(EP-12.1) Orientation #2

012 - Orientation #2

“There are three coming at your 9 (o’clock) right about... now.”


Elijah swung her sword with a heavy expression. 

The dummy wolf, that was about to launch an ambush in the dark, was swept away by the blow.

“Two more from the ceiling. Their vital is the neck.”

“…Excuse me, 'instructor'.”

She called as she decapitated two bat-shaped dummies in an instant.

“Ah, watch your step, there's a tile trap. On your right is a paralyzing poison launcher, you can break that.”

“ 'Instructor,' I have a favor.”

“What is it?”

“This is good and all, but can you please help me instead of just giving 'instructions'…?”



Elijah’s face contorted even more, but she eventually chuckled and added.

“Were you not the one who tried to beat me up on the first meeting just the other day?”

“…That's true.”

“And were you not the one who said you wanted to apologize? That you'll do anything I ask?”

“…I did.”

“So what's the problem now?”

“…Yes, I'm sorry.”

When I suggested that ‘we get closer,’ it was her who delightedly rushed here.

You have to keep your word.


And even if I want to help, I can’t.

I am about as useful as a bug, with these puny stats.

It would be better if I just gave out orders and let her do all the fighting.


It's become clear while going around this artificial dungeon that Desperation will not be triggered unless there is ‘malice’ threatening my life.

That’s why it doesn’t work on these dummies that are simply repeating programmed actions.

So what does this point suggest?

Desperation is not omnipotent. Like most things, it's clearly flawed and imperfect.

The complacency that this skill will save me in every situation is something I should quickly throw away.

‘I must raise my stats.’

Stats are like your athleticism that can be used in all situations. In the end, personal growth is indispensable.

Especially when you consider that the performance of items and skills is also affected by stats.

As I was thinking, Elijah grumbled next to me again.

“Still, the instructor has skills and could probably do better than me. With two of us working together, we can break through much faster-”

   [ Amazing speed! ]

   [ You broke the 2-year-old record! ]


Her complaining immediately stopped after hearing the reverberating announcement.

“No, why? How is this possible? What is happening right now?”

Seeing her ask in confusion, it seems that she's dumbfounded at the fact that she was breaking the record despite proceeding in this way.

“Is that so surprising?”

“It’s not surprising, it’s ridiculous!”

She poured her heart out.

“A mock battle is made with the assumption that two people would be doing it. But I'm just clearing it by myself, and it's the highest record… What the heII is this, hello? Are you using some kind of sorcery? Even regular knights couldn’t proceed like this, right? Uh? What is it?”


I inwardly chuckled over her confused existential crisis. 

‘This is great.’

I accumulated enough experience to be considered a veteran in this game.

And I obtained a top-notch subordinate who will move without asking or questioning my words?

This dungeon is so easy that she can complete it with her eyes closed.


And if you’re running a speedrun with ‘only one person’ like this, it's bound to attract some interest. 

In fact, the reward for simply clearing this mock battle is good, but that is also quite important.

I had to take this opportunity.

Then, what is it in the end?

“The next section will be a little tougher than this one, let’s keep it up. Fighting~!”

I cheered her up.

Because, until then, you have to do it all by yourself.


Elijah gritted her teeth.

You'll lose your teeth if you keep doing that.

Evan Kramer, a second year student in the Magic Research Department, was nervously sitting in front of the control panel.

“The mock battle stages are pretty good these days. Did the department set it up?”

“Yes, yes…!”

Evan barely managed to squeeze out an answer in stutters. The other person smiled as they watched the video being played. 

“We can increase the budget next year.”

To be able to say such a thing, it was clear that they were someone with authority.

The speaker was none other than the Dean of the Knight School.

Conrad Baltador.

The Dean, who directly reports to the President, was an individual who, at least within the academy, was said to possess unparalleled authority.

For a student, it would be difficult to even breathe just by being next to such a person. 

‘Why is someone like him at a booth…!’

As Evan shivered and pondered those thoughts, there was another voice.

“Oh, Conrad. What are you doing here?”

Unfortunately for Evan, the owner of this voice also did not help the atmosphere at all.

Seeing the person entering the booth with several pale-faced assistant professors from the Magic School, Evan almost suffered actual breathing problems.

“I can say the same to you, Percy. You rarely go out.”

“It’s been a while since I came out to see the freshmen. I like seeing the potential talents.”


Conrad silently looked at the half-dead assistant professors from behind the woman called Percy.

“…A new tool, no, you’re not looking for graduate students?”

“Well, if they want to come out of their own volition, you won’t stop them, right?”

Percy Siston Levantin, the head of the Magic School. She replied with a smile.

“So, you haven’t answered yet. What are you doing?”

“There’s someone I’m keeping an eye on these days.”

Conrad replied as he turned his gaze back to the screen.

Percy’s gaze naturally followed to that direction.

“Oh, I know that child. Isn't she the next hero candidate?”

After saying that, Percy’s gaze moved to the stage clear record on the side panel.

I guess this is to be expected. The clearing speed of each passing each section is much faster than normal students.

The next Hero candidate is indeed noteworthy…

“No, not her.”


Persie tilted her head and looked at the other student.

“Who is this?”

“Dowd Campbell.”

“Ah, the con artist?”

Even though she doesn’t go outside her lab as often, she still knew the recent rumors and noise around this freshman.

This guy conned a win against the hero candidate during the sparring.

“…But why are you watching a scammer?”

“Looks like he knows that too.”

Conrad replied with a snort.

“This guy’s talent is real.”


Persie furrowed her eyebrows and stared at the screen.

Talent... What talent?

No matter how she looked at it, it just looks like he's getting a free ride from the hero candidate.

“This is why Mages who only roll around with pens are no good.”

“Why are you picking a fight now?”

“This feat, this record can never be set just by the hero candidate alone. Rather, the main body is over there.”


Percy asked with her head tilted, but Conrad simply turned his gaze back to the screen instead of explaining in detail.

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