Chapter 14: Reward. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Regarding Dongfang Jun, Lin Zhen had not seen him with his own eyes even in his previous life. He just knew that after the fall of Ice City, Dongfang Jun left. And then his subsequent achievements were extraordinary. He became a Super Master who broke through from the God of War Level and reached the Small Body Realm. 

The Small Body Realm is a legend. After the Ninth Rank of the God of War Level, cosmic energy is absorbed into the Dantian and formed into a nucleus.

The vast majority of people today don't even know the existence of the Small Body Realm. It was only after the Divine Change Calendar ended and humanity had ushered in the Second Change, did the Small Body Realm spread.

They soon arrived at the door of Dongfang Jun's room/office, Zhao Liang knocked on the wooden door.

"Come in." A low male voice sounded.

Zhao Liang pushed the door open and led Lin Zhen and Meng Dong into the room.

Behind a huge desk, sat a man in his thirties, dressed in a Tang Suit. His facial features were nothing extraordinary, but his eyes were surprisingly bright, as if divine light were shining through them, bringing forth some kind of majesty. 

(TL: Tang Suit, https://www.google.com/search?q=tang+suit+china&oq=tang+suit&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3.2809j0j7&client=ms-android-oppo-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=9NH3U0YWj43LGM ) 

"Master, I brought Lin Zhen and Meng Dong."

Zhao Liang greeted, and then said to Lin Zhen: "Come and meet Master."

"Student Lin Zhen and Meng Dong greets the Dojo Master."

"Well, you guys sit down."

Zhao Liang led the two on the sofa, and waited for Dongfang Jun to speak.

"I just watched the video sent by Zhao Liang. Both of you performed very well. You didn't panic even when you were in a disadvantaged situation. You calmly counterattacked and won. These are the most rare qualities of a Fighter, especially Lin Zhen, you gave me a deep impression."

Lin Zhen replied with a smile, without modesty nor arrogance.

"To tell you the truth, our Gale Dojo does not have an advantage in the face of Changfeng and Tulong in Ice City. It can even be said that we're at a disadvantage. As the Dojo Master of Gale, I have always wanted to reverse this situation. And discovering talents has always been our purpose. We have never been stingy with talent."

Dongfang Jun said and rang a bell. A young woman soon came in, pushing two laptops and computer desks in front of Lin Zhen and Meng Dong.

"You can log in to our Gale Dojo's intranet. The account is the same as your usual account. Meng Dong has earned 700 points, while Lin Zhen has earned 3,300 points. In addition to the bonus points, you can also choose any item on the Fighter intranet as a reward for your outstanding performance. As for the price... Meng Dong can choose any item/s within 5 million, while Lin Zhen can choose any item/s within 20 million. This is the reward given to you by the Dojo so as long as the item does not exceed the price I mentioned, you don’t need to spend a single penny."

Meng Dong's eyes immediately brightened, he was actually able to choose any item within 5 million! He has to pick a good one.

Lin Zhen was also very happy. Right now he only has 500,000 yuan in his pockets. And his family has not been settled properly yet. So he really has no money left to buy things for himself. Hence with this 20 million item reward, many of his plans can be acted on earlier. 

After they logged in, Dongfang Jun said: "I will leave the Dojo and the city in half an hour, so if you have some special requirements for the items you choose, you'd better complete it within half an hour. In this time period, I can also give you some suggestions. Of course, if you're just gonna choose ordinary items, then choose as long as you like."

Meng Dong said: "It's not easy. Choosing an item within half an hour is too short."

Zhao Liang smiled: "As long as you're not picky, you'll be able to pick the best one for you within half an hour."

Originally Meng Dong was a little unconvinced, but his eyes became a little brighter after he opened the Dojo's intranet mall. 

"Wow! There are so many good cars. I like this Tianma X9 so much. And the price is not very high. I can get it for 3.3 million yuan. There's also this fifth-generation Warhawk coupe with front and rear dual engines. Chuqu is popular, and it's four million, I can afford it."

"And this, this Jade-Blood Sabre... It is said that it was developed by the Southern Base City's Ministry of Science and Technology. It is a third-generation product and an indispensable weapon for fighting monsters. It's 1.5 million yuan. Should I buy it or not?"

"Oh! Genetic Potions are also available. This is something that a warrior must choose. But the official price is 10 million yuan, I don't have enough money..."

