Chapter 169: Special Operation.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

Silence permeated on the bridge of the Sierra Empire's flagship.

"Commander Basil, the Royal Guard Fleet..."

"I SEE it!"

Basil knew what his Adjutant wanted to say and interrupted. He knew and saw what was happening! But there's no way around it, was there?

What he needed to worry about right now was not the Royal Guard Fleet, but how many of their 3 million warships could successfully retreat!

After all, even if they reached the Star Path, it was impossible to enter it all at once because of the limited amount of space. 

Once they arrive at the Star Path, they would have to set up layers/form waves of groups with their backs against the Star Path. They could only retreat, one wave after another, and at the same time, defend against the attacks from the other side.

In Basil's calculation, 1 million warships surviving was already a miracle.

Above all, even if they retreat back to the Empire, could they stand against a Level 4 Civilization?

If one thought about it, the risk of the Empire's destruction was just around the corner!

"Adjutant, how long until we reach the Star Path?"

"We're 5 million kilometers away, and at our speed, it will take about 10 minutes!"

"Good. When we are 3 million kilometers away, start deploying our fleet and build a defensive line against the entrance of the Star Path. Defend as you retreat!"

"Yes, Commander Basil!"

But, the next moment, something unexpected happened.

The Io Federation's Queen's Guard Fleet made a short warp, and suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Star Path without any warning, forming a blockade!

Basil was dumbfounded.

The Io Federation warships were equipped with Warp Engines? Didn't Level 4 Civilizations consider Warp Engines as strategic equipment, and never sold them?

What has this world come to?

Basil then realized something. He now understood how the Io Federation fleet first appeared!

The Io Federation did not come through the Star Path, but rather, they created an illusion that they came out of it! They warped to the exit of the Star Path wave by wave, and then...

From the very beginning, the Sierra Empire had already fallen into the opponents' hands!

Before Basil could even finish sighing, his Adjutant suddenly anxiously shouted!

"It's not good, Commander Basil! The two unidentified fleets are approaching behind us. They are expected to start attacking the rear of our formation in 5 minutes; their speed has reached 50,000 km/s!"

However, Commander Basil was not surprised by this. It was to be expected. 

Even the performance of the warships they bought from the Babawi Empire only had a maximum speed of 30,000 km/s, so it was normal for a Level 4 Civilization warship to reach 50,000 km/s, wasn't it?

"Order the rear of the formation to detach five Legions to block the two unknown fleets, while the rest will assault the Io Federation ahead!"

"Yes, Commander Basil!"

With Basil's order, the five Legions behind the formation – a total of 1.5 million warships – started to turn around and clash against the Human fleets that were about to arrive.

The remaining 2 million warships formed one assault formation after another, and began to break through to the Io Federation's blockade in waves; one Legion per wave!

Elena was also under great pressure. After all, the enemy had 2 million warships and their Energy Shields were not invincible.

But at this time, she had to push through. They had already fought to this point. Even if they paid a huge price, they can't let the Sierra Empire get into the Star Path!

Upon contact of the two opposing sides, the dark void was illuminated by a variety of lights coming from energy bullets, lasers, etc. shuttling back and forth. The intensity of the firepower was enough to make people's scalp numb. It didn't matter if it's the defending or the attacking side, both were bombarding each other in various formations in a very small area!

"Lin Fan, if this goes on, the Io Federation will suffer a lot!"

Liang Xingchen said to Lin Fan, as he looked at the battle at the entrance of the Star Path.

"Indeed, even the Queen's Guard Fleet will not be able to withstand such a bombardment. After all, the Energy Shields they're using are not as powerful as ours."

"Yes, we need to think of a way to help them. They are our allies after all, we can't just watch them get killed!"

"We need to capture the enemy Commander to get information. We need to know how the Sierra Empire has gotten so many Babawi Empire warships! Hence, I want to carry out a special operation!"

Lin Fan thought for a moment and then said.

"Special operation? Are you planning to...?"

After hearing Lin Fan's words, Liang Xingchen understood what Lin Fan wanted to do, but wasn't it a bit risky?

"That's right, I plan to take down the opponent's flagship and capture their Commander alive! Commander Liang, you must understand, we must get this intelligence. Otherwise, the Human Federation may be in danger!"

After Lin Fan finished speaking, Liang Xingchen also nodded his head. He understood Lin Fan's concern.

It was indeed very unusual for the Sierra Empire to obtain 120,000 Babawi Empire warships. If there was any relationship between the Sierra Empire and the Babawi Empire, it could lead to the Babawi Empire noticing the Human Federation. It was necessary for them to make preparations in advance.

Therefore, information was very important. Even if they have to pay a hefty price, they must obtain it!

The most direct way to get the information was to capture the opponent's Commander. Only by capturing someone with a high enough status, could they extract significant information!

"I understand, but don't be reckless. Only do it when you have a good chance!"

"I understand, don't worry!"

When the two finished talking, Lin Fan started a group communication. 

Soon, the nine fleet Commanders from the 2nd Fleet to the 10th fleet appeared on the bridge of the Uranus.

"We will carry out an unconventional special operation! The target is the flagship of the Sierra Empire, the 15 million ton heavy Battleship!"

"The Commander in that Battleship is likely to have information regarding the survival of the Human Federation. Our mission is to capture their flagship and capture the Commander inside it alive!"

When the Commander heard Lin Fan's words, they were both a little excited and worried.

Excited because this kind of battle was like taking the general's head amidst being in the enemy's army. It's a valiant and adrenaline-pumping feat!

Worried because it was not easy to do. There were millions of enemy warships clustered together, which would certainly minimize their chances of success!

Even if they do succeed, they would still have to pay a huge price!

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