Chapter 8: Surprise!

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Ouyang Yu's success made the students' enthusiasm soar. Seeing Ouyang Yu become an official martial artist in Tulong Dojo, the students that came after him have performed even harder, and several good seedlings have also appeared in the process.

Even Changfeng Martial Arts Dojo managed to recruit a student, although Gale Martial Arts Dojo remained silent.

It wasn't until Meng Dong appeared on the stage that the Gale Martial Arts Dojo representative paid close attention to the ongoing exam.

Obviously he did his homework, and he seems to have specifically come for Meng Dong.

Meng Dong's performance was also amazing enough, his speed was 5.7 punches per second and his reflex was 0.091/m.

But his best performance was his strength. 355kg on his left hand and 403kg on his right hand. 

There are three levels in the mortal realm and these are: Warrior level, Warlord level, and God of War level. Each level was then further divided into nine ranks.

Among them, the main division of the Warrior's level was through the three physical benchmarks: strength, speed and reflex. For each promotion, one must exceed or meet a certain benchmark. 

Just like in this graduation exam, the strength requirement of 200kg to pass the exam was also the same requirement for a First-Rank Warrior.

And Meng Dong's strength that exceeded 400kg, was the requirement for a Third-Rank Warrior. Although he has not yet reached the other two benchmarks for speed and reflex, once he actually reaches those requirements, he would be one of the best among the Third-Rank Warriors. He would be strong enough to contend against those stronger than him.

In order to get this talent, the Changfeng Dojo and Tulong Dojo representatives almost fought each other. But unfortunately for them, Meng Dong chose Gale Dojo in the end.

After Meng Dong's outstanding performance, the atmosphere became a bit dull. There was no genius that could make people feel amazed.

Until, the last person... It was Lin Zhen.

Many representatives of the martial arts Dojos already began to pack their things at this point, ready to leave after they took a quick glance at the last one.

Seeing Lin Zhen coming on stage, Ouyang Yu who was sitting next to the Tulong Martial Arts Dojo representative, said: "Brother Li, this person has a bit of hatred for me. His grades can be considered passable, enough for those small martial arts Dojos, but I hope this person will not pass. The more miserable he becomes, the better."

The Tulong Dojo’s representative that was surnamed Li, knowing that  Ouyang Yu’s father was an official in the Base City, specially took care of Ouyang Yu. So he nodded when he heard that, “Okay, this is just a trivial matter. Isn't it just a student with a little potential? There are so many people like him. After a small martial arts Dojo accepts him, I will say hello to that Dojo. Ordinary martial arts Dojo would have to give us, Tulong Dojo, some face after all."

"Then it's considered done! Thank you, Brother Li. If Brother Li has anything in the future, just ask me!"

Ouyang Yu felt proud as he looked at Lin Zhen, who just appeared on the stage. He thought to himself, 'no matter how you perform, your destiny has already been decided.’

"Lin Zhen, start testing your strength." After the invigilator spoke, Lin Zhen stood in front of the strength testing machine.

"After three days of Spirit Power training, I feel that my physique has improved to a certain extent, but I don't know exactly how much it has improved. Now is the time to verify it."

Before all this improvement, Lin Zhen had over 200kg in both hands; a little over 200kg in his left hand, and a little over 230kg in his right hand.

Lin Zhen took a deep breath. He raised his left fist and punched out.


The mercury column soared up.

Just by looking at the speed at which the mercury column rose, those Dojo representatives who had planned to just take a quick glance then leave were suddenly surprised, "Huh!"

This kid has good potential, the power of this punch will not be too low.

The electronic screen gave Lin Zhen the power of his punch.


"Wow! Here comes another eye-catching one. Even if he is left-handed (meaning it's the strongest power Lin Zhen can put out), our Bikong Martial Arts Dojo will still accept him!"

The Bikong Dojo representative was the one who first expressed his interest. Generally speaking, if you were not a very good student, the Dojos won't really look at you; but for outstanding ones, then there's no question about getting some interest. 

In his previous life, Lin Zhen joined the Blue Sky Martial Arts Dojo, which ranks ninth in the country and is considered mid-range.

"Haha, didn't Bikong already recruited someone? I have read this Lin Zhen's information. He is not a left-handed person. We, Changfeng, don't mind recruiting one more person."

