Chapter 174: Steam Civilization.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

With the information he obtained from Basil, Lin Fan was relieved and focused on preparing for his visit to the Luolan Star Field.

A month later, a small fleet of warships escorting more than 1,000 Human Federation experts belonging to various fields arrived in Loulan.

These people were divided into ten teams, with more than 100 people in each team. In each team, except for 10 people in the Diplomatic Team, the rest covered almost all of the fields.

Together they formed an Evaluation Team that would evaluate all aspects of the Civilizations they encountered during their journey, and determine if they met the basic criteria for the Human Federation's recruitment of affiliated Civilizations.

Originally, Lin Fan himself didn't plan to go, but after thinking about it, he thought it would be better to take this opportunity as a vacation with his wives. So Lin Fan's and Emma's Fleets became one of the two remaining fleets that went along with the expedition.

So the three fleets belonging to Lin Fan, Liang Xue and Emma, set off with the Guard Fleet along with the team of experts.

Two days later, the Guard Fleet arrived at their first stop, which was also one of the places directly connected with Loulan via the Star Path. According to the Star Map of the Orion's Arm Branch provided by the System, Lin Fan knew that this Star System was called Og, and belonged to a Level 2 Civilization – the Og Empire.

However, not long after exiting the warp and obtaining the images of some ships in the Star System, the people on the bridge were dumbfounded. Even the members of the Expert Team were stunned.

'Were these really spaceships? Was this a joke?'

The reason why they acted like this was because the ships that they saw were weird. It was very 'steampunk' and unlike any other 'futuristic', 'technological' ships of other Civilizations.

After further scanning, they even found that the other party's ships were being driven by something similar to steam engines! How could they not be stunned? Like was this really a 'space'-ship!?

"Commander, there's an incoming communication request, should we pick it up?"

"Yes, put it through!"

Lin Fan recovered from his daze and nodded.

"This is the Border Patrol Ship of the Og Empire. May I ask which Civilization you are from? What is your business with the Og Empire? Do you need assistance?"

There was a hint of flattery in the person's voice, which made Lin Fan a bit confused. What kind of Border Patrol was this? Why were they flattering an unknown fleet?

But Lin Fan immediately slapped his forehead, he forgot that the other side was only a Level 2 Civilization.

However, when the other party saw a fleet of 20,000 warships, they immediately threatened.

"The fleet in front, immediately state your purpose. Otherwise we will forcefully expel you!"

The personnel in the Og Patrol Ship were scared to death by the sudden turn of events.

Picking up his communicator, Lin Fan replied back!

"We are a Level 4 Civilization called the Human Federation. We are here for a friendly visit, don't worry!"

However, what Lin Fan didn't know was that his casual reply had scared the wits out of the Og Empire people.

Their mouths kept repeating...

"Level 4 Civilization... Human Federation... Level 4 Civilization... The Human Federation!"

The most powerful Civilization they had ever seen was just a Level 3 Civilization, which was the Kabat Empire. That level could destroy their Empire with a single blow.

Now there was an even higher leveled Civilization, a Level 4? Was that not a God-like existence!?

Not to mention, just by looking at the Human Federation's fleet, they were clearly much stronger than the Kabat Empire. Each of their warships was so huge!

Therefore, the Og Empire patrol did not doubt the claim that what they're facing was a Level 4 Civilization.

Immediately, they replied in a very flattering tone and with the utmost respect.

"I will immediately inform the Emperor to prepare and welcome the esteemed guests!"

Hearing the other side's message, Lin Fan smiled bitterly. He does not deny that a Level 4 Civilization was too intimidating in an area like the Loulan Star Field.

"Okay, Liang Xue, we and Emma will visit their planet for a stroll. We're on a vacation, let's just let the Evaluation Team handle it."


Liang Xue also smiled happily.

Lin Fan indeed took this time to bring the two girls on vacation. He even talked to Lin Zhen, Ed and Sanders about it.

Lin Zhen didn't have any opinion. He even hoped that Lin Fan would 'produce' some 'results' with the two women, so that he could finally have grandchildren.

Ed, as Lin Zhen's good friend, naturally had nothing to say. They basically had the same brain.

As for Sanders, his granddaughter was in another fleet, so he also had no objections.

Soon, Emperor Augustus, who was dealing with official documents in the palace, received the message from the patrol ship. He was frozen for a while, before finally being able to react.

"Someone, immediately have the Royal Ceremonial Team prepare with the highest standard! Also inform all of the Ministers to come to the Palace immediately!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

When the guard heard the words of Augustus, they were shocked.

However, they didn't think much about it and immediately ran out to deliver the order of their Emperor.

The Patrol Ships in contact with Lin Fan also received the order from Augustus to welcome the esteemed guests to the planet.

After communicating with Lin Fan again and receiving the latter's approval, the personnel in the patrol ship all breathed a sigh of relief. They adjusted their course and led the way towards Planet Og.

It was lively inside the Uranus. After all, the other party was only a Level 2 Civilization. There was nothing to worry about.

Under the powerful scanning equipment of the Uranus, the entire Patrol Ship was stripped naked.

However, the results of the scan threw the expert team in an uproar.

"This is impossible, absolutely impossible!"

"What makes you say it's impossible? The scan results are right in front of you, you just don't want to believe them!"

"I know, it's just a little hard to accept!"

"Just because we took this path, it doesn’t mean that others will also be the same. There are many paths one can take. It doesn't matter how or what it is, as long as the end result is the same!"

Looking at the two most noisy experts, Lin Fan became curious.

"What exactly did you two find that made you this restless?"

Lin Fan walked over and asked the two men.

"Commander Lin Fan, we're just shocked by what path/type of technology this Civilization took. It is really unbelievable!"

"Oh? How so?"

Lin Fan became more and more curious. To be able to surprise experts like this, it seemed to be very interesting.

"How can I put it? Well, it's like what would happen if mankind did not discover electricity after the steam revolution?"

"You mean...?"

"Yes, the Civilization in front of us has developed using steam technology. It developed so extremely that they somehow built ships, like the Patrol Ship, on the basis of steam technology!"

"Huh, a steam powered ship?"

Lin Fan had a 'are you joking with me right now' expression. 

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