Chapter 5: Back to School.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

After awakening his spirit power, Lin Zhen looked at the time. It seems that it only took him nine hours to awaken.

Awakening in ten hours is described as genius, so his nine hours was very very good; especially since Lin Zhen was still under the age of seventeen. It can be said that he awakened very early.

Most warriors will first take genetic medicine to improve their physique, and then undergo spiritual awakening. But that was not necessarily the best way, as the earlier they awaken, the higher their future achievements.

For the next two days, Lin Zhen stayed at home, adjusting and adapting with his spirit power.

With the experience from his previous life, this process was not difficult. After two days, Lin Zhen's spirit power had completely stabilized. As long as he practices diligently, his spirit power will gradually increase.

Soon, the day of the graduation exam came. Lin Zhen left home and went to school.

When he arrived at school, there were already a lot of people there. All kinds of luxury cars were parked all over the campus.

By the time he arrived at the school gate, a person appeared in front of Lin Zhen.

"Lin Zhen, you are here."

Lin Zhen looked and saw a tall boy that was more than 1.9 meters in height, standing in front of him with a simple smile on his face.

Lin Zhen laughed. This was his friend Meng Dong. He's a very good boy and has a very good talent for martial arts. He has known Lin Zhen since childhood. He was a good friend.

Meng Dong was born with supernatural power. Lin Zhen knew from his previous life that during this graduation exam, Meng Dong would be selected by the Gale Martial Arts Dojo and become a student. In the future, he'll become an official martial artist in less than two months. He was very famous in the Northern region.

On the other hand, Lin Zhen only managed to enter Blue Sky martial arts Dojo. This low status caused a gap to grow between him and Meng Dong. Lin Zhen, who had inferiority in his heart, did not contact Meng Dong either; and the two gradually began to walk their separate ways.

Seeing his former friend, Lin Zhen was happy. He went up and patted Meng Dong on the shoulder: "Dong Zi, you came so early today, it seems that you are full of confidence."

Meng Dong scratched his head: "Lin Zhen, I'll tell you a secret, don't you dare tell others. Actually, I didn't sleep well last night, it was super stressful. What if I fail? My parents would be very disappointed. They are still waiting for me to make money and buy them a big house."

"Don't worry about it, I think you will 'certainly' be picked by Gale Dojo."

Meng Dong grinned: "If I can really be picked by Gale, I will definitely treat you to a big meal. Let’s eat roasted tusks together....Ahh no wait, you have to join  me at Gale too."

"Well, I'll try my best."

Lin Zhen smiled. He knew that his strength had improved a lot, but it was still unclear exactly how much his strength increased. He had no way of testing it at home, so he could only find out today during the exam. 

"How did you prepare for the cultural exam in the morning? At the very least, you have to pass it." Lin Zhen reminded Meng Dong.

"Don't worry, I have almost memorized it."

As the two were walking and talking, Lin Zhen's footsteps suddenly stopped at one point.

A beautiful figure appeared in front of them. The figure had silky hair and picturesque eyebrows. She had the charm of a goddess. Her beautiful eyes flashed when she saw Lin Zhen.

"Lin Zhen, it's An Ning, she is looking at you."

Meng Dong said playfully as he smiled. As a friend, Meng Dong knew Lin Zhen's feelings for An Ning, and he also hoped that his friend would get what he wanted.

After rebirth, facing the girl he liked, Lin Zhen had faint joy in his heart. People who have never experienced what he had been through, basically in 2 lifetimes, would not understand.

"Lin Zhen, how are you preparing?" An Ning asked. Her clear voice was like a pearl falling on a jade plate.

"Fortunately, I feel no pressure." Lin Zhen answered with a smile.

"That's good, as long as you're calm, there should be no problem in entering a Dojo. But you have to be more careful, I heard..." An Ning hesitated and stopped.

Lin Zhen smiled slightly: "It's okay, I'm sure that the proud and aloof Dojos won't simply do something just because they were told to by some person."

An Ning nodded, indicating that she understood what Lin Zhen meant.

At this time, another person came over, it was a boy.

His long hair was a bit messy, and there was a slight red palm print on his handsome face. It looks like it was done about two days ago, but it hadn't completely subsided yet. That just shows how angry the person who slapped him was.

The person who came was Ouyang Yu. The three people from Class 3 who were most likely to get picked by dojos; Ouyang Yu, Meng Dong and Lin Zhen, were gathered in the same place.

Lin Zhen was the least popular one while Ouyang Yu was the first. He had always been more popular in school.

Ouyang Yu came to An Ning and said softly: "An Ning, why are you here? I've been looking for you everywhere, there are people from Tulong Wuguan here. Uncle Zhang and my father have a good relationship. I will introduce you to him. In our base city, he is a very famous figure in the martial arts circle."

An Ning frowned slightly: "Why would you introduce me to your dad's friend? We are just ordinary classmates. There is no need for this."

"An Ning, don’t you really understand my intentions? Did you see the post I made the night before? It's not to show off, but it's to prove that I'm serious about you. For you, money is like dung in my eyes."

"Well, it's your business and that's what you want. It has nothing to do with me, and I hate wasteful people. Your approach is naive!" An Ning didn't want to say anything else to Ouyang Yu.

Meng Dong and Lin Zhen watched with smiles, gloating and haughtily.

Ouyang Yu was annoyed in his heart, but he couldn't possibly direct his anger at his Goddess; so he instead pointed the muzzle at Lin Zhen: "Lin Zhen, I remember that I warned you to stay away from An Ning. Did my words just pass through your ears?"

Lin Zhen's face suddenly became cold: "Ouyang Yu, you take yourself too seriously."

Meng Dong also gripped his fists: "Ouyang Yu, if you want to try your skills, then come. They all say that you are the best in Class 3, but I really don't buy it."

Facing the two together, Meng Dong and Lin Zhen, Ouyang Yu was intimidated at this moment. He  indeed was more famous than these two, but in terms of strength, he does not dare say that he's stronger than Meng Dong. As for Lin Zhen, although Ouyang Yu was confident that he'll win, but today, for some reason, Lin Zhen's eyes were so sharp that he couldn't even look directly at him. The graduation exam was approaching, so he didn't want to make a mistake.

"Fine! Lin Zhen, I'll let you off for now. But remember this, your grades are not qualified to join a good martial arts dojo. Even if a small martial arts dojo accepts you, I have my ways to make you suffer."

"Haha! You rely on your father's power to intimidate others, plus you still have a slap print on your face. It really feels ridiculous hearing you say this."

Lin Zhen laughed and turned to Meng Dong. He said, "Meng Dong, if a prodigal kid sold a five million worth 'thing' for just 100 yuan, what would you do if you were that kid's father?"

Although Meng Dong was upright, he and Lin Zhen cooperated with each other for many years and immediately followed along: "Then I would give him an earful, and flush him down the drain."

Lin Zhen couldn't help but smile, this kid Meng Dong really had great cooperation and sense. 

Sure enough, Ouyang Yu's face turned black and blue. The slap on his face was indeed from his dad. But he didn't dare to tell anyone about this incident, so he didn't expect Lin Zhen to know it.

"Lin Zhen, you will pay the price for mocking me just  now, just wait and see!"

Ouyang Yu didn't have the face to stay any longer. He turned and left in embarrassment.

An Ning was a little worried, but she didn't say anything. After all, her relationship with Lin Zhen was still that of a normal classmate. Although she knew that Lin Zhen might like her, it's only 'knew' and wasn't 'said', it's not official.

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