Chapter 170: Special Operation Begins.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

Lin Fan waved his hand and opened the tactical panel.

From above, he could clearly see the current situation. The Io Federation's Queen's Guard Fleet had set up a blockade along the way to the Star Path.

From more than 2 million kilometers away were the 2 million warships of the Sierra Empire, forming 7 assault formations. One of which was advancing towards the Queen's Guard Fleet at a high speed!

After that, about 1,000,000 kilometers away, were 5 Legions of the Sierra Empire with 1,500,000 warships, forming a tight defensive line and facing the two Human legions.

The last one, was the 1st and 2nd Legions of the Human Federation, which were now close to 5 million kilometers.

"As you can see, the target is located in one of the seven raiding columns in front, which we temporarily call the Sierra Guard Legion."

"Although we can accomplish this operation by assaulting them directly, we will pay a hefty price by going through a frontal fire from their 1.7 million warships, plus the 900,000 warships from at least 3 rear formations during the assault!"

"Therefore, in order to keep our damage within tolerable limits, we need to attack in a more roundabout way."

Hearing this, everyone immediately wore serious expressions. They all looked at Lin Fan and pricked up their ears.

As Lin Fan said, facing the other side's 3 million warships directly was very dangerous. Even if their operation wouldn't fail, the casualties would greatly exceed the bearable range.

Hence, Lin Fan's strategy was key.

"First of all, we have to wait until the 2nd Legion starts their assault. When there are only five enemy legions left in the target area, we can take action!"

"Chris and Emma will lead the 2nd and 3rd Fleet to the left side of the formation! Ayako and Carol will lead the 6th and 7th Fleet to the right side of the formation! After the operation starts, each of you will fly in an arc to the outside. Use your speed to quickly bypass the five enemy legions in front of you, and then make a cross breakthrough from both sides of the target to disrupt their formation!"

"After that, you will lead your fleets to attack the surrounding 4 enemy legions, so that they wouldn't have the time to protect their Guard Legion in the center."

"Li Cangdou, Sophia, Dennis, and Elio will form an assault formation towards the target, while my Guard Fleet along with Yunting's 10th Fleet will hide in the middle of your fleets! The 2nd Legion will provide fire support for us."

"Your mission is to cover me and Yunting to break through the enemy line, attacking the Sierra Guard Legion!"

"After we leave, you will turn to meet the enemy and form a crossfire with the 2nd Legion. Then pummel them hard!"

"Finally, the Guard Fleet will capture the target, while Yunting's 10th Fleet will provide protection around them!"

"That's all of the details of the battle, do you understand?"

"Yes, Commander!"

"Good, now go back and prepare. When the second Sierra Legion attacks the Io Federation's Star Path blockade, that's when we will act!"


While Lin Fan and the others were having their battle meeting, the battle at the entrance of the Star Path was becoming more and more intense, as the distance between the two sides kept getting closer.

The distance between the two sides was now close to 1.5 million kilometers. With both sides in a dense formation, the hit rate had already reached a terrifying level!

Even if the Io Federation had Energy Shields, it still stung. After all, the hit rate was too high, and the shields were not invincible. Once they exceed their hit limit, they would deactivate and need time to recharge.

The most crucial thing was that the Io Federation was currently using a dense formation, which meant that it was difficult to move their warships either forward and backward. This made some of their warships that had low shield integrity, unable to quickly retreat to the rear and recover. In the end, they could only watch as their shield receded and eventually be destroyed!

On the other hand, just as the Io Federation was having a hard time, the Sierra Empire was having an even harder time with their assault.

They were in a similar dense formation, but Io Federation at least had Energy Shields to block some shots, while they were just relying on their warships' armor!

If they were hit by a few rounds of secondary cannons, it was still fine. But if they get hit by the main cannons, even if it's just for 1 or 2 rounds, then they're basically finished!

In four minutes' time, the Sierra Empire's assault force had advanced 1.8 million kilometers. But they had also lost more than 80,000 warships in the process. As they got closer, the hit rate became higher and the rate of their loss increased.

Likewise, the Queen's Guard Fleet was also fighting very hard, losing 5000 warships in 4 minutes, with a trade ratio of 1:16.

This was not a good situation. After all, the Queen's Guard Fleet only had 200,000 warships. According to this damage rate, after eliminating the Sierra Empire's first wave, they would have already reached 20,000!

The second wave would then be 180,000 vs. 300,000, not to mention that the opponent's strength will remain unchanged in each wave, while their own side decreases in each wave. As the number of warships decreases, their damage would only increase!

Even if they could stop all the 7 legions of the opponent, there would not be many warships left in the Queen's Guard Fleet.

Most importantly, according to Elena's estimation, they may not even be able to stop 5 waves!

When Elena had fallen into distress, the second legion of the Sierra Empire started to move. With the first legion blocking the front, the second wave could take advantage of the situation to pass at least 1 million kilometers safely!

This made Elena's expression darken. This meant that when she finally defeated the first wave of the Sierra Empire's legions and the second wave started, both sides would already enter  a close distance.

This meant that the Queen's Guard Fleet's Energy Shield advantage would be further reduced, and their casualties would be further expanded.

Fortunately, Lin Fan informed Elena that she only had to stop 2 waves of the attack, because Lin Fan's 1st Legion was on the move!

When the second wave of attack was launched by the Sierra Empire, four of Lin Fan's fleet started to speed up and fly in an arc towards the sides of their formation.

The remaining six fleets also started to accelerate. Four of them formed an assault formation and wrapped the other two fleets in the center.

The 2nd Legion, under Liang Xingchen's command, spread out and poured suppressing fire.

With this sudden change, the whole rear of the battlefield turned chaotic.

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