Chapter 13: Meeting the Master. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Lin Zhen bowed his head as a wine bottle flew over him, he then jumped backwards without even looking.

The Second-Class student didn't expect Lin Zhen to react so quickly and even charged towards him.

(Note: Lin Zhen's back was facing the Second-Class student.) 

Caught unprepared, he was knocked to the ground. How could Lin Zhen miss such a good opportunity? He grabbed a chair and threw it towards the opponent that was about to get up.


The chair was instantly broken and the opponent fell again. Lin Zhen rushed over and kicked the Second-Class student, not allowing him to get up anymore after this time.

"That's five hundred points!"

Lin Zhen didn't care anymore about the student who had lost his combat effectiveness. He instead leaped forward to the Third-Class student who was fighting with Zhang Yi and attacked.

After four consecutive punches, the opponent fell to the ground.

At this time, Meng Dong's opponent was also knocked to the ground. Meng Dong and Zhang Yi immediately rushed to the Second-Class student who was fighting against Zhu Haoran. They all wanted to grab the five hundred points for themselves.

Lin Zhen did not join them and quickly approached Fu Chengya and Lei Ming instead, where there was also a Third-Class student.

He launched a sneak attack! Relying on his fast reflexes, he dodged a few punches from the Third-Classic student. After throwing several punches of his own, he knocked down his opponent.

Lin Zhen and Fu Chengya now have the number advantage. The two of them dealt with Lei Meng. 

"Lin Zhen! Go away! I don't need you here!"

Fu Chengya shouted at Lin Zhen angrily, but Lin Zhen only curled his lips in disdain. Why didn't you say that when I defeated the Third-Class student then? Hah! Now that the situation is favorable, you want to swallow all the profits eh? 

Without paying attention to Fu Chengya, Lin Zhen closed in on Lei Ming like lightning and attacked.

If Lei Ming was still fighting one-vs.-one against Fu Chengya, he may still be able to hold on; but with Lin Zhen here, he can't anymore. Lin Zhen's reflexes were too fast. After being constantly bombarded by Lin Zhen and Fu Chengya's sharp attacks, Lei Ming soon fell into a passive state.

"Is this Lin Zhen really just a Second-Class student? Why do I feel like there's something not right?"

Distracted by his thoughts, Lei Ming was hit by Fu Chengya in the shoulder. Lin Zhen immediately seized the opportunity and attacked Lei Ming’s stomach with three consecutive punches and one kick.

Without waiting for him to recover, Fu Chengya followed up and violently punched him with both fists. He's apparently trying to crush Lei Ming in one fell swoop.

Lei Ming was annoyed. He didn't know Lin Zhen. But, he had grudges with Fu Chengya for a long time. He would rather be taken advantage of by Lin Zhen than lose to Fu Chengya.

Taking Fu Chengya's heavy punch, he concentrated all of his own strength in his elbow, and counter-attacked Fu Chengya and hit his lower abdomen. 


Fu Chengya likewise succeeded in hitting Lei Ming's face with nearly 400 kilograms of strength, but before he got to be happy, an unbearable pain came from his lower abdomen.

He was too greedy. Lei Ming launched a counterattack against Fu Chengya, and he was defeated with just one blow!

We must remember that Fu Chengya had not lost for five minutes in the face of a joint attack by Lei Ming and a Second-Class student. This just shows how strong the elbow hit by Lei Ming was, to knock him out with just one attack.

Fu Chengya instantly lost combat effectiveness. His body bent over like a prawn and his mouth was wide open. He was speechless as he laid on the ground and began to twitch.

Although Lei Ming was injured, he was still standing.

But soon, Lin Zhen appeared behind him like a ghost, and slashed the back of his neck with a hand knife. Lei Ming's body suddenly softened, then Lin Zhen grabbed him and used Waza (Judo technique that grabs the opponent and throws him back over the shoulders).

Lei Meng hit the ground and thus the battle was over. As for the other Second-Class student, in the end, it was Meng Dong who knocked him down. Zhu Haoran and Zhang Yi were both hurt, and were extremely aggrieved that they didn't get any points.

Although Meng Dong knocked down a total of one Second-Class and one Third-Class, Lin Zhen shined even more. He knocked down four Third-Class and one Second-Class by himself, plus Lei Ming, a First-Class student.

Although Fu Chengya did deal a heavy blow to Lei Ming, Fu Chengya was also knocked down by the latter, so he nonetheless did not win honor for Gale. Obviously, he could not earn points.

Zhao Liang laughed and came to the scene, looking very happy.

Zhao Liang was especially happy about Lin Zhen, a talent he has recruited! Lin Zhen’s performance was great and this gave him a lot of face. He patted Lin Zhen on the shoulder: "Boy, good job! The biggest problem for ordinary students is not strength, but a calm mentality when fighting. And you have that. I'm looking forward to you standing out among this group of students and to be the first to earn the title of a Fighter!"

