(EP-11.2) Orientation

011 - Orientation

Looking at the effects that can be used right away, it is quite useful.

Among the stats, ‘Endurance’ is mainly related to health. It is in charge of the body’s resilience, stamina and durability. This makes it heavily tied to survival.

The higher it is, the more effective the protective equipments or abilities.

If this is combined with the stat-raising Desperation skill, it would create a combo perfect for protection and survival.


The key point is that it can evolve.

It will take time as the only way to evolve it is to use it as much as possible and increase the proficiency. But the ability of the skill to grow is definitely a merit.

The performance of all the things that can ‘grow’ in the world of Sera rapidly increase as their level goes up.

Getting this from the very beginning of the scenario is a great boon.

This was a good initiative that led to receiving the protection of the Lord Angel. 

‘Isn’t this a good that I got this now? With this, I have more time to grow.’

Of course, being able to meet an angel itself is possible after Chapter 2. But being able to interact directly with a main angel would take a longer time than that.

Receiving protection from such an existence for free is huge.

The problem is this.


   [ Consumes a small amount of mana. ]

I looked at such sentences on the skill window with gloomy eyes.

Generally, skills require mastering related traits, such as magic power and divine power.

But I don't know any one of those, they're nothing but pies in the sky.

Elfante students learn this type of knowledge from childhood, meaning the academy doesn't't teach it.


In this situation where I can’t learn magic right away, I have to find a way to use temporarily.

I probably won't get it right here, but I can get it with a 'clue'.

“Here, here! This is a magic gun that was refined by the Firearms Department of the Crafting School! Come now and get 10 free shots of 10 bullets made from grinded spirit stones! If you perform well, there will be prizes!”

“The Magic School's Alchemy Department is recruiting new students! We'll be handing out self-made reagents only during the Guide Event, so come and see us!”

These types of talks could be heard all around.

A Guide Event is a faculty-run event that's basically an advertisement. It is held before the welcome party where students decide on their majors. 

The departments usually throw baits like distributing reagents and show that they're a fun and beneficial place.

Once you've taken the bait and joined, they'll then start giving you insignificant tasks and do some positive reinforcement like, ‘Wow, you did a really good job!’

They're doing everything they can to attract freshmen… or to more appropriately call them, sIaves to do the chores for them.

These enthusiastic seniors were throwing in carrots to seduce the unsuspecting freshmen. But those bright smiles hid dark malice.

The poor chicks who are ignorant of the world would get devoured by the preying snakes.


I want none of those things.

I'm currently at the event booth of the Knight School's Magic Research Department.

Compared to other booths, here is unusually empty, but that’s because this place is exceptionally strict for a booth in a Guide Event.

It's a long dungeon course prepared by the department, a mock battle against a dummy doll with a 100% reproduction of real magic using magic fibers.

What freshmen would want to do such a grueling job, a Guide Event at that.

‘There’s one here.’

However, as much as they make us do such hard work, the reward they give is exceptional.

Considering the difficulty in obtaining it, it’s not a stretch to say that it's almost like eating for free. It's that good.

To the point where I feel sorry for the other freshmen who missed such a jackpot.

“Well, you're quite the blank paper, aren't you?”

“No. I was listening.”

“Really? Then what did I say?”

“Didn’t you tell me to form a team of two and wait?”


Hearing my reply, the senior receptionist in front of me crossed their arms with a displeased look.

“You probably don’t know what that means. Where is your partner?”

“They'll be here soon.”

“Who would come to such an unpopular department? Are you lying?”

Judging from the self-deprecating remarks, they seem aware of the fact that their department is exceptionally non-mainstream among the Knight departments.

Knights have the highest prestige among the main armies of the empire, thus regular Knights are a target for envy.

However, the probability of becoming a regular knight is extremely low in the Magic Research Department. At best, they'll probably land a job as an office worker if it worked out well.

‘If I get along with them, there would be no other place that's as comfortable as here.’

True to the department’s name, they find weaknesses of magic, investigate their ecology, and establish an overall ‘strategy’.

They're nothing flashy so people tend to ignore them. However, the information you get here makes for a pretty big difference in the future scenarios.

These are the people who will provide tremendous help in Chapter 1 of the scenario.

Of course, since it is a non-mainstream department, it is not attracting new students, which really is discouraging. So let’s give some encouragement.

“I'm not lying, my partner is coming. Also, it will be very crowded here soon.”


“Well, the person coming is someone you can call famous.”

Saying so, I checked my magic wristwatch.

It's about time they arrive.

It's an ‘experienced’ freshman who knows that this kind of study, despite looking modest, is extremely helpful in practice.

“Hello! Is this the Magic Research Depart…ment…uh…?”

The person that came in through the tent of the booth gradually quieted down.

It's probably because they found me.

I gently waved my hand towards them.


I originally didn’t want to get involved with this person.

But I changed my mind.

Especially after listening to the advice of the Lord Angel. So, I decided to change my course of action altogether.

“Is the offer for getting to know each other still valid?”

Elijah Krisanax looked stunned.

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