EP - 039 - Spiritual Body 

“…Therefore, divine power is an energy that fundamentally exists within the bodies of all human beings, the creations of God. It is unlike the magic power or dharma that the chosen are born with. However, that's also why it's difficult to train to be used in practice.”

Professor Griver Lanfeld swallowed the anger boiling from within as he spoke. 

The atmosphere in the class was a mess, no matter how you look at it.

In the first place, there's already not that many people attending. And now, most of them aren't even listening. 

Even those who had once made efforts to catch his eye and get a good evaluation are now ignoring him without a care.

‘…If only that bastard wasn’t a devil worshipper.’

He gritted his teeth, thinking of Marquis Riverback.

Since the Marquis was a young and prosperous businessman, Griver thought that he would be enjoying a sweet filling by using the Marquis. But, in the end, all he got was a damned gangjeong[1].

That's right. An empty gangjeong.

Griver didn't care whether Marquis Riverback was a devil worshipper or not.

The only thing that matters was whether he brings him benefits.

In that sense.

“Um, I have a question.”

Griver wasn't having this person raising his hand. 

Dowd Campbell.

This was the guy who took his emergency tool and erected the barrier during the monster incident.

“Then, what is the best way to quickly increase the total amount of divine power and proficiency in blessing?”

“…The best way to increase divine power and proficiency is by actually using it.”

He replied in a stern voice.

“Don’t ask for the obvious. That’s a very low-level question for an Elfante student.”

“Yes, my bad.”

“Devote yourself to training. I'm ashamed to even listen to that.”

Although Griver intentionally used such an aggressive language to belittle the other person, the guy was simply smiling without any sign of anger.


Those eyes weren’t smiling at all.


Griver felt a chill run down his spine and averted his gaze. 

He could clearly feel something weird coming from that side. 

“…That's it for today's class.”

He didn't really want to spend any more time facing that guy. In that context, he ended the class a bit earlier than usual. 

Walking along the corridor, Griver thought about the student named Dowd.

‘…He looks like that person.’

A person who has spoken once through Marquis Riverback.

A strange person who calls themselves the Prophet.

He's never seen their face or anything, but he vividly remembers the chilling impression he felt from them.

The eerie sensation he felt from that guy just now is very similar to that. 

Hell, they might even be the same person.

‘Well, either way,  won't cross paths in the future.’

Now in his office, he thought with a smile.

Then he took out a letter from the compartment under his desk, which was filled with information he would ‘sell’.

They were all advanced information and secrets he obtained while teaching as a professor at the Academy. 

‘The Empire has always had many enemies.’

He would sell this off and then disappear. 

This could potentially kill people or cause a lot of damage. But it was none of his business. 


“Yeah, well. I apologize for interrupting your happy future daydream.”

He suddenly heard a voice close by.

At the same time, he felt a strong impact at back of his head.

“Aren't you being too heartless to choose harm but wishing for yourself to be safe?”

It was a familiar voice.

Because it was the same person who he had just seen in class. 

Dowd Campbell. And the one trampling over his fallen body was Princess Tristan. 

“…You, what do you think you're doing!? How dare a small dog baron lieeeekk-!”

His words were cut off in a grotesque manner. 

Elnore’s kick immediately dislocated his arm.

“…Hey, Elnore. You're being too aggressive right from the start.”

Dowd complained, but Elnore only shrugged it off.

“It was just caressing him.”




Elnore felt the gaze directed at her, but she calmly responded without batting an eye.

“I didn't insult him.”


“I'm being very patient.”

“…Well, anyway.”

After a few fake coughs, Dowd pulled out a book from his pocket.

It was a textbook that contained basic prayers commonly given to new Theology students. 

“…Wait a minute, so…”

After reading it for a while with a frown, Dowd finally stammered something out.

It was an awkward prayer.

“-so warmth may dwell in you. Heal.”

Then, a faint white divine power snaked around his arm.

“…Hmm, so this is it. I'm getting the hang of it.”


Griver looked at Dowd, who was proudly speaking, with an incredulous expression.

This was a very poor execution of blessing even for a freshman, so what on earth is he so proud of?

Alas, as soon as he showed that expression surfaced on his face, Elnore kicked his other arm.


“…Hey, Elnore. I told you to go slow.”

“Isn’t this slow enough?”


“Hmm, that's strange. The family interrogation training always started by stripping the skin off-”

“You! What do you want, whaaaaargh!”

As Griver said that through tears, Dowd replied with a cough. 

“Well, since we both know, let's make it quick and easy. Who in the academy were you trying to sell this information?”


Griver suddenly stopped his struggles despite the intense pain. 

This was something he couldn’t give up.

The existence of the seed planted by the Prophet hiding inside the academy.

