EP - 035.2 - Preparations 

   […You're here again?]


However, the next morning, the man came in the same way.

At the same time she woke up, with the same sword, and at the same distance.

Briefly engaging in combat, and then withdrawing. 

Finally, he threw her some food and disappeared.


Yuria pondered as she stared at the lunchbox left behind by the man.

Yesterday, it was 9 hours. Today, it was 12.

Her brain, which had rarely been put to use due to living a monotonous savage life, was being pushed to its limits.

‘Could there be something special he wants from me?’

She thought of a reasonable hypothesis. 

The first time they met, he said he was ‘asked’ by someone to take care of her. It seems that there has been a recent change in that regard.

‘…But what's with the sword fight?’

In the end, she couldn't reach a conclusion until she fell asleep. 

“Are you awake?”

The next day, the man came again.

Following the same routine, he threw her a lunchbox.

“Hey, do you know?”

But this time, he didn't leave right away and engaged in small talk with her.

It was simply trivial conversation.

He talked about the happenings at the Academy, the current nice weather, and something he found amusing recently.

Really, it was a dreary story with no value whatsoever.

She didn’t even respond. She didn't know anything, so she had nothing to give back. Meanwhile, the man just tells his stories as he pleased. 


However, for Yuria, who has not had the opportunity to interact with people for a long time.

For the first time in a long while, she felt like she had a "human" conversation.


However, perhaps because the man stayed longer than usual, someone came to pick up him up. 

It was someone Yuria knew, President Atallante.

The person who provided her a place to hide and stay.

“I warned you not to stay for too long! How many times have I told you that if someone like you gets hurt, it will cause a big problem…!”

“It’s a bit too rude to just exchange swords and then leave. And it's not dangerous if you chat a little farther away. I'm just being friendly, what are you getting so antagonistic about?”

“Student always like to talk misleadingly! I’m telling you not to stay long because I’m afraid you’ll cause an accident while talking nonsense!”

“…That, I can’t argue.”

Yuria heard such a conversation in the distance, as the man got dragged away by Atallante. 

Perhaps they thought Yuria wouldn't hear them, but it was futile because she was keenly listening.

‘A student, huh.’

She managed to gather a few fragmented pieces of information.

He obviously knows about her curse.

He's a student at the Academy and someone impressive enough for Atallante to personally take care of.

And yet...

He wants to be friends with someone like her.


-You will be alone until you die.

Once again, that sentence came to mind. Yuria chuckled to herself.

She knows. She knows it too.

That's why she had no intention of harboring such futile hope of it actually happening.

She's just curious, that's all.

Like what could they be thinking?

And so, she spent almost the entire day thinking about that person.

Continuously, endlessly.

About the mysterious masked student.

‘…I don’t know anything.’

Similar days followed with the same pattern.

An bout of swords, giving her a lunchbox, engaging in small talk, and then disappearing immediately.

She doesn't understand why he keeps wearing a mask, nor does she have an idea on who asked him to come give her food every day.

Even more, despite fully knowing the viciousness of her curse, he kept entering within her range.

Saying ‘I want to be friends’ while getting stabbed felt incomprehensible.

She doesn't know anything for sure.

Even after contemplating for 22 hours, sacrificing sleep, she made no significant progress in her mind, just a headache. 

‘Will he come again tomorrow?’

On that day, she had this thought before going to bed.

As if, even just a little.

She was hoping for his return.

“…That wasn't too bad, right?”

I mumbled while taking off the mask. 

The fastest way to mastering any skill, like I said before, is engaging in real combat against strong opponents. 

In that regard, Yuria confidently ranked at the top in what the players call a "Skill Grinding Optimization NPC".

Because despite her being ridiculously strong, you can end the fight by controlling the distance.

Through constant battles, you can rapidly increase your Attribute level.

Moreover, since the closer you are, the stronger Yuria becomes, once you've accumulated enough proficiency to withstand the current distance, you can simply get closer and further accelerate the growth of your Attributes.

That's what I've been doing.


It is risky as she comes straight for your life, but from my point of view, the more dangerous it is, the better my stats. So it doesn't really bother me that much.

Because even if I have a swordsmanship attribute, if my stats are lacking, I won’t be able to use it properly. Given my horrendous stats that barely allows me to swing a sword, let alone wield it, this is actually a cheat.

‘…And, well. I've got safety measures in place.’

Thinking so, I looked at the illusion mask in my hand.

This is the same mask I wore the first time I met her.

It is a must-have item for the so-called ‘Yuria Skill Grinding Mechanic’.

This is a tip that only veteran players know. Due to the Curse of Severance, the automatic attacks are slightly less powerful if the opponent had their face covered.

‘There should be a reason for it.’

If used properly, it’s helpful in the finale of Chapter 2, but I can’t remember what it was.

It looks very trivial, yet it is so important…

‘…I’ll think about it later.’

I'll definitely remember it when the time comes to use it. 

But for now, I have other matters to attend to.

   [ Inspection Successful! ]


   [ Attribute: Tristan Style Swordsmanship Proficiency Increased. ]


   [ Proficiency Upgraded! ]


   [ Attribute Grade promoted from ‘Basic’ to ‘General’! ] 

   < Mastery Info >


   [ Attribute: Tristan Style Swordsmanship ] [ Grade: General ]

   [ Current Proficiency: 0% ]


   [ Master Sword Technique of the Tristan Duke Family. ]


   [ ■ Can exert a certain level of power regardless of weapon. ]

   [ ■ When equipped with a longsword, can use ‘Deflect’. ]

   [ ■ When equipped with a longsword, can partially ignore the opponent's defense and inflict damage. ]


The speed of progression is unusually fast.

Even though I had some prior accumulation of proficiency, going from Basic to General proficiency in just 7 days is a crazy achievement.

Wasn't it supposed to take at least a month?

‘And the listed effects…’

Deflection is a common parrying technique in the game. By timing the defense against the opponent's attack, you can negate the damage and gain a turn to counter-attack.

The ability to ignore defense and inflict damage. 

It is exactly as described. It's simple yet powerful. 

‘…Alright, then.’

With these two things, it should be sufficient. I can consider all the preparations done.

   < Gift-related Character Notification >


   ♥ Elnore Elinalise La Tristan


   [ Love Level 1 ]

   [ Exclusive Quest 'Curse Inheritance' has been created! ]

   [ D-1 until Exclusive Quest-related events occur ]



   ▼ Gideon Galestead La Tristan


   [ Curiosity Level 1 ]

   [ Exclusive Quest 'Curse Inheritance' has been created! ]

   [ D-1 until Exclusive Quest-related events occur ]

To get the results I want in tomorrow's ‘Class Observation’ event.

“…I should go to bed early today.’

The accumulated fatigue in my body from fighting Yuria every day is no joke.

I fell asleep as soon as I got back to the dorm.


   <System Message>


   [ Skill: Fatal Charm Activated! ]

   [ The Villain’s favor has greatly increased! ]

   [ Target ‘Yuria's' favorability raised to Interest Level 1! ]

   [ Rewards are added to the Gift tab! ]

I was greeted by such a message the next morning. 


What the hell is this? 




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