(TL Note: A ’Warrior’ and ’Fighter’ are synonyms so I used the term ‘Warrior’ for both the Cultivator/person who trains and the 'Warrior' level. But turns out that my term usage brought big complications. Hence starting from this chapter, I will be referring to Cultivator/person who trains as 'Fighter' and the Warrior Level as Warrior Level.) 

Chapter 12: Fight.

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Seeing that people from Tulong and Gale were confronting each other, the students around quietly left the area.

In Millennium Time, it was not forbidden for Fighters or students to fight each other. There are rules in the Fighter circle. If a fight occurs, the losing party  will bear the cost and cover the loss of the bar.

Since the opening of Millennium Time, it has already been rebuilt more than a dozen times. That was precisely all because of the fights between Fighters, hence the bar constantly being destroyed and rebuilt. 

Lin Zhen and Ouyang Yu drank from their glasses at the same time.

Lin Zhen's drinking speed was very fast, and the two kilograms of high-quality liquor only took less than ten seconds to down it all.

Since the pill has been used in the wine, it was not as strong as before, so Lin Zhen had no difficulty in drinking it.

On the other hand, after only a few mouthfuls, Ouyang Yu suddenly stopped and coughed violently.

"This wine... this wine..." Ouyang Yu wanted to say something, but saw that Lin Zhen had already finished his.

Ouyang Yu wanted to say that the Jiejiu Pill had no effect, but at the moment Lei Ming looked at Ouyang Yu coldly: "You only drank that much? If you don't have the ability, then don't ask someone to accompany your weak drinking. If you dare cause Tulong to lose face, just scram."

Ouyang Yu had no choice, he could only pinch his nose and continue drinking. The matter about the Jiejiu pill couldn't be discussed in public. 

But we're talking about high-quality liquor here and it was two kilograms at that, even a Fighter could hardly drink it in one go; so after Ouyang Yu drank less than one-third, he couldn't take it anymore. 


Ouyang Yu threw up. Lin Zhen immediately dodged to the side, but Zhu Haoran and Zhang Yi didn't expect such a thing to happen and got drenched.

Before they could react, Ouyang Yu suddenly said angrily. 

"F*ck! You grandson of Gale!"

He raised the wine glass and threw it towards Lin Zhen, but Lin Zhen immediately reacted and dodged. Lin Zhen then stepped forward and punched out three times in a row.


The drunk Ouyang Yu had no strength to fight back after his last outburst and was repeatedly punched by Lin Zhen.

As soon as the punches were thrown, Tulong also immediately took action.

Zhu Haoran and Zhang Yi got vomited on, so they had to vent their anger somewhere. Along with Meng Dong, they joined in the fray and fought in the hall.

Fu Chengya and Lei Ming both didn't expect things to develop so quickly. When they finally realized the situation, they also started fighting each other.

The bar suddenly turned into a barn with chickens and dogs jumping about everywhere, causing havoc. From wine bottles to dishes, all of them were thrown randomly. The tables and chairs were also not spared. The people around quickly hid but only to a safer distance and did not completely leave the scene. They formed a big circle far away, and began to 'cheer' loudly.

Hearing the sound of fighting outside, the Fighters who were gambling in the room all rushed out.

Seeing that it was the people of Tulong and Gale that started this chaos, they turned their attention to the Fighters of these two Dojos.

There's a rule between Fighters. In the battles between students, they cannot participate as participation would just be viewed as bullying Juniors.

The Warrior Level is divided into three categories: The First to Third ranks are Beginner Warriors, the Fourth to Sixth ranks are Intermediate Warriors, and the Seventh to Ninth ranks are Advanced Warriors.

A Warrior mainly cultivates the strength of the body, also called as Ming Jin.

The Warrior Level has a very important threshold to cross, and that is where the Genetic Enhancement Potion  comes in.

The Genetic Potion is an epoch-making product. It is generally taken during the peak stage of Third-Rank Warriors as it can greatly enhance the human body's potential. According to the individual's aptitude, it will increase the human body's strength, speed, and reflex to varying degrees.

Otherwise, it was basically impossible to be promoted to an Advanced Warrior just by training.

All Warriors who are able to hunt in the wild have taken Genetic Potions, otherwise they would not be much of an opponent of mutant beasts at all.

After the promotion from an Advanced Warrior, and Warrior Level as a whole, one will step into the Warlord Level.

But in order to be promoted, the Warrior has to take another auxiliary medicine, at the Ninth-Rank/Peak of Warrior Level, to be able to develop internal strength.

During the A.D. calendar period, the martial arts masters who were successful in cultivating internal strength were all very old, because the cultivation of internal strength required time and accumulation. But once they were successful, they would be able to exert extraordinary powers.

But the biggest drawback of developing internal strength, which was time, was remedied after the Divine Change calendar. Because this is when Genetic Enhancement Potions and Internal Strength Potions were discovered and produced. Internal Strength Potions are specially used to improve the Warrior's dantian and help the Warrior save a lot of time and help form internal strength. 

Of course, the success rate of using the Internal Strength Potion was not high, because developing internal strength still mainly depends on the Warrior’s talents. Internal Strength Potion can only be used as auxiliary items. As long as the Warrior himself can understand internal strength, the Internal Strength Potion will be effective. It also gives those Warriors who have initially understood something but had not yet fully grasped it, to form internal strength. 