Because he knows that if he reveals this, he would never be safe.

“…I don’t know what you’re talking aboaaaaakk-!”

This time, he couldn’t even finish his sentence before his left leg got crushed.

At this point, Dowd gave up in going slow and just held his head with a sigh. 

“I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you anything, so please-!”

In the end, while shedding tears and saliva, Griver revealed the names of those involved one by one.

Beside him, Dowd was jotting down every detail with a hmm, hmm.

“Is that all?”

“All, that’s all…! Please, call a doctor…!”

Griver begged in a completely hoarse voice.

‘At least he's better than this monster…!’

Griver felt somewhat relieved that he could rely on this man, who, unlike the Princess who would break his limbs at any given opportunity, was more humane.

However, Dowd smirked and shook his head.

“Eh, why bother with a doctor? I can treat you.”


“I am an aspiring Theology student. I know how to use blessings.”

You can't become a student at Elfante with such low-level skills, right?

After adding that with a grin, Dowd stammering, recited another prayer.

Thanks to his abyssmal use of divine power and the level of his healing magic, it took a while before Griver's broken limbs fully recovered.

“Heo-euk… hee-euk…”

Griver took a deep breath and barely managed to stand up. 

His whole body was drenched in cold sweat, but at least he could move his limbs again.

As Griver struggled to stand, he silently vowed to himself.

‘…I’ll kill you bastards…!’

However, he had no way to do it now.

He needed to leave this place first, then prepare and find a way to kill these two.

“…Th, then now. Is this enough?”

He said with a servile smile, while Dowd smiled and nodded.

“Yes, for now.”

That's right.

Griver grinned inwardly and staggered back.

He'll make sure they'll regret letting him live here…



Griver, who was about to leave the room, collapsed on the floor again.

Princess Tristan broke his right leg from behind.

Griver screamed in agony as he crawled on the floor.

“Why, why are you doing this!? I told you everything!”

“Well, that’s.”

As Griver crawled, Dowd approached him again and cast a healing spell on him. It was a healing spell with slightly more proficiency than before.

During this exchange, Griver's gaze met Dowd's eyes.


It was at this moment. 

Griver realized that he had severely misunderstood something.

That is.

He thought that this man was, at least, better than Princess Tristan. 

“Didn't you say it earlier? The best way to master divine power and blessings is to continuously use them.”

There's that weird feeling again. 

The horrifying sensation that he felt from the Prophet.

“You are someone whom I can torment without feeling guilty. I can’t possibly miss such a good training method, can I?”

There's a greater fear felt from those who treat others not as a 'human', but only as a ‘means’ to an end. 

“Beginner blessing is usually focus on protecting and healing others. So.”

This man, right now.

“You will keep torturing me?”

He doesn't even see him as a fellow human being!

“That's the only way for me to practice.”

Dowd's words dawned over Griver’s pale blue face. 

In no time. Again. 

Sounds of bones breaking and painful screams echoed within the office.

Completely unconscious, Griver was handed over to the internal knights. They will take care of the rest. 

And on the way out, I went through the system prompts in front of my eyes.

   <System Message>

   [ Confirmed rapid proficiency in ‘Beginner Blessing'. ]

   [ ‘Attribute: Divine Power Manipulation’ has been unlocked! ]


   <System Message>

   [ The Epic Grade Item ‘Soul Linker’ resonates with your divine power! ]


   <System Message>

   [ Checking the current condition of the target ‘Elnore’. ]

   [ The unique debuff ‘Madness’ has been improved under your influence. ]

I guess you could call this, “three birds, one stone.”

This is what I got from torturing and healing a worthless human trash over and over again, and the outcome is more than satisfying. It's quite lucrative, I must say.

Moreover, I obtained the most crucial attribute, Divine Power Manipulation, which is a significant achievement.

With this, I have gained an ability that I can independently utilize, like magic power or dharma.

Of course, it is still very weak, but the difference between none and one is like night and day.

‘…Now, with this.’

I looked at the amulet on my wrist.

Until now, growth was impossible, but now that I possess the Divine Power Manipulation attribute, I can awaken the soul inside on my own.

“…Have you relieved your stress?”

And finally, this woman.

Managing Elnore's mental state is always important.

I will definitely need her assistance in the upcoming midterm exams.


Elnore replied with an expressionless expression that somehow looked much more refreshed than usual. 

Having been with her quite often as of late, I can somewhat read her aura even though she's expressionless. It’s fascinating. 

“…Is there something troubling you?”

That’s why I can say things like this.

Although she appears refreshed, I can feel that there's also a shadow cast over her. It's as if she's worried. 


As expected, upon hearing that, Elnore swallowed for a moment. But she didn't deny it.

