Chapter 9: Number 1 Dojo. 

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"Student Lin Zhen, our Bikong Dojo has decided to recruit you. The contract can be signed for five years at a time!"

"Come to us, our contract terms are definitely not worse than Bikong's. If you have any requirements for your family, we would be responsible for finding a job for your family and let them enjoy living in the security of a house!"

"We can do it too, we can also provide you with housing. There's a single-family two-story villa in Xicheng District that you can live in for free!"

"No need to fight, we Changfeng decided to recruit this student. You (Lin Zhen) can participate in the special training at the headquarters. The instructors will teach you for free. Our Changfeng members can also enjoy a 9.5 percent discount on merchandise. Others certainly do not have this privilege."

It was a mess and noise was all around. These lofty Warriors were currently acting like vegetable vendors, trying their best to promote their Dojo. 

But you really can't blame them, Lin Zhen performed too well.

His strength and speed has reached the standard of a Third-Rank Warrior, and his reflex has reached the level of Fourth-Rank Warriors. Since reflex basically determines the survival ability of a Warrior, it would not be surprising for Lin Zhen to become a Master at the God of War Realm in the future.

Furthermore, Lin Zhen was not yet seventeen years old! 

No one really expected that there would be such a talent in No.6 Middle School. Even in the aristocratic schools such as No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 Middle School, such a person would rarely appear.

People originally thought that Lin Zhen would be stunned by such generous contracts flocking over him, but Lin Zhen stood in the crowd with a faint smile on his face, and was not moved at all.

He was still waiting, waiting for more favorable conditions.

Ouyang Yu looked at Lin Zhen with jealousy. He saw that Brother Li, who had promised to help him just now, was busy calling his boss and was preparing a generous contract for Lin Zhen, completely pushing himself aside.

But before Tulong Dojo could finish their phone call, Zhao Liang, the representative of the Gale Dojo, came over. Meng Dong followed behind, winking at Lin Zhen.

"Lin Zhen, our Gale Dojo will offer you a contract. A Second-Class student contract that is viable for three years. Because we believe that after three years, the existing contract will not be suitable for you anymore. We promise you to solve your family’s problems whether it be work or life issues. We'll also provide you with a single-family three-story villa in Xicheng District, where there is a strict security system, so that your family’s life is worry-free and you can solve your own worries."

Meng Dong also chimed in: "Lin Zhen, come to Gale, this is China's No. 1 Dojo. We can also continue to be together. In the future, we can team up and kill beasts. Us brothers will join forces and soar through the sky."

Lin Zhen replied, "Then I will go to Gale."

Hearing that Lin Zhen accepted Gale's offer, and the offer set by Gale, the other representatives finally shut up. Gale was a big deal. A three-story single-family villa was given away just like that. Their Dojos do not have such financial resources.

Only Tulong Dojo, who just finished their phone call, had something to say, "Lin Zhen, we can also give you the same treatment! It could even be better than Gale."

Lin Zhen glanced at Tulong's representative and shook his head: "I still choose to go to Gale."

"Why? Shouldn't a Warrior pursue the maximization of their own interests?" TuLong's representative was puzzled.

Lin Zhen smiled and suddenly pointed at Ouyang Yu: "It's because I think that kid is not pleasing to the eye. But, if you break his leg now, I will consider joining Tulong."

The Tulong representative was stunned.

It was impossible to break Ouyang Yu's leg, so such a request made him understand that Lin Zhen wouldn't join Tulong. Probably because of his relationship with Ouyang Yu. This thought made him feel a little dissatisfied with Ouyang Yu.

'I would rather bear facing Zhang Huai for not recruiting Ouyang Yu, if it means I can recruit Lin Zhen.' 

Obviously, Lin Zhen's potential far exceeds Ouyang Yu, and he will definitely get a huge bonus if he can recruit him.

Ouyang Yu shouted anxiously: "Brother Li, don't listen to this kid. He is deliberately stirring up trouble!"