Listening to Meng Dong's uncontrollable thoughts, Lin Zhen couldn't help it anymore, and advised, "Meng Dong, you should be clear about your purpose when choosing an item. It will not be too late to buy those cars after you make money. If you continue like this, the half an hour would be up and I’m afraid you won’t be able to choose anything. First of all, the price set for you is below 5 million and you can’t afford anything above that. So what's the use in looking at them? Also, the Genetic Potion will be given for free by the Dojo, right?"

Dongfang Jun nodded: "Yes, the biggest benefit of joining a Dojo is that you can get a bottle of Universal Genetic Potion for free. And it will have a 100% success rate. This is the biggest advantage between you and those who do not have a Dojo behind them."

There are two types of Genetic Potions. One is the Universal Genetic Potion commonly used by everyone. This Potion can guarantee a 100% success rate in enhancing the physique of a warrior. The improvement is between 40% and 60%. Occasionally, those with special qualifications/talents, the improvement can even exceed 60%.

The second type of Genetic Potion is a Custom-Made Genetic Potion. As the name suggests, the Science and Technology Department will tailor the Potion according to the Warrior's physique. The improvement rate of this type of Potion is generally 70% - 80% and in Ice City, this is the highest possible improvement. As for a 90% or 100% improvement, Ice City has no such technology. 

But there's a big drawback in a Custom-Made Genetic Potion. Despite having more powerful improvements, it has a very low success rate. It's because a Warrior can never figure out what the exact proportions of his own genes/genetics are. So it is basically impossible to make Potions of this type with a high success rate. 

On the contrary, it is more likely that the Potion will fail and the possibility of promotion would instead be completely lost.

This is why so few people would choose the Custom-Made Genetic Potion and just use the Universal Genetic Potion since it guarantees success. Who cares if it's not tailored made for them anyway? 

Moreover, the price of Custom-Made Genetic Potion is not cheap. Originally, a bottle of Universal Genetic Potion is 10 million yuan, but it will cost an additional 10 million yuan if you choose the former.

Hearing Lin Zhen’s words, Meng Dong realized that he had taken a detour and hurriedly only filtered through the items below 5 million. He also refrained from looking at cars and instead concentrated on finding things that can improve his strength.

Lin Zhen on the other hand was more systematic, as he already knew what he wanted.

And what he chose was a Custom-Made Genetic Potion.

Others may not know their exact genetic status and proportions, but Lin Zhen does.

In his previous life, in his later years, he had tested his own genetics using a high-tech device from an alien civilization. So he naturally knows how would the Genetic Potion be concocted to best suit him.

This is why this is what he chose. 

Custom-Made Genetic Potion means that as long as you pay, Ice City’s  Science and Technology Department will tailor a bottle of Unique Genetic Potion for you according to your requirements.

Of course, if the potion fails, they will never give you a refund and you wasted money. Adding to the already high risk of Custom-Made Genetic Potion. 

"Master, if I get a Custom-Made Genetic Potion, you'll pay the base 10 million yuan, right? And I only need to pay the additional 10 million yuan, right?"

"Are you sure you want to choose a Custom-Made Genetic Potion? Lin Zhen, you have to choose carefully. If the Potion turns out that it is not suitable for you, 20 million would go down the drain. Much more, after a failure, it will be extremely difficult for you to take another Genetic Potion and be successful. It would be like climbing the sky." Dongfang Jun kindly reminded him.

"Master can rest assured, I wouldn't have chosen this if I wasn't sure."

"Okay, every Warrior has a dream of reaching the top in his heart. And I can't stop your dream. The Dojo will pay the base 10 million in exchange for your supposed free Universal Genetic Potion and you use half of the 20 million reward for the additional 10 million."

"I understand this. I will choose to order the Custom-Made Genetic Potion."

With that said, Lin Zhen entered his Custom-Made Genetic Potion order on the private intranet page.

"Custom-Made Genetic Potion requirements: strength increase ratio is 42.35%, speed ratio is 33.91%, reflex is 22.80%..."

As long as the Potion is made according to these ratios, after Lin Zhen uses the Potion, he will have an overall improvement of at least 90%!

"Although my talent is not bad, it is not particularly outstanding. Compared with geniuses, there is still a big gap. If I want to achieve something in the future, I must take every step of the way. And the first step to close the gap with those geniuses is by taking the Genetic Potion. My strength will be greatly improved!"

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