[T/N: Warning! This is an R-18 novel with s3x scenes]

(EP-1.1) Slave Of Witch City

Edited by: Mochiusagi 


The autumn rain was cold.

No matter how much time passes, it was impossible to adapt to the feeling of constantly having rain droplets falling on the skin, and the frigid air that stuck to the blue coveralls.

“It’s dirty and heavy. Fück.”

Shin Si-woo couldn't help, but utter a low-pitched curse as he scooped up a pile of mud that clogged the drain with a shovel.

He, who had neither the courage nor the strength to disobey the system, could only make an invisible act of rebellion.

The rain-bearing raincoat, which heavily weighed on his back, had a musty smell to it. One which he had smelled on the ponchos he had worn during his military service.

When the mud-leaf mixed lump that had been blocking the drain was removed, the pool of stagnant water was finally drained. The Trinity Academy’s Magic Library used a complex drainage system to capture all of the rainwater, which converged into a huge drainage channel, which was 20 meters long, which had a straight passage.

Therefore, Si-woo looked like he had just finished rolling around in the mud.

When he put down the shovel and straightened out his back, there was a loud popping sound, which was evidence of his hard work. 

Fortunately, the morning chores were over. 

After this, Si-woo could stay in his room until 2pm, chew on some dry bread, and sleep for about two hours. For him, who had to work more than 12 hours a day, the power nap was very much needed. 

However, he needed to crawl out of this sh¡thole first.

Looking above, he was greeted by a pair of pretty little feet.

"Keeper, can't you work a little neater?”


The Academy's Assistants, Professors, and Researchers all called Shin Si-woo ‘the Keeper’. It was a title without a surname or first name, but it was a surprisingly humane treatment.

It was an honorable title for a slave belonging to the Central City Hall. It was nothing less than a blessing! 

It was because, depending on where they were assigned, the titles of slaves were generally 'ya', 'hey', 'you there', 'slave', etc.

“Yes yes, I'm sorry.”

After making a halfhearted apology, Si-woo continued to climb out of the waist-high drain, before slightly backing away from the woman's side.

It was nothing special.

“What's going on?”

“Today, we will have a class on male body fluids and its relationship with magic. Change your clothes by 12:00 and wait in front of the 2nd school building.”

After 5 years of slavery, one would naturally start to pick up on certain things. In fact, from when she, an Associate Professor, came to this filthy place in person, Si-woo already felt uneasy. 

As always, the ominous premonitions come true.

“It will be noon once I finish washing up and changing clothes…” 


Si-woo looked at the Associate Professor, who was wearing an unhappy look on her face. Her luscious blonde hair was tied back and neatly arranged, but her alluring lips were currently closed, frowning in a disapproving way.

At once glance, she looked annoyed, but Si-woo knew that behind her gleaming blue sapphire, magic imbued eyes...

“You don't have any complaints, do you?”

As soon as the hard labor was over, Associate Professor Amelia Marigold would drop her facade, and was a Witch who was obsessed with Si-woo.

But one thing should not be misunderstood here. 

The reason Amelia was called a ‘Witch’ was not because she had an unusually hysterical and dogmatic character. 

Rather, this beautiful young lady, who seemed to have just turned 20, was literally a 'Witch'. In other words, a real Witch who inherited the Witch's Brand from her predecessor 'Marigold' and has lived for decades.

"No, I'll be ready shortly.”

Si-woo hurriedly bowed his head and apologized. In this city, Witches were a special class.

Even if a mere slave like Si-woo was killed just because a Witch didn't like his words or actions, no one would argue.

"Wait a moment."

Amelia fluttered her long eyelashes and called out to Si-woo. 

Her alluring aura, perfect proportions and peak beauty were meticulously crafted by God. Just based on her doll-like appearance, no one would think that she was a vicious Witch at all. Amelia said, after pausing for a moment.

“Have you changed your mind yet? I think 5 years is enough time to refresh it.”

She used a businesslike voice like usual, but there was a hint of something else. It was also a subtle seduction. 

Shi-woo felt his mind go blank for a moment. 

It was because he realized the implications behind her words. At that moment, Si-woo felt a fragment of emotion that shouldn't have remained.

It was pride.

“It won't work. Well, we're running out of time, so I'll be going first."

Si-woo pulled out the shovel that had been stuck in the muddy mountain and turned around. 

Amidst the pouring rain, Amelia was left standing there as her eyes narrowed.

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