It seems to be quite difficult for her to express it.



“I heard you met Archduke Tristan.”

Not 'Father', but Archduke Tristan.

This clearly shows their broken family relationship.

With a bitter smile inside, Elnore continued with difficulty. 

“He must have done something terrible to you.”

“Something terrible?”

“If it's that person, he would definitely think it's a waste of time for me to interact with anyone.”

Ah, that's true. 

Even in terms of the setting itself, Gideon have always despised such interactions. 

Because of this, Elnore’s relationship pool is extremely narrow. Unless it’s someone like Beatrix, who's her friend for 10 years.

‘…It's all because of a reason.’

I can't explain it here.

It's a story that will be revealed later in conjunction with the main scenario.

“He didn’t really do anything like that. But it was a little scary.”

Well, if I had failed with my lies, I could have died right there on the spot.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

“But well, I somehow managed to resolve it. I think I'll continue to see him in the future.”

“…What, you'll continue seeing each other?”

Hearing Elnore ask such a question, I simply answered with a shrug.

“Yes, well. He is an important person to me.”

“…Important? To you? That person? Why?”

Elnore said in an incredulous voice.

Uh. Isn’t that obvious?

There are plenty of things I can absorb from that person with "Guidance," and he plays a significant role in the main scenario.

And, above all.

“Because he's related to you. He's your family.”

In the end, this person is the most important.

In order to reach the ending, isn’t it the most important thing to control the final boss?

And Elnore, hearing my words... 

Her face turned red? 


I blinked a couple of times. 

‘…Did she just blush?’


The person who seems like they could win against a stone in being stone-faced?

“You, that means, so…”

Elnore struggled.

“You consider him important because he's my family, and will continue to see each other… that...”

Then, she kept her mouth shut.

It seemed like she couldn't bring herself to say the rest. 

“…Couldn’t have you set the mood first or tell me beforehand? It’s a little hard to react when you say it like that out of the blue.”


I'm not sure what's going on.

   [ Favorability level of the target ‘Elnore Elinalise La Tristan’ increased! ]

   [ The favorability level has been upgraded to ‘Love Level 2’! ]

   [ Rewards Available! ]

I realize I said something wrong.


“Young Master, have you caused another accident?”


As I returned to my quarters, Herman looked at me with a worried expression.

Why is he like this?

“As someone who has served the Young Master for a long time, I feel like you have once again ignited someone's heart without any awareness.”


“It has always been like this. Even now, in Baron Campbell’s territory, there are countless women shedding tears for you, Young Master…”

“…Don’t be ridiculous.”

He's talking as if I'm some kind of natural playboy.

Unjustly accusing me.

“…This old man really can't tell if the Young Master really doesn’t know or ju…”

I heard Herman muttering something from behind, but I ignored it and quickly entered my room.

There's something I need to check.

   [ Soul Linker ] [ Exclusive Equipment ]

   [ Enchantment: Epic ] [ ‘Hero Fragment’ Fusion ] 

   [ An item imbued with a great spirit that can awaken by increasing synchronization rate. ]

   [ Always retain magic power due to the influence of the great spirit. ]

   [ Current Synchronization Rate: 10% ]

   [ The First Stage Spirit Awakening can now be unlocked! ]

   [ Would you like to proceed? ] [Y/N]


The reason why the Gregory Hall’s Spirit is recognized by players as an item that needs to be used especially quickly, is because most of the Spirits that come out when it is enchanted with other items are ‘Great Figures’ that can bring the player a tremendous amount of growth.

It's not an Epic Grade for nothing.

The problem is.

‘…It's randomized.’

While there's no doubt that there are great spirits, the specific individual assigned changes randomly each time.

So, I hope that I get the optimal figure for me. 

There are plenty of crazy folks like "The Killer Ghost of the Misty Forest" or "The Giant Eater." 

‘…They're definitely not ordinary even among the great figures.’

As soon as they started to awaken, a series of events related to Elijah and the Heretic Inquisition took place. 

They will undoubtedly be an exceptional case.

‘Please be someone good, please be someone good…!’

With that in mind, I pressed the Y button on the status screen.

Subsequently, a tremendous energy surged into the amulet. Amidst the swirling ethereal energy, an 'image' emerges.

At the dawn of a battlefield, a lone knight was carrying a tattered flag. 

Armor shattered, body battered and wounded, yet pushing forward with unwavering determination.


Was the first word that came to mind. 


I recognize that figure. 



This might be even more incredible than I thought.

With that in mind, a spectral figure suddenly emerged before me.

TL Notes:

[1] Gangjeong (강정) is a Korean snack that is hollow on the inside. So Griver is saying that Marquis Riverback was an empty shell. 

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