(EP-4.2) Aftermath 

004 - Aftermath



I couldn't stop myself from smiling, looking at the people listed in the gift-related character window.


Perhaps the amount of names was influenced by [Fatal Charm], but blasting Elijah away was a spectacle in itself.


I then organized each of their information.

Likeability seems to go up in the following order; Curiosity → Interest → Trust. It feels like there are more above, but this is my current reach.


Then, there's up to 5 levels in each stage.


The highest one is, of course, Elnore at Trust Level 2.   


'It's a bit weird.'


The 'important villains' in the story must have seen me, but I can't find any of their names. There's only those near-extra characters.


There could be several reasons.


For example, some are just egotistical and do not care about others. Some are just born crazy, with a different perspective on life.


The problem is.


The final boss, who should have the least interest in me, is the one with the highest likeability!


At the very least, she's at Trust Level 2 compared to others who are just in between curiosity ~ interest.


As for why?   




I have no idea. 

Elnore's related event will be tomorrow. Well, there's no reason to refuse a reward coming your way.


I was able to overpower the main character with one of the two skills I received as a reward. So I'm looking forward to what's to come.

   [ Received Gift Reward from 'Elnore'. ]

   [ ‘Attribute: Tristan Style Swordsmanship’ has been acquired! ]



   < Mastery Info >


   [ Attribute: Tristan Style Swordsmanship ] [ Grade: Basic ]


   [ Duke Tristan's masterful swordsmanship. ]


   [ ■ Can exert a certain level of power regardless of weapon. ]


   [ Raise your attribute level to gain more benefits! ]

“...this again.”


It's great.


As expected of a reward from the final boss. After giving out a skill that can directly shoot its class to EX, it now gave a high performance attribute. 


Duke Tristan is one of the best swordsmen in the entire empire. It can be said that the power of the skill is already guaranteed.




However, the problem is that most of the things related with that family are related to devils.


It may be swordsmanship for now, but the more you dig into the Tristan Family, the more weird things become.


Learning skills derived from them might cause problems later in one way or another.


Well, that is true.   


'Ah, I don't f_cking know.'   


But since I got it, I might as well use it.


In the first place, I am not in a position to be choosy. There's also no question about its capabilities. 


I'll leave the clean-up to the future me.


With that mentality, I accepted the rest of the rewards.



   [ Received Gift Reward from 'Baron Armut'. ]

   [ Acquired 100 points! ]


   [ Received Gift Reward from 'Viscount Lupen'. ]

   [ Acquired 50 points! ]   






Somehow, the rest of the gift rewards were replaced with something called points.


What is this?


   [ Points can be used in the item shop! ]  


Ah, I see.


So you're saying that extra villains just give out lump sum rewards?


Naturally, I'm familiar with this system. I remember it as like an aide where you can purchase various consumable items or buffs to make the gameplay smoother.   


   [ Current Points: 3,500pts ]


But isn't this too much?


3,500 points is a figure that can only be obtained after a long grind in the original game.


No matter how effective the Fatal Charm skill was, how much could it possibly boost my favorability towards villains?


“... Well, good is good.”


Thinking so, I lowered the window all the way down.


Gathering this much was still a great achievement. At least, my options for tomorrow's event have increased significantly.


However, just as I was about to close the window, something strange caught my peripheral.


There was something greyed out at the bottom of the window.



   < Gift-related Character Notification >



   ▼ Elijah Krisanax


   [ Curiosity Level 4 ]


   [ Rewards Currently Unavailable! ]     




Why is she here?    




I thoughtfully stroked my nonexistent beard. 


I'm pretty sure that gift-related characters are only those considered as 'villains' who 'favors' me.     




No, like legit, why is she here?


Doesn't she have no connection to either conditions?


At this time, my brainstorming was cut short by a sudden knock on the door.     


“Ah, is this Mr. Dowd Campbell's room?”



It was a familiar voice.    


“This is Elijah Krisanax. May I come in?"




Scowling, I couldn't help but let out a sigh.


It seems that she's not a good person after all.


I have no idea why she came here out of the blue, but I can only hope that she'll leave if I don't make any sound. 


“I've already asked the teacher, I know whose dorm this is. If you don't answer, I'll break myself in."     


This f_cking b¡tch...!


“...I pray for whoever that teacher is would freeze to death.”


“Oh, so you were inside.”


Despite my direct response, only a clear voice returned from the other end.     


"Could you open the door? There's something I want to tell you."


"...Talk about what?"


"Well, maybe we could get to know each other a little bit?"




I felt a headache.


Facepalming, I let out a groan.


Dowd Campbell. Day 2 of Admission to the academy.


My fate began to intertwine with the main character.


I'm going crazy.




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