Chapter 11: Provocation. 

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After Zhao Liang left, the Third-Class student immediately pulled Zhao Liang's chair and said to Chengya: "Brother Fu, come and sit here."

Fu Chengya was not reserved either and directly sat in Zhao Liang's seat. This seat was the main position, so sitting here somewhat gave him a sort of a lead.

All five of them wore Gale's uniforms. And also as a First-Class student, Fu Chengya had the highest status. Lin Zhen and Meng Dong were just silent.

When Fu Chengya sat down, Zhu Haoran sat on his left while Zhang Yi sat on his right, opposite to Lin Zhen and Meng Dong.

"You're from No.6?" Zhang Yi asked first.

"Yes, we are."

"I heard that because of the poor qualifications of the students in No.6 Middle School, the criteria are a bit far-fetched. So even if it's only a so-so, they will be given a Third-Class or even Second-Class contract. I wonder if this is true?" Even after seeing the Second-Class student mark on Lin Zhen's chest, he was rather unconvinced.

The students of No. 1 Middle School have always been strong, and their family background was also not simple. Facing such people, Meng Dong is really unassuming. Besides, he is only a Third-Class student himself so he can't really answer.

He looked at Lin Zhen for help. In Meng Dong's heart, Lin Zhen is very powerful, and much better than himself. Hence he thinks that it is better for Lin Zhen to be the one calling the shots.

Lin Zhen smiled slightly and suddenly asked Zhang Yi: "Are you suspecting that Brother Zhao is playing favoritism?"

Zhang Yi was speechless.

His words were aimed at Lin Zhen, but Lin Zhen somehow directed the muzzle towards Zhao Liang. Even if Zhang Yi was given 10 times the courage, he dare not question Zhao Liang ever.

Zhao Liang is a Third-Rank warrior, and his status in Gale is not low. How can he be questioned by a mere Third-Class student.

When Zhu Haoran saw that Zhang Yi was stuck, he immediately backed him up, "Zhang Yi, Lin Zhen is really a Second-Class student, you must maintain some respect."

After speaking, he faced Lin Zhen: "However, the situation Zhang Yi mentioned was not uncommon. Many of the low-ranking schools do use connections to get in (back door). He didn't question Mr. Zhao's credibility. Lin Zhen, don't charge people of suspicion randomly."

Lin Zhen nodded: "Indeed, back doors do exist, but they are not just limited to the low-ranking schools. Some reputed high-ranking schools also have sheltered students that got through by the back door and just piss their pants once they actually encounter a mutant beast."

Zhu Haoran frowned and looked at Lin Zhen with an ill expression.

What Lin Zhen was talking about was an incident that precisely occurred in No. 1 Middle School. There was once a Second-Class student. He performed very well during training. But at the time when he really fought a beast, he got so scared and peed his pants. This incident brought great shame to No. 1 Middle School. All the students of No. 1 Middle School don't like hearing this story, but Lin Zhen directly raised it now.

"What are you talking about?" Zhang Yi shouted, Fu Chengya and Zhu Haoran also felt attacked by Lin Zhen.

Meng Dong finally got angry. He originally had a rough temper in the first place; so now that Lin Zhen led the talking, he was no longer afraid of the other party's reputation. When he saw that Zhang Yi shouted, he immediately slapped the table: "What? You're also just a Third-Class student!"

Zhu Haoran and Zhang Yi's faces changed, they seemed to have the intention of getting up.

But at this time Fu Chengya finally spoke: "Don't make any noise, the Tulong Dojo is here."

Seeing Fu Chengya speak, Zhu Haoran and the others immediately listened and sat back down with their mouths pursed. 

They then saw a large group of people coming in from the outside, with three Warriors taking the lead, followed by eight students, including Ouyang Yu.

However, Ouyang Yu was behind the team. As a Third-Class student, his status is not high. And since Warriors pay attention to ranking, in front of Ouyang Yu was a First-Class student, two Second-Class students, and a total of five Third-Class students.

The Tulong Dojo occupied two tables, and the three Warriors from the group soon entered a room after staying for less than a minute. As Warriors, they naturally have their circle, and they rarely lower themselves to stay with the students.

As soon as they left, the eight students began to make noise; yelling, drinking and chatting with loud voices. But since this hall was basically full of students and the ones making a ruckus were from Tulong, one of the top three Dojos in China and has a large number of people, most people really don't dare to provoke them.

Although the talks among the locals were said that Gale is the No. 1 Dojo in China, it was actually only No.1 in Ice City. Gale is, in fact, not the most powerful in the whole China as there are also other base cities. Compared to Beijing and Tianfu Base Cities, Gale can only be regarded as third.

Today, people from Changfeng did not show up, and so the people on Tulong's side had their sights on Lin Zhen and the others. The other party began to whisper amongst each other, obviously discussing no good ideas.

Seeing Tulong, Zhu Haoran's expression changed: "Brother Fu, Lei Ming is there. He wasn't on good terms with us back in school. I'm afraid he will trouble us this time. There are many people on their side. We..."