"I'm not a fool, you don't need to talk nonsense!" Brother Li replied and left the testing hall.

When the dust settled, the representatives started taking their leave. And the graduation exam for No.6 middle school was over.

Lin Zhen signed Gale's contract on the spot. The contract stipulated that Lin Zhen must obey the basic arrangements of Gale Dojo. All the interests of Gale should be given priority and no betrayal was allowed.

At the same time, Lin Zhen enjoyed Gale's treatment. Especially since he was a Second-Class student which had very good terms. On the other hand, Meng Dong was only a Third-Class student. A Third-Class student can get a 200,000 yuan salary per month, while a Second-Class student can get a 50 Million yuan salary.

Gale also promised Lin Zhen to solve their living problems and his parents get to enjoy a monthly living allowance of 5,000 yuan in the Base City. The old couple can basically get 10,000 yuan every month without doing anything. Although the money was not much, it was enough to maintain a basic life, which is what Lin Zhen values ​​very much.

(TL Note: I am not sure about the numbers, salary, I might have translated it wrong. But once I get enough context/more of the topic, I'll clarify it to you all in the future chapters.) 

And as a Second-Class student who just joined the Dojo, he could also receive an extra month’s salary. Gale’s representative, Zhao Liang, gave Lin Zhen 500,000 yuan on the spot, as well as the keys to the three-story villa. Even the real estate documents were all transferred on the spot.

In addition to these, Lin Zhen will also be able to log on to the internal network of Gale Dojo. And as a Second-Class student, he can enjoy a 5% discount on online shopping.

Don’t underestimate the 5% discount. Being a Warrior has huge expenditures. If accumulated over a long period of time, the 5% discount can be a huge asset.

And as Lin Zhen gets stronger, the benefits he'll receive will be even greater.

For example, a First-Class student can enjoy a 9.30% discount, while an Official Warrior can enjoy a 10% discount, which will really save money.

In addition, the Warrior uniforms and satellite phones are unique. Both Lin Zhen and Meng Dong have their own.

After finishing these necessary procedures, Zhao Liang patted Lin Zhen and Meng Dong on the shoulders: "Let's go, today Brother Zhao invites you two to a drink. Consider this as a welcome for joining Gale. I'll take you two to see the World of Warriors!"

Relationships and communication were also very important to a Warrior, you need friends to watch your back in a time of need. Zhao Liang is obviously optimistic about the potential of Lin Zhen and Meng Dong, so as a veteran Warrior, he is willing to create new relationships. This is usually also a rare thing...

Lin Zhen originally wanted to go home today and surprise his parents, but he couldn't reject Zhao Liang's kindness. After thinking about it, he decided to just call his family first.

Soon his father answered. After the call was connected, his father immediately asked Lin Zhen about his graduation exam today.

Lin Zhen hesitated when he saw that there were still a lot of people around. It wouldn't be good if he said that he's joined Gale, as that would defeat the purpose of him trying to be low-key. Hence, he only said to his father in the meantime, "Don't worry, Dad, I did very good on the test. I'll tell you when I get home, maybe I will come home very late."

Zhao Liang next to him said: "What late? We'll drink ALL NIGHT and have fun!" 

Lin Zhen had no choice but to continue: "Err, if it's too late, then I'll just come home tomorrow morning."

His father also agreed without much scruples, and then hung up.

When the call ended, Lin Liye said to Li Qin, "I think this kid might not have done very well in the exam. He has always reported good news..."

Li Qin also nodded: "Whether he really didn't pass the exam or not, let's wait till he comes back before talking to him."

"Don't worry, I know."

The old couple were a little worried about whether Lin Zhen had successfully joined a Dojo or not.

Lin Zhen finished the phone call and left No.6 middle school with Zhao Liang with Meng Dong.

Walking out of the gate of No.6 Middle School, Lin Zhen glanced back. His high school career ended. But in this lifetime, he managed to join China's No. 1 Dojo and was leading a completely different life.

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