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Chapter 4: Spirit Awakening. 

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Lin Zhen's eyes lit up, and he thought of many things at that instant.

In his previous life, no one knew whether the deal (about the potion) was actually completed or not. Most people believed that the seller removed the post right after taking a screenshot for his 'testament of love', and didn't really sell it at all. 

There was a delay between the screenshot being posted on the forum, and putting the potion up for sale since there were rigid rules of the Internet today. There was a time limit of one minute, before the seller could remove the potion from the shop right after it was put up for sale. 

This post just appeared and Lin Zhen only spent about seven seconds when he saw it. 

Others would have struggled to find the shop where it was put up for sale, because the person who posted on the forum chose to use his alternate name. There were two names a user can have, one is the real name while the other is the alternate name. 

Basically, this poster used his alternate name in the forum while using his real name in the shop. This was the usual trick, and makes it difficult for others to quickly find your shop. This would give the poster the ability to bypass the one minute rule and remove the potion from sale. 

In his previous life, Lin Zhen learned later that Ouyang Yu's alternate name was Meteor Shower, but he didn't associate it with this incident.

Thinking about it now, it was not surprising that Ouyang Yu would do such a thing.

In order to pursue Ning, Ouyang Yu took great pains in usually showing off like a peacock. This ranged from showing off his muscles, to flaunting his family's wealth, and hoped to be favored by Ning.

Although Lin Zhen couldn't pursue Ning in his previous life, Ouyang Yu also failed. Ning didn't put Ouyang Yu on her radar.

And while Ouyang Yu may be a show off, he was definitely not an idiot. At this moment, Lin Zhen was sure that Ouyang Yu would remove the potion from sale in less than a minute from now.

Without any hesitation, Lin Zhen immediately opened the campus group chat and found Ouyang Yu's profile.

He clicked on it and his screen soon displayed the specific mall through which Ouyang Yu put the potion up for sale. Though the specific shop was not displayed, this was no problem for Lin Zhen who knew exactly what it was (Ouyang Yu's real name). Three seconds later, Lin Zhen found Ouyang Yu's shop.

He clicked open, and the items for sale were displayed.

In the center, amongst a row of useless potions, a bottle of spirit potion was placed there, priced at 100 yuan. Since it was placed among the other bottles, if a person didn't pay special attention, it would be really hard to find.



A courier will soon deliver the item!

Online shopping was guaranteed in this era. Even warriors cannot violate it. Once you buy it, you will have it. The code for the potion was automatically recorded in the Network Monitoring. After the buyer pays the fee, you can ask a courier to pick up the item/s. The Network Monitoring will then arrange everything within three minutes. Next, they will designate a place and deliver the item/s to the buyer within ten minutes. Of course, a certain fee will be charged.

Network Monitoring is a global organization. It is an independent organization co-sponsored by the base city, the military, and the world’s top martial arts dojos. It is extremely powerful. Whether it's buyers or sellers, the Network Monitoring will guarantee your interests. It cannot be violated.

After finishing all this, Lin Zhen looked at his watch, it took him thirty seconds! He had another thirty seconds left before Ouyang Yu could remove the potion. 


Lin Zhen snapped his fingers, perfect!

He was bound to deal with Ouyang Yu sooner or later, and he didn't expect that God's cooperation would give him such a good opportunity to be a step closer to it. Lin Zhen felt relieved.

I'll let you pretend and show off for now!

Although five million was not particularly large, Ouyang Yu's family were officials and not businessmen; five million was not too small either. 

Knowing this and in order to not get tracked, Lin Zhen used his alternate name, ‘Xing He’ when buying the potion. In this way, Ouyang Yu wouldn't know who exactly bought his spirit potion.

The courier who supervised the delivery came quickly, it took only eight minutes. Lin Zhen opened the door and received the item.

His parents just took a look and didn't ask much. In their eyes, Lin Zhen, who was about to graduate from high school and has good grades, is the real head of the family and didn't question him. He is the future of the family.

Lin Zhen took the item back to his room. The potion was in a glass bottle about 10 cm long, which was put inside a simple small box. 

The unopened glass bottle was vacuum sealed, and the numbered seal on it means that it's not a counterfeit product.

"Spirit potion, a necessary item for the awakening of a spirit master. It is extracted from a variety of genes from mind based mutant beasts. The price of this bottle is currently at least 5 million, but as far as I know, the price will increase. And it will become seven million in half a month."

Awakening spirit power can not only greatly increase the neural response, but also slightly increase his (punch) speed. This is the fastest way to improve his strength before the graduation exam.

The process of awakening spirit power takes a while, so before taking the potion, Lin Zhen specifically said to his parents that he would go into seclusion for two days. This reminder would allow them not to worry and accidentally disrupt the awakening process.

After his parents agreed, Lin Zhen slept first and ate well the next morning. Feeling better than ever before, he took the spirit potion and drank it.

A gush of coolness entered into his abdomen, and instantly turned into fiery heat. It circulated along his limbs before going straight into Lin Zhen's mind!

Lin Zhen once experienced this, so he wasn't unfamiliar with this process. He just gritted his teeth gently and endured the sting-like pain. 

Spirit potion was also a kind of genetic medicine. It is a high-tech product, which is used to awaken the hidden spirit power through continuous stimulation of people's minds. Hence people with higher talents can be fully awakened in just a few hours. Those with poor talents may be fully awakened in three to five days.

In the previous life, Lin Zhen spent a full 48 hours of awakening, his talent was considered moderate.

However, this time, Lin Zhen discovered during the process of awakening, that his spirit power seemed to be higher somewhat compared to his previous life; it should probably be related to the rebirth of his soul.

In his mind, a cloud of cyan energy hidden in silvery colors slowly emerged. Lin Zhen knew that it was spirit power.

Spirit power is divided into several stages. The initial stage is cyan colored, categorized as bronze level spirit power. As it gradually improves, it will evolve into silver level, then gold level, dark gold level, purple gold level, and diamond level.

Lin Zhen didn't know much about the diamond level. In fact, he hadn't seen anyone who actually is at the diamond level. The highest one he had seen in his previous life, was only at the dark gold level.

In his previous life, he had only reached the advanced stage of the silver level; and when he initially awakened, he was only at bronze elementary level.

But in this life, as he awakened, his high stage bronze level had already begun to transform into the silver level spirit power. This was undoubtedly a huge improvement. He can even be described as a genius in Spirit Power now.

He actually awakened a bronze level spirit power, and there are signs of it turning silver. With such a high starting point, "I will definitely become a powerful spirit master in this life!"

Lin Zhen opened his eyes when his spirit power was completely awakened and the medicinal power disappeared.

If someone looked at Lin Zhen at this moment, that someone would definitely feel that Lin Zhen's eyes were particularly bright; bright enough to sting others' eyes, they couldn't even look directly at him!

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