Fu Chengya waved his hand: "Regardless, we can't retreat. Otherwise we will become a laughing stock."

He looked at Lin Zhen and Meng Dong, and said: "You two listen carefully. Tulong will still take a while before they come here, it's your chance to leave if you are afraid. But if you are not, then fight and follow my command."

Lin Zhen frowned slightly: "I am not afraid, but I don't like being commanded by others. If there really is a fight, everyone should just fend for themselves with their own ability."

"Lin Zhen's words also represent my opinion!" Meng Dong added.

"Tsk, what can a Second-Class and a Third-Class from a low-ranking school even do by themselves?" Zhu Haoran said coldly, he was obviously very dissatisfied with Lin Zhen's non-cooperation.

At this time, the Tulong students came over.

The leader was a young man who looked very strong. He wore Tulong's uniform, and has a mark of a First-Class student on his chest. He was the one whom Fu Chengya and the others called Lei Ming.

Lin Zhen's eyes also narrowed slightly. This Lei Ming is Ouyang Yu's Senior brother. After Ouyang Yu joined Tulong, he followed Lei Ming and became his younger brother. 

(TL: Not the blood brother type of brother and more like a relationship.) 

This person's current strength has reached the peak of a Third-Rank Warrior, and he was only a short distance away from Fourth-Rank. He has amazing potential.

Lei Ming walked to their table and condescendingly said to Chengya: "Fu Chengya, what a coincidence. You're also here. Since everyone here are old classmates, how about having a drink together?"

Fu Chengya sat still and simply replied, "Our table is small, I'm afraid I can't invite you to sit down."

Lei Ming was not angry, and instead laughed: "It doesn't matter, we can just stand up. By the way let me introduce you, this little brother behind me is called Ouyang Yu. And he has a bit of 'relationship' with these two fellas. Surely you won't continue to refuse a 'drink', knowing this right?"

With that said, Ouyang Yu stood in front of Lin Zhen and Meng Dong.

Fu Chengya frowned. He didn't expect the other party to come for Lin Zhen and Meng Dong. And since he couldn't refuse this 'drinking' suggestion anymore, he nodded slightly.

Obviously, both he and people from Tulong regarded Fu Chengya as the one in charge. As for the opinions of Lin Zhen and Meng Dong, they were simply ignored.

Ouyang Yu smiled triumphantly, and brought out a huge wine bottle, which contained Ice City's specialty. The burning knife liquor which has 60 percent alcohol. 

He took two huge wine glasses that could hold two catties of wine, put them in front of Lin Zhen and Meng Dong, filled both glasses, and then raised his head: "Lin Zhen, Meng Dong, we are all from No. 6 Middle School. Although we had a bit of unpleasant experience in the past, it is all in the past. How about giving me face and drinking this glass of wine. We will still be good classmates and good brothers in the future."

Meng Dong looked at the wine glass: "Ouyang Yu, if you want us to drink, how about showing your sincerity? Why don't you drink it first?"

"Of course I'll drink it too." Ouyang Yu took another big glass. 

"How about the three of us drinking together?"

Lin Zhen has been paying attention to Ouyang Yu from the very beginning. Lin Zhen knew that Ouyang Yu only volunteered to take the initiative to invite them to 'drink' because there was a Jiejiu pill in his hands. Which will dissolve within a second upon being placed in the wine and turn his large glass of white wine into basically just water.

The price of this Jiejiu Pill is not low, so Ouyang Yu obviously has made up his mind to make Lin Zhen and Meng Dong embarrass themselves right here.

The lights in the bar are dim so no one can spot the Jiejiu pill.

But since Lin Zhen was always paying attention, when Ouyang Yu released the pill, he quietly released his spirit power.

Spirit power can act on inanimate objects and can move them in the air. And if you cultivate it to the Gold level, you can even use it to fly.

Lin Zhen’s current spirit power is at the peak of Bronze level and was about to enter the Silver level. Hence it was very easy for him to move a small object like the Jiejiu Pill. When the Jiejiu pill was about to fall into Ouyang Yu’s glass, Lin Zhen quickly controlled it at lightning speed. 

A second later, the Jiejiu pill was put and dissolved in Lin Zhen's glass.

"Ouyang Yu, do you have to make Meng Dong drink too? How about I accompany you?" Lin Zhen said.

Ouyang Yu’s original goal was Lin Zhen anyway and Meng Dong was only incidental. He was originally worried that Lin Zhen would not agree but now that Lin Zhen had actually agreed, he had no opinion on whether Meng Dong participates or not. He smiled: "Of course, I also have to give Meng Dong face if he does not want to do it. But we have to down all  of our drinks...”

"No problem!" Lin Zhen readily agreed.

"Lin Zhen, can you do it?" Meng Dong was a little worried.

"Look, when did you see me doing something I was unsure of?" Lin Zhen asked, and clinked glasses with Ouyang Yu. Then both of them put the wine glass to their mouths and looked at each other with profound eyes as they drank.

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