Chapter 179: No Longer Endure!

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On Planet Laika, inside the Imperial Palace's study.

Lorne, the Emperor of the Laika Empire, was very frustrated at the moment. There were two more reported cases of the Kabat Empire's people committing murder in the Capital today.

Such things happen almost every day. Despite being the Emperor, he was not only unable to protect his people, he's even unable to catch these murderers, making him feel very frustrated.

However, for the survival of the entire civilization, even if it was frustrating, he must endure!

Fortunately, the people of the Empire seemed to understand Lorne and did not blame him for holding back. Everyone knew that it was Lorne, who was feeling the worst from this situation.

Currently, the people of the entire empire were holding back the anger in their hearts. But once an opportunity presented itself, they would tear that group of Kabat Empire people to pieces!


Suddenly, Lorne heard some disturbance outside the door. Soon, the door of the study was pushed open and a knight rushed in.

"Your Majesty, Chief Knight Delin has sent a message. It is very urgent!"

The knight ignored the guards at the door and rushed directly into the Emperor's study, kneeling on one knee, saying with a very agitated expression.

It was a big crime to enter the Emperor's study without being summoned, but when Lorne heard that there was an urgent message from Delin, he didn't say anything. He knew that what Delin called urgent was usually a big event.

But looking at the knight's agitated expression, Lorne was a bit confused.

"Go ahead, what's the news?"

"Your Majesty, Chief Knight Delin was leading the knights touring the Resource Planets, when an unknown fleet suddenly appeared and claimed to be a Level 4 Civilization named the Human Federation!"

Hearing this, Lorne immediately stood up.

'A Level 4 Civilization? The Kabat Empire is only a Level 3 Civilization, right?'

'This is a big deal, but why does the knight have an excited expression on his face?'

"Is there something else you haven't said?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. According to this Level 4 Civilization, the Kabat Empire was destroyed by them more than half a year ago, and now the Kabat Empire no longer exists!"

"What!? Is the news true?"

This news had shocked Lorne. The powerful Kabat Empire was gone?

However, thinking about how the Kabat Empire abused them, it seemed normal for a Level 4 Civilization to destroy them.

"Yes, Your Majesty. Chief Knight Delin said that the fleet of that Level 4 Civilization looks so much more powerful than that of the Kabat Empire's. Every single one of their warships is also extremely huge, so there is no need for them to lie to us!"

Listening to the knight's words, Lorne became agitated. Even his emotions went slightly out of control.

"Yes! Yes!!! Yes!!!"

"Kabat Empire, you finally have your day! Hahahahahahaha!!!"

"Your Majesty?"

Looking at Lorne, who was crazily laughing, the knight became a little worried.

This was indeed a great thing, but what if His Highness became too excited and something happened? That wouldn't be good.

"No matter, I'm just overjoyed! Go, order all of the Royal Knights that's still on the planet to immediately attack and arrest all of the Kabat Empire people. Tomorrow, I will personally preside over the execution!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Hearing Lorne's words, the knight was overwhelmed with excitement. This was something that all of the Laikans had been thinking about every day for 20 years, and now it was finally happening!

The knight immediately exited the study and went to deliver the order.

The knights who had received the order were excited. Immediately changing into their equipment and set off with vigor.

On one of the streets of the Capital, five people from the Kabat Empire were surrounding a male Laikan in the middle of the avenue.

The Laikan had only accidentally fallen and bumped into a Kabat Empire man.

But now, he was lying on the ground, curled up, being beaten up by the five Kabat Empire people.

The onlookers were all red-eyed and gritting their teeth. They couldn't go do anything, but watch.


After all, the Kabat Empire had said that if one of their people died, the entire Laika Empire would be buried with them.


Emperor Lorne had begged everyone to endure, until the moment when the Empire could rise again!

Therefore, all of the Laikans could only endure. Even the one who's being beaten was shaking his heads at the others, signaling them not to come to help!

If not, the entire Empire's 20 years of enduring would be in vain.

It was at this moment that 100 men rushed around the corner. They were not just any ordinary men either, they were the Royal Knights!

The people on the roadside were puzzled, why did the Royal Knights come?

Nonetheless, they all gave way to this group.

After the knights rushed past, they immediately surrounded the five Kabat Empire people in the middle.

"By order of His Majesty Lorne, all of the Kabat people are to be arrested and executed tomorrow at noon!"

The knight in the front stepped forward and shouted.

A group of knights immediately rushed and pinned the five Kabat people to the ground.

The five men still looked confused as they were pinned to the ground, not understanding the situation. Even the surrounding people were confused.

"Don't worry, we don't have to put up with the Kabat Empire anymore. His Majesty said that all of the Kabat people will be executed tomorrow at noon, right in front of the palace!"

After a few seconds of silence, the entire street burst into cheers!

Although they didn't know what was going on, His Majesty Lorne had said that they wouldn't have to endure any more, so what could be a happier occasion than this?

Many of the people immediately rushed up, wanting to kill the Kabat people with their own hands.

Luckily, the knights came forward and formed a circle to stop them all.

"Everyone, these people cannot die yet. They must wait until tomorrow to be executed in front of all the people of the Empire, so please calm down!

However, now that the humiliation of the past 20 years had broken out of the bottle, the people could not be quelled.

When the Knight Commander saw that the situation was not good, he immediately gave orders to the knights.

"1st squad, escort the five Kabat people. 2nd squad, open up a path ahead. 3rd and 4th squad, protect both sides. 5th squad, protect the rear. Our target is the palace, retreat immediately!"


The knights immediately acted according to the order. Although there were only 100 of them, the knights were wearing high-tech armor. They could go to the sky and sea, even into space. Naturally, ordinary people wouldn't be able to do anything to them. 

Meanwhile, the same thing was happening all over Laika!

On the same day, all 180 Kabat people were arrested and put into the dungeon to be executed tomorrow.

The whole dungeon was filled with cursing and threatening noises that could not be stopped.

However, the guards in the dungeon did not care. Only cold smiles appeared at the corners of their mouths.

At this time, Lin Fan's Guard Fleet, led by Delin and the Royal Knights, arrived at the orbit of Laika.

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