The Changfeng representative suddenly spoke at this time, making the other representatives stop talking. They couldn't compete with Changfeng Dojo in terms of strength.

Ouyang Yu's face became extremely ugly, because he saw that Brother Li next to him was also a little eager to move and recruit Lin Zhen.

"Damn, how did Lin Zhen's strength improve so much? His one punch already surpassed mine, but he was obviously much worse than me before!"

Lin Zhen completely ignored the noise around him. He mobilized his strength, and punched with his right fist this time.


Although his strength is not as good as Meng Dong, who is born with supernatural power, he was the second highest scoring in the entire school. Seeing this number, the eyes of those martial arts Dojo representatives brightened up.

Some people even took out their phones, ready to contact the person in charge of their respective martial arts Dojo, and report Lin Zhen's situation at any time. If Lin Zhen's next two test results were still outstanding, then they must consider what kind of contract to offer in order to recruit this talent.

Even if Changfeng Dojo was strong, they may not have much determination to recruit Lin Zhen. So as long as they offer a sufficient price, they don't believe that Lin Zhen won't be swayed.

The invigilator seemed to be shocked by Lin Zhen’s results. He paused for a moment before continuing: "The strength test is over. Let’s start testing your speed. Lin Zhen, in one second, punch at full speed. Remember not to hold back."

Lin Zhen nodded and was secretly delighted in his heart. As expected, Spirit Power gave some increase in strength; however strength was not the most important thing in Spirit Power. The most important thing is reflex. He was looking forward to the next test.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Zhen then started punching at the target like lightning; first with the left fist, then with the right fist.

"Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!!!"

A series of blows sounded violently, and a series of numbers flew away.

"266kg, 311kg, 251kg, 309kg, 255kg, 320kg, 267kg!"

"The test is over. Speed is 7.6 punches per second, all effective!"

As the invigilator's voice sounded, the representatives of the martial arts Dojos couldn't sit still anymore.

Although his strength was not as good as Meng Dong, his fist speed has completely surpassed the latter. From this, it can be seen that this Lin Zhen was more agile and best of all, his strength is not weak.

Almost all the representatives have begun to contact their bosses, only the Gale and Tulong representatives have not moved yet.

TuLong's Brother Li hesitated again and again. Although Zhang Huai was involved in this matter, it was his duty to recruit geniuses, and this was all related to his future pay check, so he couldn't remain unmoved.

"Let's take a look at the last test before making a decision." Brother Li decided to bear it for now.

The Gale representative's eyes flashed slightly. No one knew what he was thinking. Beside him, Meng Dong said excitedly: "Brother Zhao, this Lin Zhen is my buddy. Please recruit him to Gale, I especially like being with him."

The man surnamed Zhao nodded slightly, though not knowing what he thought.

"Lin Zhen, begin the reflex test."

Lin Zhen stood in the fully enclosed test chamber, and countless infrared rays began to flash around.

After a breath, the first red light suddenly shot over.

This test completely simulates the speed of bullets. As long as students can make effective dodge actions, it is considered successful. Dodging is very important. In a battle with mutant beasts, only people who were flexible enough can live longer and survive. People who only know how to fight are usually the ones that's short-lived.

The Dojos invest a huge sum of time and money to train warriors. Naturally, they were not doing this to just have the person die immediately, hence reflex is very critical.

Lin Zhen had tested his reflex before, but at that time it was almost impossible to make an effective dodge, but today was different.

He seems to be able to perceive the trajectory of the bullet. Although it was still difficult to dodge it, it was not completely impossible.

With a slight movement, Lin Zhen fiercely turned his head and a red light then passed by!

"Swish swish!"

Red spider webs weaved while Lin Zhen twisted and moved as best as he could. Sometimes he was able to dodge while sometimes he got hit.

"No! I can't be too eye-catching in this test, otherwise people will be aware of the secret that I'm a Spirit Master. I still have to act low key for now."

Of course, he wouldn't behave too badly, just enough to not make anyone suspicious. Under Lin Zhen's deliberate control, a minute passed quickly.

"Sixty bullets per minute. 33 effective hits, 27 dodges, and 50 effective evasive actions. The reflex is 0.064/m!"

As the invigilator reported this number in disbelief, all the representatives also boiled up!

Some well-prepared representatives even rushed over immediately. Waving their contracts, immediately surrounding Lin Zhen in the center!

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