Lin Zhen smiled: "Thank you Brother Zhao for the compliment."

Lin Zhen then looked at the mess around and said, "Are we still drinking here?"

"Haha, we don't need to take care of it. Tulong will be responsible for compensation for everything that's broken. You and Meng Dong will go with me now. The Dojo Master wants to see you two."

"The Master wants to see me and Meng Dong?" Lin Zhen was shocked.

"Yes, I have recorded the video of your fight, and sent it to the Master. Master said that I should take you two over."

Lin Zhen and Meng Dong glanced at each other, they were a little excited. It was already late in the evening, and the Master still asked them to come over, this was obviously a good thing.

Old Hu on the other hand was not so pleased. The three students he recruited, including the First-Class student Fu Chengya, were defeated. And Fu Chengya still has not gotten up yet. Zhu Haoran and Zhang Yi were both injured. The three of them didn't get any points and their faces were dull. 

"You two, help Fu Chengya up and go to the hospital. Remember to report to the Dojo in two days."

Old Hu turned and left the bar.

Lin Zhen and Meng Dong followed Zhao Liang outside the bar. At this time, a Fighter from Tulong Dojo gave Lin Zhen a look: "You kid is doing quite well. I hope you can take a Genetic Potion and enter the wilderness soon. I look forward to seeing you in the wild one day."

Zhao Liang's expression suddenly changed: "Zhang Huai, you are a Fighter. Why are you threatening a newcomer like this?

"Did I threaten him? Haha! Why, I don't remember doing so."

Zhang Huai said, and walked out of the bar with a sneer.

At this time, Meng Dong said: "Lin Zhen, I heard that Ouyang Yu's family has a very good relationship with a Fighter named Zhang Huai, maybe that's him.

Zhao Liang also said solemnly: "He is Zhang Huai, and he is called ’The Butcher’. I don't know if he has something to do with Ouyang Yu, but this person is vicious. He was promoted to a General a few days ago. It is very dangerous to be remembered by such a person. Lin Zhen, be more careful in the future."

"Brother Zhao, don't worry, I know. Let's go."

Lin Zhen looked at Zhang Huai's back, and said in his heart: "Even if you don't come to me, I will find you myself sooner or later!"

He will never forget his previous life. After Lin Zhen became a Fighter, the Bikong Dojo was suppressed by Tulong Dojo. Lin Zhen was insulted many times by Zhang Huai and Ouyang Yu. Lin Liye, his father, was also quietly killed by Zhang Huai using some devious method that caused serious internal injuries.

If he were to choose who among the people Lin Zhen wanted to kill most in this life, Zhang Huai would definitely rank in the top three. 

They got in Zhao Liang's Great Wall Phantom... 

The car speeded all the way, and headed straight for Jiangbei District.

Jiangbei District is at the core of Ice City. This was not only where Ice City’s government center was, but it's also the wealthy area and the residence of the major Dojos.

When passing a bridge, Lin Zhenthoughtfully looked at the surging river below.

Ice City, in his previous life was besieged by a beast attack, five years in the future from now. Originally, the defense of the Ice City was in place, but the problem was this big river called the Songhua River.

The river runs through the entire city, and there are water gates on both sides. Several huge iron gates weighing thousands of tons prevented any large mutant beasts from entering. But a strange kind of fish suddenly appeared, which could swallow metal, and began biting the iron gates. This caused a large influx of Beasts in the water, which led to the fall of Ice City.

Lin Zhen doesn't know if he can change this situation in this life, but improving his strength is still a priority.

Entering Jiangbei District, there were a lot fewer people, and the car soon came to a tall gate.

On the 20-meter-long marble wall, the large characters Gale Dojo were magnificently inscribed. It is said that Lie Feng, the number 1 fighter in China, had handwritten this. 

(TL Note: Do you want me to change Gale to pinyin? Lie Feng Dojo?) 

The car bypassed the wall and came to the front of the Gale Dojo building.

"Get out of the car, and let's go meet the Dojo Master. He is among the top five masters in the entire Ice City. He is Dongfang Jun, a Seventh-Rank God of War!"

Meng Dong suddenly felt his leg weakened from the pressure of hearing this name. After getting out of the car, he was walking wobbly. He followed Lin Zhen and said, "Lin Zhen, we are going to see a God of War Level Fighter. My legs are going soft..."

"Why don't you go back first and give me your 700 points, it's not that many points anyways."

"No can do! Just forget it. You have three thousand points, and now you want to grab my small points. I can't let you." Meng Dong was now less nervous because of this small banter. 

They soon entered the elevator and went straight to the 18th floor, which was where the Dojo Master Dongfang Jun’s room was located .

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