In general, the Internal Strength Potion can increase the success rate of Warriors by about 30%.

In other words, in 100 warriors, 30 of them would be able to be successfully promoted to the Warlord Level. Compared to only 10 people without the help of Internal Strength Potion. 

Of course, these 30 people are all talented. Otherwise, if a non-talented fool used an Internal Strength Potion, it's just a waste of precious medicine/potion. 

Basically, to be an official 'Fighter', one must be at the Warlord Level and has internal strength.

A Peak Ninth-Rank Warrior can dish out a strength totaling a thousand kilograms of strength at most. But this is the limit one can reach after genetic optimization, and it can't be compared with a Warlord. 

Not only are Warlords much faster than Warriors, that ordinary firearms can hardly threaten them, they can also easily hit thousands of kilograms of force which is what a Peak Warrior can do at best. 

There's also the God of War Level that's above the Warlord Level. It is the level where a Fighter cultivates internal strength to every corner of his body. If one reaches this level, each of their moves is full of power. However, to get to that level isn't as simple as using a potion.

You must practice and train yourself!

So if you are not a real genius, then you are not qualified to be promoted to the God of War Level, and will just remain at the Ninth-Rank Warlord Level.

Back to the current situation. Since the strength gap was too large, official Fighters, and Warlords, were not allowed to participate in student-level battles. This is a rule! Only the students can solve this problem by themselves. Winning and losing are solely based on their ability.

The students are also a member of the Fighter circle. And since Fighters in this era enjoy privileges, like not being subjected to secular legal sanctions, they should earn their place. 

The Gale and Tulong Fighters glanced at each other without making a sound. They couldn't intervene in this battle, and they could only wait for the students to decide the winner.

Ouyang Yu was knocked down by Lin Zhen. At present, there are seven people from Tulong and five people from Gale. The former has one First-Class student, two Second-Class students and four Third-Class students. Gale was clearly at the disadvantage. 

Old Hu from Gale yelled: "You babies, show me a fierce fight. If you win, this gracious one will report to the Boss and give rewards to the best performer. But if you lose, then wait to be taught a lesson!"

The people on Tulong's side were also not to be outdone, and said the same thing.

The following battle quickly became intense. Fu Chengya confronted Lei Ming and a Third-Class student, Meng Dong and Zhang Yi were confronted with two other Third-Class students, and Zhu Haoran confronted a Second-Class student.

After Lin Zhen defeated Ouyang Yu, a Second-Class and a Third-Class student attacked him.

Because they have just joined the Dojo, the students have not had time to practice with any weapons yet, so everyone was fighting hand-to-hand. Their basic skills are good, and their movements are fast.

Zhao Liang and Old Hu looked with some worry. Zhao Liang said: "Old Hu, the situation is a bit bad. There are two more people on Tulong's side. But, although Fu Chengya has to deal with Lei Ming and a Third-Class student he's holding on quite well."

"Yes, if I were to say who will fall first, I'll say it's Lin Zhen. And once he falls, Meng Dong and Zhang Yi will not be able to resist anymore... Then they'll lose."

"Yes, we can only hope that Lin Zhen can persist for five minutes. As long as they are not defeated within five minutes, we can intervene in the name of protecting the students and stop them from fighting. But I am afraid that these five minutes will be difficult to buy."

"Actually, not necessarily, this Lin Zhen... His reflex is very fast... Maybe he can bring us a surprise."

At this time, Old Hu's phone suddenly rang. When the call got connected, he listened to a few words from the person over the phone. He then put down the phone and shouted: "The Boss has spoken. If you can knock out a Third-Class student from the other party, we'll reward you with 200 Fighter points. If you can knock down a Second-Class student you'll get 500 points, and if you knock down a First-Class student, 2000 points! Now go crazy and beat them up!"

Hearing what Old Hu said, Lin Zhen's heart raved. He can actually get rewarded Fighter points! 

Fighter points are very, VERY important. Generally, they can only be obtained by hunting mutant beasts and selling them at a low price, or donating them to Dojos. 

Points can be used to buy a lot of things. And there's also many good items that can only be obtained if you have both cash and points. This system also prevents the good stuff from falling into the hands of outsiders.

Lin Zhen wanted to improve his strength quickly, and he already had a whole set of plans in his mind. And one of the most important steps was to earn points, along with cash, and buy some urgently needed items.

"Since there are points as rewards, then I must go all out to get some points."

"The opposing Second-Class student is also a Third-Rank Warrior. He is a greater threat to me. In an one-on-one, I am 100% sure that I can defeat him, but this Third-Class student has been getting in the way. I must solve him first. "

Lin Zhen kicked a table and blocked the opposing Second-Class student's attack route. The next moment Lin Zhen appeared in front of the Third-Class student. With his super reflex, he dodged the opponent's punches in close quarters. He then counterattacked and hit the opponent's shoulder. As the opponent staggered back, Lin Zhen sent out a few lightning-like punches!

Accompanied by the crisp sounds of fractures, the Third-Class student fell on his back with blood in his nostrils.

That's 200 points!

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