Chapter 175: Subordinate Civilization.

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Inside the Uranus, Lin Fan gave Meng Fei, the leader of the Expert Team, a strange look.

'A warship built entirely on the basis of steam technology? Are you sure you're not joking?'

When he saw Lin Fan's expression, Meng Fei sighed.

"To be honest, even I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. But our scan results say otherwise. Although there are many parts of the warship's power core that I can't understand, it is indeed a huge steam engine system. A steam engine developed to the extreme."

Meng Fei said with a sigh of relief.

Honestly, this was subverting his views. 

After all, mankind entered the steam revolution and then moved on to the electrical revolution. They did not continue on the path of steam technology.

But the Civilization in front of them had obviously gone all the way to the 'dark side' of all-steam technology. In terms of technology alone, the Og Empire was much more advanced than the Human Federation.

"Can you imagine that their guns actually use steam power to shoot their projectiles? Can you imagine their ammunition is actually a compressed steam projectile, that once hit, the compressed steam inside the chamber explodes? I am afraid that their power is not weaker than an ordinary Level 3 Civilization!"

"This is really an interesting Civilization, I am looking forward to visiting their planet!"

Listening to Meng Fei's words, Lin Fan's curiosity was completely aroused. He agreed with what Meng Fei had just said.

Just because Humanity took a different path, others will also be the same. There were indeed many paths one can take. It doesn't matter how or what it was, as long as the end result was the same

As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. As Humans discover more and more Civilizations, they would inevitably find that many things that Humans thought were impossible were actually possible.

The concept of steam was also very interesting. Lin Fan had watched some films and television works in his previous life; those steampunk world views were very similar to what this Civilization developed into. This journey was surely going to be interesting.

Although Lin Fan was very excited now, there was a tragedy. The speed of the other side's ship was too slow!

The pilot on the bridge told Lin Fan that at this speed, it would take them 1 day to reach Planet Og. It was only out of courtesy that Lin Fan had to let the fleet slowly follow the Patrol Ship.

Finally, after a day, the Guard Fleet arrived on Planet Og along with the Patrol Ship.

Here, Lin Fan saw a Steampunk Civilization in the Interstellar Era. The star port on the orbit and the various spaceships around it were in a steampunk style.

At this time, a majestic ship drew close. At the same time, Lin Fan also received a communication request from the other side.

This was the exclusive ship of the Royal Family. Or to put it more directly, it was the ship belonging to Emperor Augustus.

At this moment, Augustus was looking at the huge fleet of ships in the distance through the porthole window; each of them was several times the size of his own ship.

'This Civilization must not be offended!' Augustus thought in his mind.

Lin Fan took his two darlings, more than 20 representatives from the Expert Team and dozens of soldiers, then went to Augustus' ship via a shuttle.

A few minutes later, when the group boarded Augustus' ship, Augustus himself was already there with several Ministers greeting them at the door.

"Your Excellencies, I am Emperor Augustus of the Og Empire, welcome!

Augustus acted very respectfully.

Lin Fan didn't reply. After all, this was not his duty, he simply brought the two girls down to have fun.

As for the evaluation and negotiation with the Og Empire, the Expert Team was responsible for all of it.

Soon, someone in the Expert Team took up the words of Augustus. However, they did not act high and mighty just because they were an advanced Civilization.

The initial conversation between the two sides could be said to be relatively pleasant.

Speaking of which, the Og people were a bit like the dwarves in some of the media from Lin Fan's previous life. They were just like Humans, but they were generally between 1.2 and 1.5 meters in height. More importantly, they were very hairy.

Of course, the negotiator also introduced Lin Fan during the conversation with Augustus.

When Augustus learned that Lin Fan was the leader of the Human Legion, and the fleet in front of him was only one of the many fleets under the said Legion, he looked at Lin Fan with more respect.

This was especially so when he learned that Lin Fan did not intend to participate in the meeting, and instead, only came to visit the planet. Augustus immediately patted his chest, saying that he would arrange special guards and tour guides for Lin Fan, that all of Lin Fan's expenses would be covered by the Royal Family.

Lin Fan just smiled. This was good, otherwise, if the three of them go shopping by themselves, it would be a disaster. First of all, they were not familiar with the place. Second, how could they buy anything if they had no money, aka the native currency?

They can't just commit robbery, can they?

Half an hour or so later, the ship started its atmospheric operation towards the surface of the planet.

It must be said that the technology of the Og Empire was really something. After all, a ship of this size can't directly land on the planet, which was most of the Level 2 Civilizations. Even some of the early stage Level 3 Civilizations couldn't do it either.

After arriving at the surface, Augustus immediately arranged for Lin Fan's tour guide and a team of Royal Guards. Soon, Lin Fan left with the two ladies. After all, the proceedings and negotiations were the Expert Team's business, Lin Fan had nothing to do with it.

The three explored and had their fun for the whole week. It was only until Lin Fan received a notice from the Expert Team, then he took the two ladies back to the Palace of the Og Empire.

When Lin Fan returned to the Palace, he learned the results of the negotiations from Meng Fei.

The first thing was that, after the Expert Team's evaluation, the Og Civilization's potential score reached 7.2 points – meeting the basic requirements that the Human Federation needed for an affiliated Civilization.

The so-called potential score was a potential assessment method developed by the experts of the Human Federation. Through a comprehensive assessment of a Civilization's historical progress, technological routes, Civilization system, the proportion of the population of each occupation, and so on – more than 100 items – with a full score of 10 points, the minimum requirement of the Human Federation was 7.

Therefore, the Expert Team invited the Og Empire to become an affiliated Civilization of the Human Federation.

Of course, at first, when Augustus heard the invitation, he was not interested, even gloomy. He knew what an affiliated Civilization was, and becoming an affiliated Civilization meant being constantly squeezed of all their worth by the main Civilization. It basically meant that the development potential of their own Civilization would be cut off.

However, when Augustus looked at the Human Federation's affiliated Civilization agreement, he was stunned.

'Are you kidding me? You're telling me this is an affiliated Civilization?'

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