Chapter 6: Cultural Examination. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Soon the morning exam began, and the first subject was 'History of Divine Change.' 

The Divine Change calendar started from the Divine Change Day. Now it was year 986  of the Divine Change calendar, which has a history of nearly a thousand years.

Lin Zhen was very familiar with this historical process.

986 years ago, at that time, it was still in the AD calendar. It was 2026 AD, when the Leo meteor shower descended on Earth. 

People who were enthusiastic about watching the meteor shower, soon discovered the anomaly.

These meteors were different from those that flashed across the sky, and were instead heading towards Earth. Thousands of meteors hit the surface of Earth, and the number became even greater after entering the atmosphere, smashing most of the communication satellites into pieces.

The large meteors were hundreds of kilometers in diameter. This process had caused natural disasters such as landslides, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and countless other disasters.

The Earth did not have any resistance. Humans screamed during the disaster, and the number of Earth's population was also sharply reduced, from 7 billion to 3 billion.

After the disasters, people preparing to rebuild their homes were shocked to discover that Earth had undergone tremendous changes.

All living organisms, whether humans, animals or even plants, had been infected with an unknown gas and changed.

The potential of human beings had increased, and they had begun to become more powerful. Some people could go up to the roof with a single jump, some could move cars with their bare hands, and some could even control the flight of bullets.

The changes in the animals were even more astonishing. Small insects just died, but the slightly larger ones had evolved various abilities, and their body shapes had also changed greatly.

Mice became the size of wild dogs and chased humans in groups, devouring them.

Swallows and sparrows became like eagles and began to devour flesh and blood.

Fish in the water grew sharp teeth and could even go ashore.

As for the animals that were already very big to begin with, they became even more terrifying. An anaconda that was tens of meters long could swallow a car. An eagle in the sky was like a fighter plane. Even real fighter planes were no match for them.

The tiger in the forest could overturn a tank, and a tall bear couldn't even be killed by bullets.

Moreover, the intelligence of these beasts had also greatly evolved, and they had begun to attack humans in groups. And thus the battle between humans and beasts had begun.

Human beings were once forced to live in cramped spaces, as most of their habitats were taken over by monsters; and the monsters were not affected by hot weapons (guns etc). It was not until people perfected the martial arts system and the strong emerged, which gradually reversed the situation.

Today there were less than two billion people on Earth, and most countries had been completely wiped out. On the entire Earth, only seven countries remained: China, the United States, the European Union, the African Union, India, Tsarist Russia, and Brazil.

Of course, these countries were flooded with many foreigners. For example, the Indian area had gathered people from various countries, people of all ethnic groups gathered together. Though it was still mostly dominated by Indians.

Moreover, every country does not have a huge amount of territory, unlike in the past; and people were packed in various Base cities, which could only be barely maintained.

The land, sky, and ocean were now all the beasts' paradise.

People began to believe in the existence of gods. The evolution of mankind was the grace of the gods, and the dilemma of mankind was the power of the gods. Therefore, the day when the Leo meteor shower descended, people named it 'Divine Change.' 

Over the past millennia, there have been countless wars, countless heroic deeds, and rich historical knowledge that soon formally become a discipline.

Lin Zhen sat in the examination room with his pen flying over the paper and answered the questions. 

"The establishment date of the Northern Base.... In the year 475  of the Divine Change calendar, the hero Yan Qiye killed the Red Flame Tiger King in Xiaoxing'anling, and joined forces with the Gun King Chen Chong to kill the water monster in the Tianchi (Heavenly Lake) of Changbai Mountain, ensuring that the Northern Base was safe..."

"Divine Change calendar year 398 , the Epoch-Making Genetic Evolution Liquid research had been successful. Every warrior must undergo genetic evolution, the effect of evolution depends on each person's aptitude..."

"In the year 622 of the Divine Change calendar, the first war between mankind broke out. The Black Sea battle broke out between Tsarist Russia and the European Union, and many warriors under the God of War took part.

Questions were answered quickly, and after about half an hour, Lin Zhen put down his pen.

"Done. I don't dare say I got full marks for this paper, but it should at least be 95 points or more. Although the Cultural class is not that important, it also can't be ignored. Being too ignorant is not a good thing after all."

After completing the history exam, Lin Zhen left the exam room, ate something, and met up with Meng Dong.

Meng Dong didn't seem to be doing very well in the exam, but Lin Zhen knew that he had passed, and he was not worried. Soon the next exam started.

There were currently only two subjects in the Cultural class, and the second subject was the knowledge of mutant beasts.

If you want to become a warrior, you must know at least a small amount about mutant beasts. Although there was some information on how to handle situations on paper, if you don’t even understand the basics, then by the time you actually face a mutant beast, you would definitely be the fastest one to die.

For the level of understanding of this subject, Lin Zhen dared to say that even the school's instructor was not as good as him. After all, Lin Zhen had experienced too many things, and the mutant beasts he killed by himself could not be counted.

"Mutated sheep, a low-level mutant beast, grade E, has relatively low intelligence, it's main attack method is tackling. One can resist it by using guns and heavy fire coverage is the best way to go about it. For a warrior to kill it, it is recommended to attack from the side with a knife-like weapon, the weakness is in the abdomen."

"Mutated wild boar, a Class D mutant, has strong resistance to hot weapons and has no obvious weakness. It is recommended to start from the lower part of its neck when attacking, and cut the blood vessels for the best effect."

"Mutated owl, a C-rank mutant, fast, hunts at night..."

Lin Zhen's answers in this session were even more handy and fast. He completed the exam quickly and left the exam room.

After a while, Meng Dong came out, and the two of them waited for the test result together.

The results were soon displayed on the electronic screen in the examination room.

First place, An Ning, with a total score of 197. 97 points for history, and 98 points for knowledge of mutant beasts.

Second place, Lin Zhen, had a total score of 195. 95 points for history, and 100 points for knowledge of mutant beasts.

Seeing Lin Zhen’s results, Meng Dong said excitedly: "Lin Zhen, you actually got second place in the exam. Although this is not the only criterion for recruiting people in the Martial Arts Dojos, but with such high grades, you are sure to be noticed. Especially since scoring well on the Cultural class exam will place those on the ‘High Priority’ list for admission, and most girls won’t participate in the three physical fitness benchmarks, due to the high requirements. And with An Ning having to also take the civil vocational exams in the Base City, you are  actually number one."

Lin Zhen replied: "You can do it too. You have passed both subjects, so you are eligible to participate in the next three physical fitness benchmarks."

"Hehe, I have a little confidence in the physical exam. I got a headache when I saw those questions on the Cultural class exam. But now that it's all done, I don't need to dwell in it anymore.”

Soon all the results came out and most people passed the test successfully. In the afternoon, the physical exam will begin.

Lin Zhen's expression also became serious. After being reborn, it was finally time to change his fate.

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