Chapter 10: Millennium Time. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Lin Zhen and Meng Dong got into Zhao Liang's car, which was the latest Great Wall Phantom bulletproof car.

Nowadays, in the automobile industry, all countries were basically using their own cars, because all the seas and rivers have basically become the habitat of water mutant beasts; so the exporting industry was in a state of paralysis. The aviation industry (planes etc.) was also in a similar state. The sky was now full of mutant birds. It was no longer possible to travel in the air, so people can only buy locally made cars and can never buy foreign ones.

The Great Wall is one of the domestic manufacturers that produced high-end cars. The bulletproof Phantom has a market price of more than 7 million yuan. Although such an amount was nothing for a reborn man like Lin Zhen, it was too shocking for the fledgling boy Meng Dong.

"Tsk tsk! Look at this car, this gloss, this model! If I could have such a car, I would be content with my life."

Zhao Liang smiled and said: "Kid, getting a car isn't that hard. With your talent, as long as you continue training and get stronger, you can team up to hunt mutant beasts; and after killing a few high class mutant Beasts, you can buy one for yourself."

After speaking, he looked at Lin Zhen: "Look, Lin Zhen is much calmer than you. As a Warrior, a calm heart is very necessary. You should learn from Lin Zhen on this point."

Meng Dong casted a glance at Lin Zhen: "Don't compare me with this kid. What he is best at is pretending to be a pig to eat tigers. He is already strong but he is very quiet (low key). He has been like this since childhood. No matter what he does in the future, I won't be surprised."

"Haha! Being able to hide is also a skill. Come on, get in the car, let's go drink."

Lin Zhen and Meng Dong got into the car, and felt that the door of the car was very heavy.

"As a Warrior, bulletproof cars are the first choice when choosing a car. Because, even though your strength gets stronger and you will be able to dodge bullets as you continue to get stronger, how are you going to dodge bullets if you are inside a closed space like a car? Hence the quality and performance of a car should be first class."

Zhao Liang talked along the way while Lin Zhen and Meng Dong were listening. Although Lin Zhen actually knew a lot more than Zhao Liang, he didn’t mean to show it and act differently. 

The car drove fast on the road, and not long after, they arrived at a spacious and bustling street.

"Wow! This is Shenwu Street. It is said that the goods here are super expensive!" Meng Dong yelled while sitting in the car, looking at the bustling night scene outside.

"Haha! For ordinary people, it is indeed very high. One meal here can be equal to a whole year worth of income for ordinary people. And one night is equal to ten years worth of income, or even a lifetime. But Meng Dong, remember that you are now a member of Gale. Your mentality needs to be adjusted as soon as possible. A Warrior is a Warrior. Although he lives next to ordinary people, he is not in the same world as ordinary people.

Meng Dong's face was a little embarrassed. Indeed his mentality hadn't been adjusted yet. Although he had already joined Gale, his mentality was still that of an ordinary person.

On the other hand, Lin Zhen's calm appearance made Zhao Liang admire him very much. This type of mentality and facing everything calmly, is the prerequisite for becoming an excellent Warrior.

The car stopped in front of a bar, and they were immediately greeted by a waiter: "Brother Zhao! You haven't been here for several days."

"Well, is there a vacant table?"

"Yes of course, your usual seat is always vacant. Nobody dares to sit in Brother Zhao's seat."

Zhao Liang smiled, then threw two bills to the waiter. 

The waiter immediately went away with a smile. Currently, the largest denomination of currency is one thousand; though for Warriors, that 2,000 that Zhao Liang gave is considered a small fortune.

These Warriors have a lot of money and have always been generous in their tips. Hence they are the most favorite guests of waiters.

When they walked to the door, Lin Zhen and Meng Dong looked up. The name of the bar was "Millennium Time".

This bar is well-known in the Warrior's circle, and its interior decoration was modeled after the designs from the A.D. calendar a thousand years ago, and is very retro.

With regard to the A.D. calendar, everyone nowadays has studied history and knows a thing or two. Although human potential was not developed at that time, the technology, culture, art, etc. were not worse than now, in fact it could even be stronger. In terms of enjoyment, the Divine Change calendar is not as good as the AD Calendar.

Zhao Liang walked first and although Lin Zhen was following him calmly, his mind wandered his memories to the times he had spent in this bar in his previous life. 

In his previous life, when he first joined the Bikong Dojo and came out to this bar to celebrate, the students of Tulong and Gale fought here that day. Both Meng Dong and Ouyang Yu participated in the battle. Both Meng Dong and Ouyang Yu defeated their opponents, and each gained their reputation within the Warrior's circle.

