since it is very extensive and profound, and because there is no first book to use as a basis, the Technique was too difficult to learn. Even after several years of specially training and comprehending the Technique, people found that as long as there isn't the first book, it is simply incomprehensible. That then led to the decline of these classics. The current price of the second book is only 2 million while 1 million for the third.

The only thing that was expensive about these two ancient books are the points, each of which costs 500 points. This made Lin Zhen a little bit distressed.

In fact, others may think that the price of these books are very high for what they are worth because without the first book, the second and third books are of little value. Hence no one was interested in them. 

But Lin Zhen knew that this classic was not without a first book, in fact, there's even a fourth book. Just that it was collected by one person, who was waiting for an opportunity for the prices to get high. Because if you sell something, you need to know that for every item sold on the Internet, the owner will get 60% of the profit.

Once the first book of Raging River's Reaping Spear is released, the price of the second and third books will also skyrocket. And that's because this technique is not some ordinary technique, it's a super technique that in its first three levels of Cultivation, one will have the strength to rival the God of War level.

As Lin Zhen remembers, the second book would be later sold at hundreds of millions, while the third book was more than 500 million. Currently, he has bought the same two books for only three million, which is already a huge bargain.

Lin Zhen had practiced the first book of Raging River's Reaping Spear in his previous life, but as for the second and third books, he has never been able to afford them. 

As for the fourth book, Lin Zhen knows that there are none at present. It was only until after the end of Divine Change and after the second human upheaval did it appear. But that day is still far away, that is still more than ten years in the future.

Learning the Spear is very hard. As the saying goes, ‘if the way of the sword needed one month, then it requires at least one year to learn the spear.’


Lin Zhen has already mastered the first book. He only needs to find a good spear and familiarize himself with it for a period of time. And he will soon be able to re-understand the first book that he has learned in his previous life. He will then learn the second book, and he will have a good foundation.

Seeing that Lin Zhen chose the second and third books of Raging River's Reaping Spear, Dongfang Jun couldn't help but shook his head slightly: "Lin Zhen, this choice is a bit hasty. There is no first book for this Technique. You might have the second and third, but what's the use? Oh! Forget it, once you experience it, you will naturally know that you just squandered money at this moment."

Lin Zhen nodded to Dongfang Jun: "Thank you for the reminder, but this student thinks these two classics are of some value. I also plan to practice the spear. And if I read them, I should have some insights."

After speaking, Lin Zhen continued browsing to choose a spear.

He has both the studied spear and sword in his previous life, but he feels that the most suitable weapon for him is still the spear. Now that he has gotten Raging River's Reaping Spear, he naturally needs a good spear.

But for a spear to be a really good spear, it should suit him, though it needs to be customized. But since Lin Zhen currently does not have the financial resources, he can only choose the closest spear he could get.

A good spear not only depends on its weight, but also on its toughness. If it's too fragile, it will not work, and if it is too flexible, it will lose its sharpness.

In the end, he chose a Black Dragon Spear developed and built by Ice City's Ministry of Science and Technology. It is a second-generation product. The spear body is made of a variety of metal alloys. It weighs about 150 kilograms and has excellent toughness.

The tip of the spear is made from profound iron from the center of the earth, which is extremely sharp and heavy.

Although such a spear was still too heavy for Lin Zhen at his current strength, but once he gets promoted to an Advanced Warrior (7-9 rank of Warrior Level), it will be easy to use.

However, although Lin Zhen already has his plan, he is still, a Third-Rank Fighter, after all. He still needs to train for a few more days. He would train to his peak, and as soon as the Genetic Potion arrives, he'll use it and promote to an Advanced Warrior. 

Lin Zhen estimated that after taking the Genetic Potion, he could at least reach the pinnacle of a Sixth-Rank Warrior, or even a Seventh-Rank. By then, there would be no problem using the Black Dragon Spear.

The Black Dragon spear cost Lin Zhen another five million. He still has two million left.

Seeing that Lin Zhen had decided to choose the spear as a weapon, Dongfang Jun didn't say anything. Every warrior had his own unique habits, and he had nothing to say about Lin Zhen using a spear. 

Lin Zhen didn't keep the remaining two million and spent one million to purchase the right to use the advanced gym of the Dojo for half a year.

Advanced gyms have various types of equipment that can exercise a Fighters' strength, speed, reflex, and overall physical fitness plus many more other aspects. This investment is very good. 

For the remaining one million, Lin Zhen bought five alloy flying knives, two hundred thousand each.

Lin Zhen has his own thoughts on why he bought the flying knives. He is a Spirit Master, and the weapon of a Spirit Master can be a flying knife, a flying needle, or a flying shuttle.

He can use his Spirit Power to control this type of weapon to attack. He can even dish out more damage with it compared to firearms. This is the power of Spirit Masters. Using it often will also be of great benefit in the growth of Spirit Power. 

In total, Lin Zhen's 20 million was all spent, plus 1,000 points for the purchase of the Technique.

Meng Dong was also finished with his shopping too. He chose the first book of Water-breaking Sword. There were three books in total, and the first one was worth three million.

He then chose a two million Two-handed Golden Sword to complement the technique. The sword was sturdy, and it was also very suitable for his natural strength. 

There was not a cent left in Meng Dong's pocket, both he and Lin Zhen ended their shopping.

"Very well, you have all made your own choices. Now you have two days of vacation. Within the two days, I hope you will take care of your affairs at home, and then return to the Dojo. From that moment on, you are one of the members here, and you must put the interests of the Dojo first."

The two nodded. Two days should be enough to manage their affairs.

Dongfang Jun was about to leave. Zhao Liang took the pair to say goodbye to Dongfang Jun, and gave them a tour to familiarize them with the environment of the Dojo. After staying in the Dojo for a while, some of the items purchased by Lin Zhen and Meng Dong were already delivered.

Lin Zhen put the Black Dragon Spear, Raging River's Reaping Spear's virtual helmet and chip, along with some other things in his personal safe. He only carried the five alloy flying knives with him.

"Okay, now I will take you home."

"Thank you Brother Zhao but we can go back by ourselves."

The two didn't want to trouble Zhao Liang anymore, so they just said goodbye and walked home.

Lin Zhen was a little excited along the way. He finally officially entered Gale Dojo and got a lot of benefits. This time, he can surprise his family.

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