Chapter 7: Top Three Martial Arts Dojos. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

After the boring Cultural exams in the morning, the next thing people paid attention to was the physical exam.

6th Middle School may not be a prestigious high school in the Base city, but there were still many martial arts dojos that had sent their people. After all, from time to time, geniuses will appear in ordinary high schools.

There were a total of 12 graduating classes this time, and nearly 700 students took the graduation exam. As soon as the results of the Cultural exam came out, the physical exam began immediately.

The physical exam was carried out in the school’s activity room. There was a strength test machine here, which can test a person's strength and speed.

There was also a reflex (nerve response) test machine, which requires students to stand inside. They will then be surrounded by an infrared attack using a three-dimensional image, and which tested their reflex score within one minute.

The students lined up at the entrance of the hall, and the judging seats in the hall were full.

In addition to the Invigilator instructor, there are also many martial arts dojo representatives in the seats. There were name plates on the tables, which read: "Gale Martial Arts Dojo, Changfeng Martial Arts Dojo, Tulong Martial Arts Dojo" and so on.

Of course there were military representatives as well, since many people wanted to join the army.

In addition to the martial arts dojos and the military, there's also the government department. For the students below the qualified line, their way out was to continue to study at a university. However, those who came out of the university were basically just only ordinary people, there were no warriors.

So going to college in this era was the worst choice. Graduating from high school was the dividing line of life, a major event in one’s lifetime.

"Applicant number one: Grade 3 and ninth class, Sun Wei enter."

Hearing the call from a distance, Lin Zhen was a little annoyed. He was at the end of the line, since the call for testing was actually from the back to the front basing on the papers. He was the first to submit his paper, so he would be called last. How long would it take to wait?

The first  student called, Sun Wei, entered the arena tremblingly. He was a shy boy.

"Let's start, the first test is the strength test."

Sun Wei came to the strength test machine, which was a huge rubber mat, requiring students to attack with all their strength in only one punch.

"Start. Using your greatest amount of strength, start with your left hand!"


Sun Wei roared and punched out.

The mercury column on the side soared upward, and the electronic screen on it immediately gave a number.


Those martial arts representatives who paid attention to his situation shook their heads slightly. This result was too bad, not much better than ordinary people, and was unqualified.

The minimum score for enrolling students in the martial arts Dojos is 200kg, his result was far worse.

The next was his right hand. He punched out and the result was 112kg, which was also unqualified.

"Speed test, start, hit continuously at your fastest speed for one second."

"Boom boom boom!"

"71kg, 68kg, 66kg, 62kg!"

"Four punches per second. The performance (strength and speed) test is completed, your reflex will be tested next."

Sun Wei then went to the reflex machine. The surroundings were immediately closed, and countless infrared attacks were launched towards him.

The attack speed of the machine simulates the speed of an automatic rifle firing from a hundred meters away, requiring students to make an evasive response.

At the beginning of the test, there were countless bullets flying around from all directions. Sun Wei couldn't make an effective evasion response at all. He was just crawling around without skill and technique, and was just hoping to avoid it.

Unfortunately those bullets were fired based on your actions, and fired where you hid. After one minute, the test results came out.

"Sixty bullets per minute. Effectively hit 59 rounds, successfully evaded one round, and made effective dodge actions three times. The overall result, your reflex is 0.43/m."

Sun Wei walked out of the exam room, and there was no need to say more. The door of the university was open for him.

In the next series of tests, the results were somewhat disappointing.

A total of three hundred students were tested, but only three were qualified. The best one was from class 2. The maximum strength was 221kg, the speed was 5.7/m, and his reflex was 0.097/m. But it was far from the qualifications for the three top martial arts Dojos. There was still some distance. Though that student still got recruited by a small martial arts Dojo.

The admission rate of 1% made the Dojo representatives feel bored. The military also only recruited less than ten people.

"It seems that this 6th Middle School is indeed called the 6th Middle School for a reason. It is difficult for it to have any geniuses." The Changfeng Martial Arts Dojo representative  shook the pen in his hand. During the entire exam, he did not once make a single markon the paper in front of him.

The Tulong Wuguan representative smiled and said: "Today, all of the colleges and universities also held their graduation exams. The focus of the martial arts dojos is concentrated on 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier high schools. It is said that there are geniuses in those schools."

"Whoever finds and recruits a talent (genius) would be given a bonus. It seems that I have no hope of getting that bonus today." The Changfeng representative was a little frustrated.

"Don't worry, there are still half of the people who did not take the exam yet, maybe there will be a genius that'll appear." Only the Gale Martial Arts Dojo representative was calm. 

While they were talking, it was Ouyang Yu's turn. 

"The test begins. Strength, left hand."

Ouyang Yu stood in front of the testing machine, and threw a punch with his left hand.


The mercury column soared, and the electronic screen immediately gave the result.


"Wow! That is not bad! He shouldn't be a left-handed person, and left is not his dominant hand. This student has good potential." The Tulong Martial Arts Dojo representative's eyes lit up. They finally saw a promising candidate.

"Right-hand test, start."


After Ouyang Yu punched with his right hand, the Changfeng Martial Arts Dojo representative's eyes also lit up. After a little bit of training, this boy's strength could exceed 300kg. He was a talent.

"Speed test, start."

Ouyang Yu held his breath and punched out continuously, and a series of numbers flew out.

"216Kg, 225kg, 222kg, 228kg, 217kg, 229kg!"

"The test is over. Six punches per second, the results all passed."

The Changfeng Martial Arts Dojo representative and the Tulong Martial Arts Dojo representative looked at each other. They saw the taste of competition in each other's eyes. Ouyang Yu is a good talent. Although he was not a special genius, he was still outstanding among the 6th Middle School and was worth fighting for.

Only the Gale Martial Arts Dojo representative remained silent. As the No. 1 Martial Arts Dojo in China, Gale had a higher standard for recruiting students. Ouyang Yu's results were not enough to make him tempted.

Unless Ouyang Yu's reflex is particularly prominent, his performance was not enough.

In the reflex test, Ouyang Yu performed well. He did not panic in the face of the bullet rain, but reacted calmly. Although his movements were not fast, he did respond in time in many cases, and even succeeded.

The result came out a minute later.

"Ouyang Yu, 60 bullets per minute. Effective hit 51 rounds, successfully evaded nine rounds, effective dodge action 21 times, the overall score is 0.082/m."

"We want this person at our Changfeng Martial Arts Dojo!" the Changfeng Martial Arts Dojo representative  announced immediately.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Tulong Martial Arts Dojo representative laughed: "You are too late. Ouyang Yu, your Uncle Zhang already said before that you are scheduled to enter Tulong, and the contract is ready. You can sign the contract now."

Ouyang Yu also laughed, "I will listen to Uncle Zhang and go to Tulong."

The Changfeng Martial Arts Dojo representative could only put down his pen in frustration.

The recruitment of Ouyang Yu caused quite a stir. He was the first person from the 6th Middle School to sign a contract to a Dojo belonging to the top 3 dojos. 

After signing, Ouyang Yu put on the Tulong Martial Arts Dojo uniform and officially became a warrior in the Tulong Dojo.

He then glanced over at the end of the line, Ouyang Yu sneered in his heart: "Lin Zhen, Oh Lin Zhen, I am already a martial arts student now. See how I will trample you to death in the future." 

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