Fame is also very important to Warriors, but it is very difficult to be able to make a name in the circle.

However, the protagonist of that day was not Meng Dong, but a First-Class student named Fu Chengya from Gale. He blocked Tulong's joint attack, made by a First-Class student and a Second-Class student, and held his ground. 

That day, there were eight people from Tulong who participated in the battle while Gale had only four people. The main reason why Gale did not lose badly was precisely because of Fu Chengya. Him being a First-Class student was really well-deserved.

At that time, the said battle was very famous among fellow students. Although Gale lost in the end, Fu Chengya became famous. At that time, Lin Zhen was just a spectator in the corner.

It was said that Fu Chengya received an award from Gale Dojo because of that battle. But Lin Zhen was not clear about what the reward specifically is.

"Fu Chengya robbed me of my mutant Buffalo King in my previous life and made me lose hundreds of millions. This time I will see you again soon." Lin Zhen thought and followed Zhao Liang into the bar hall. 

Walking into the bar hall, there was a dance floor in the center. There were dozens of round tables around, all for guests to drink. On the stage in the center of the dance floor was a pure-looking woman singing an old song with her guitar. The song's name was "Dream Chaser" and was said to have been all the rage during the A.D. calendar. 


The look of this place is from the 2000 AD. It looks very different from today's style.

There were many guests in the hall, all of which seem to be Warriors and/or students from Dojos.

Today is the end of the graduation exam. So it's normal for every student recruited by the Dojos to basically go out and celebrate. Basically, every bar on this street was full this time of the year.

Under the guidance of the waiter, Zhao Liang took Lin Zhen and Meng Dong to the table he was most familiar with; it was not far from the stage and had a good view.

"What do you two want to eat?" Zhao Liang asked them both first.

Lin Zhen and Meng Dong both shook their heads, meaning they didn't know what to order.

Zhao Liang was not surprised since they were rookies and it's their first time here. He said: "Then give me a magic wolf leg, two catties of mutant beef, a plate of fruits and a plate of nuts, and then three bottles of... Ice City beer."

The service here was fast, the dishes were already served in just less than five minutes.

The waiter opened three bottles of beer, and Zhao Liang handed Lin Zhen and Meng Dong one bottle: "Drink, as a Warrior, you must know how to drink. The environment here is suitable for drinking beer. So let's get drunk today."

The three clinked their bottles and downed their beers. 

But just after they sat down and were about to eat something, someone arrived.

"They're our people. They just came from No. 1 Middle School. Lao Hu, come here!" Zhao Liang glanced at the newcomer and greeted him immediately.

Four people came, led by a tall Warrior, and followed by three students.

"Liangzi, you are here too." Lao Hu walked over with a smile, and sat down carelessly.

"En, it seems that Old Hu had a good harvest today. You recruited three students, and there is even one First-Class." Zhao Liang looked at the three students behind Lao Hu, with a trace of envy in his eyes. The No. 1 High School has always been outstanding. But it’s not so easy to recruit First-Class students. Unexpectedly, Lao Hu actually recruited a First-Class student. He certainly made a lot of money this time.

"Hahaha! It’s just luck. Fu Chengya is really good. Aren't yours good too? A Second-Class and a Third-Class. It’s very rare to be able to recruit such students in places like No.6 

Middle School. Come, let the students get to know each other and not make them strangers to each other." 

Fu Chengya has a handsome face and exudes a cold aura. While the other two students, a Second-Class and Third-Class respectively, were named Zhu Haoran and Zhang Yi. They walked over and greeted Zhao Liang first, and then introduced themselves to Lin Zhen and Meng Dong.

Lao Hu suggested to Zhao Liang, "Lao Zhao, let's go into the room and just leave the younger generation to play with each other. There's also quite a few old friends in the room today. It seems that they are going to play cards. Let's join them. "

Many Warriors were gamblers, and Zhao Liang was no exception. When he heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up: "Okay, then let's go and see."

The two got up, and Zhao Liang said to Lin Zhen and the others: "We'll leave you here. Just order whatever you want to eat or drink. Don't worry about the bill, just charge it to my name. If there are students from other Dojos, don't just turn a blind eye. Find a fault, start trouble, and beat them. You don't have to be polite, we can't possibly weaken the name of Gale, can we?"

The students agreed one after another, and the two Warriors then hooked up went on their way to play cards.

Only five students were now left at the table now. Lin Zhen knew that the show was about to begin.

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