(EP-5.1) Exam 

005 - Exam



Elijah brushed the dust off her clothes.


Until now, she's been trying to befriend Dowd Campbell, but was eventually kicked out by the Supervisor.


“Couldn't you just accept? How narrow-minded.”     


However, despite grumbling so much, Elijah's head was still filled with Dowd Campbell.


It's been a while since she'd met such an interesting person.


Although there are rumors that the sparring was fraudulent and rigged. Elijah's intuition was tingling. 


The talent of the man who defeated her in one punch is real.

Though, she's unsure of what method he used.   


'He's definitely got something, that man.'     


She could tell that he's more than what he seems on the surface. 

She was also the kind of person who gets restless about something if it's not answered.


Thus, to draw a reasonable conclusion, she thought...


What would be the best position to learn that talent, watch from the side and gradually find out what kind of person he is?


That is by befriending him!


There's no harm in getting close.     


'...But I don't know how to be friends with a man.'


She grew up in an all-girls monastery. Since childhood, the existence of men was always unknown to her. There were few opportunities to even talk to the opposite sex, let alone make friends.   


However, she had no intention of giving up. 


'But that attitude...'     


No matter where and how she tried to, she couldn't get past him, as if he's the embodiment of an iron wall. 


It even made her embarrassed despite her thick skin.


She had to tactically retreat for now...    



Perhaps too preoccupied with her thoughts, as she turned the corner at the end of the hallway, Elijah bumped into someone coming from the other side.     


"Sorry, I wasn't careful."

"No, I..."


Elijah tried to reflexively respond. However her voice trailed off upon seeing who the other person was.

“Are you hurt?”     


The Student Council President, Elnore, asked while Elijah unconsciously grabbed her sword.


However, she immediately despaired.     


'...I can't win. Never.'     


She inwardly groaned as she instantly gauged the gap between their strength.


Although she currently has skills that are comparable to a regular knight, the other person was just built different.


Regardless of where and how she stabs that person, she could only see herself dying in the end.


'This is Duke Tristan's...'   


Elnore's worthy of being the daughter of a master swordsman, who is regarded as the peak of the continent.


Achieving this level when she's only a few years older than Elijah was a great feat.


She let go of her sword and replied.


"...I'm all right."

Biting her lip, Elijah held down her anger while Elnore only slightly nodded.


Such a response was another thing that added to Elijah's emotions.


Elnore should've seen Elijah hold her sword, yet she didn't even budge.


As if it wasn't something noteworthy.




To this person, Elijah simply mean just that.


An irrelevant existence.


And this was from Elnore, a member of the family that had turned Elijah's whole life upside down.


At this instant, hot rage surged in Elijah, however she forcefully suppressed it from overflowing.

There was no point in revealing that right now. She can't win even if she attacks with a sword.     




Elijah managed to put on a fake smile as she picked up what Elnore had dropped when bumping into her.


It was an envelope. Looking at it, you can see the words 'Dear Dowd Campbell' that were cutely written.


'Why would this person pop up here?'     


Elijah kindly continued.     


"Are you going to where this person is?"


"I am."

“If you turn right here, you will find the place you're looking for.”    


After saying those words, Elijah passed the envelope to Elnore and hurriedly left.


Anyway, her mood wasn't the brightest for running into this person.    


"Wait a moment."    


Elnore suddenly called her.    


"How do you know where Dowd Campbell's room is?"




She doesn't know why Elnore's asking that, but she'll have to answer first.     


“We just met up.”    


As soon as she heard those words, Elnore's hostility suddenly soared.


It wouldn't be strange if she saw me as an enemy to kill.  


'...Enemy? Kill?'     




No, like really, why?

Her expression didn't change even when someone attempted to draw a sword at her. So why was she so angry just because I was with that guy?


As Elijah was in a state of confusion, Elnore asked her another question.    


“For what purpose?”     

The temperature of her voice has significantly gotten colder than before.


It really feels like she'll attack if I do anything sudden.     


“Uh, just to make friends as fellow freshmen...?”    


Elnore's eyes narrowed.

It was evident that she did not like that.


“Dating between new students is prohibited.”




What the hell is she talking about all of a sudden?    


"Anyway, it's forbidden."

“Is there such a school rule…?”


“I just made it.”




Yes, in principle, the Student Council President has that right.


However, it wasn't meant to be abused in this way.   


“So, from now on, you cannot visit Dowd Campbell's room.”


“Um, what relationship does the Student Council President have with that person?”     


Elnore fell silent at her words.


The silence was so long it made Elijah feel awkward despite the one asking the question.

“... There's nothing between us.”     


It was a very difficult answer.


It also felt like it had numerous complaints mixed in. As if she hated having that kind of relationship status.     


“Alright then, please keep in mind what I just told you.”    


Elijah's face grew blank as she watched Elnore leave.    


“What the hell?”    


How can you do this when you're not in any relationship with that person?


Elijah couldn't understand why someone as high as the Duke's daughter would write a man's name in large fonts on the outside of a letter envelope and deliver it.


I heard that Dowd Campbell came from an unremarkable baron family. What businesses does she have from someone like that.     

   -I quite like her.


   -Facade. I know. In fact, I have a rough idea of her actions.


Then, Elijah suddenly remembered these words.


These were what Dowd Campbell had said the other day.


He spoke as if he already knew the Student Council President.   




It was like a eureka moment.

The puzzle pieces seem to fit together.


The Student Council President says she has nothing to do with the man but has. The same man whose identity is still shrouded in mystery...    


'There is something here...!'     


These two are clearly hiding something.


Digging deeper into this might lead to some complicated backstory.


There could be a big secret about Duke Tristan!


Elijah's intuition was screaming.

"Great. Let’s continue trying to befriend him and gather some info.”    


If Dowd himself heard all this, he might also scream.



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