Chapter 180: Energy Crystals.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Lin Fan took his dear wives and the Expert Team members to board the shuttle ship to Planet Laika.

Lorne naturally arranged a grand greeting ceremony. 10,000 Royal Knights formed two rows in the air to the front of the palace, forming a passage, while Lin Fan's shuttle ship descended along the path.

Through the portholes, the experts looked around and were really interested in the knights. Speculating on how they work and the technology behind it.

Some even raised the idea that if they get the technology from the Laika Empire, they could upgrade their technology and replace their mechas.

For Lin Fan, he could understand the battle armor, the mount and these riders. But the question was, how can such a small mount and the battle armor worn by the knights get energy?

The Humans knew that to operate such high-powered tech, the energy needed would be tremendous.

This kind of energy was definitely not worse than nuclear fusion. But the more important thing was, the Laika Empire was only a Level 2 Civilization. So how did they come up with such high-end tech energy?

However, Lin Fan believed that the Expert Team would take care of this. He was also very optimistic about the Laika Empire and thought that the latter should not have too much problem in passing the requirements needed for becoming an Affiliated Civilization.

When the shuttle ship landed on the ground, Lorne was already waiting with a group of Ministers.

Although Lin Fan said that they were not malicious, the Laika Empire was right to be cautious. After all, the former was a power that could easily destroy the Kabat Empire and was a Level 4 Civilization.

After the introductions, Lin Fan naturally did his usual thing and took the two women out for a tour. Lorne also arranged for a team of Royal Knights to escort them.

Speaking of which, the Laikans and Humans were actually very similar. They were similar in height and body shape. They had the same build and appearance. The only difference was that the Laikans had blue skin and had one more eye on their foreheads than Humans. They appeared like they came out of myths and legends.

Along the way, Lin Fan found that the Laikans were actually not much different from the Human Federation's technology path. He had the feeling that they had returned to Earth. It's just the latter's military technology had deviated from the Humans.

Their knights were synonymous with the Humans' medieval knights in ancient times. 

The Laikans' culture around knights was so deep, that even with all the advances in their technology, their way of thinking about knights remained sacred.

Hence, instead of creating spaceships, they fully developed their knights. Their original mounts were replaced with mechanical mounts and their armors were upgraded with high-tech battle armor.

The most exaggerated of all was their weapons. The knights were actually wielding a gun and sword! Don't mistake a knight charging at them in an attempt to engage in close range combat. Their gun was a long-range weapon – a beam type – able to shoot energy beams.

As for their sword, they look like they came out of an anime from Lin Fan's former life. With a wave of their sword, sword light would be sent out. Of course, it's not something like sword intent, but more an application of energy. It's just that it's form of expression was through a sword.

Simply put, the knight's gun was a long-range high-powered weapon, their sword was a medium-range medium-powered weapon, and their mount was a single-person ship.

After discovering these, Lin Fan even wanted to get a set of knight equipment to try out. Wouldn't it be cool?

After some days of playing and tinkering around, Lin Fan discovered the energy source that the Laika Empire used. Their Star System and several Resource Stars were rich in a type of crystal, which was called by the Laikans as Energy Crystals.

The crystal itself contains no energy, but interestingly enough, it can store energy. A lot of it.

Even a small crystal can store the energy needed to sustain a warship in a single battle, how scary was that?!

The most important thing was that this kind of crystal was found everywhere on several Resource Stars of the Laika Empire, and was practically inexhaustible.

Three days later, Lin Fan received news from the Expert Team. After evaluation, the potential score of the Laika Empire reached 9.2 points!

Although Lin Fan thought from the beginning that the potential score of the Laika Empire would be good, he did not expect that their potential score would be so high.

Anyone who could reach above 9 points was definitely an extremely outstanding Civilization.

The Expert Team then sent an invitation to Lorne to become the Human Federation's Affiliated Civilization. Lorne's initial reaction was similar to Augustus'. No, it should be said that it was even stronger than Augustus'.

After all, the Laika Empire had just suffered 20 years of torture from the Kabat Empire. So when he heard the words "Affiliated Civilization", his expression immediately changed.

The Expert Team was prepared for this situation, so after explaining the System in detail to Lorne, Lorne's expression eased.

After repeated discussions with the Ministers, he finally made up his mind to sign the affiliation agreement and become one of the Affiliated Civilizations of the Human Federation.

After all, except for the title of an Affiliated Civilization, the whole agreement really does not look like an Affiliated Civilization. It was more like a Multi-Civilization Cooperation Agreement with the Human Federation as the main hub.

Five days later, everything was done. When Lin Fan brought the two women back to the Palace, Lorne immediately came up to greet them.

Initially, Lorne did not know Lin Fan's identity. It was until a few days ago, that someone from the Expert Team told him that Lin Fan was in fact the son of the leader of the Human Federation. Only then did Lorne realize that the man, who came down and took the two girls on a tour, was actually the prince of the Human Federation.

Now that he has decided to join the Human Federation, Lorne naturally knew that obtaining a favorable impression was crucial. So after hearing that Lin Fan was interested in the knight's battle armor, he directly sent Lin Fan a set.

It's not an ordinary battle armor set either. It was actually one of the seven Paladin Armors of the Laika Imperial Family. Lin Fan doesn't don't know if it's a coincidence, but even the color was to Lin Fan's taste; silver and white.

Naturally, Lin Fan did not put on airs and accepted it.

Ron was also very happy when he saw that Lin Fan accepted it.

This was the prince of a Level 4 Civilization. Since the latter has received his gift, if there is any trouble in the Laika Empire in the future, the latter would definitely lend some help.

After finishing the matters with the Laika Empire, Lin Fan's Guard Fleet resumed its journey and set off for the next Civilization.

Lorne, like August, also crazily grinded for points.

In addition to uploading their technology, they also sold Energy Crystals to the Human Federation on a large scale at a price of 10 points per crystal, which made Ron excited. After all, this thing was not worth much in the Laika Empire. Its price couldn't even buy a meal. 

Under the order of Lorne, the entire Laika Empire mined for more in the different Resource Planets. 

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