Chapter 76: Natural Calamity.

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Looking at Zhou Yuanzheng's expression, Shen Changqing felt a little uneasy.

"Dare I ask Guardian Zhou, what exactly is that thing?"

Although Jiang Fu on the side did not say anything, his face was also full of curiosity.

He also wanted to know.

'What exactly is that thing?'

From the look on Zhou Yuanzheng's face, that thing was definitely not simple.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be so bad as to make a Guardian turn pale.

"If I'm not wrong, that thing should be called a Natural Calamity."

Zhou Yuanzheng said in a calm tone.

He did not wait for Shen Changqing and Jiang Fu to open their mouths, as he continued to explain.

"The Natural Calamity is knowledge that's far from your reach at your current level, but since you already know it, then I might as well give you a detailed explanation. So that in the future, should you encounter a Natural Calamity, you can come up with appropriate measures."


Hearing this, the two perked up their ears.

Zhou Yuanzheng said: "The so-called Natural Calamity, in essence, is considered a kind of monster. It’s just that there is a big difference between the two. If a monster is formed, so can a Natural Calamity."

"So we had suspected that a Natural Calamity was created by the death of a large number of people."

"But compared to the monsters and demons, not every Natural Calamity is hostile to the Human Race. They are more like a neutral force, not hostile to the Humans, or to the monsters and demons."

"However, Natural Calamities are unpredictable. Over the years, countless humans have died at their hands."

Zhou Yuanzheng paused slightly.

"The strength between Natural Calamities varies. A newly formed Natural Calamity may only be comparable to the Ghost Level monster. As for a strong one, even the monsters have to retreat."

"In addition, the real reason why Natural Calamities are so scary is that they are indestructible!"


Shen Changqing's face changed. He suddenly thought of Mo Zijin's door that he had obviously destroyed, and yet when he came back, it was back to normal.

"That's right, indestructible."

When Zhou Yuanzheng said this, his face was solemn.

"We have sent many powerful experts to fight against some Natural Calamities. However, the final result is that no matter how much we destroy them, they will always return to their original state."

"That's why we deem Natural Calamities as indestructible."

"Of course, there's also a possibility that we were not able to destroy them because we are not strong enough, or we have not found the right way."

"But, at least for the time being, there is no way to destroy them."

Hearing this, Shen Changqing finally understood why even a Guardian would have such a grave expression when talking about the Natural Calamities.

He realized that he was only able to escape from the courtyard because the strength of the Natural Calamity was not very strong.

Meaning, if one of the Guardians made a move, the Natural Calamity could be destroyed in a minute.

But if Natural Calamities were indestructible, then it's a different story.

"The more power it draws, the faster it grows. The area where the Natural Calamity exists is called the Domain."

"Domain?" Shen Changqing was puzzled.

From Zhou Yuanzheng's words, Shen Changqing had learned many things that he had not understood before.

Zhou Yuanzheng nodded: "Yes, you can think of a domain as a second world. In it, the Natural Calamity could freely go anywhere. Once you step into their domain, in a way, you'll be isolated from the real world."

"Different ages of Natural Calamities have different lock up periods in their domains."

"As you said that in that courtyard, you saw paintings and calligraphy from the Year 136 of the Great Qin."

"For you, today's time is in the year 382 of the Great Qin, but for that Natural Calamity, the time is fixed at Year 136. Once you stepped into the courtyard, you reverted back to the Year 136 of the Great Qin."

"All in all, the domain of Natural Calamities is completely different from the real world. They are two different worlds, but still connected."


"From the fact that you were able to leave safely, and the Natural Calamity did not make a move, it should be neutral for the time being. But there is no guarantee that it will not go berserk at some point."

At the end of his sentence, Zhou Yuanzheng could not help, but shake his head.

Natural Calamities, monsters and demons are the same. All were hidden problems of the Human Race.

Although the Natural Calamities tend to be more neutral, once the chaos brews, the Human Race would face a lot of casualties.

Shen Changqing suddenly thought of a matter.

"Dare I ask Guardian Zhou, does the location of the Natural Calamity's domain move?"

"Under normal circumstances, the Natural Calamity will not move."

Zhou Yuanzheng shook his head.

The meaning of his words was that under abnormal circumstances, the Natural Calamities WILL move.

A moving Natural Calamity was often more frightening than a stationary one.  

He continued: "I have now confirmed the existence of a Natural Calamity, you can go back for now. The reward will be given to you."

"Thank you, Guardian Zhou, then we will take our leave!"

The two men bowed their hands and withdrew.

Outside the main hall.

Jiang Fu looked at the sky and sighed: "I didn't think there would be Natural Calamities, in addition to the normal monsters and demons."

"When has Guangyuan Province ever been truly calm?"

Shen Changqing did not think so.

Whether there were Natural Calamities or not, it was never calm.

It's not only the Guangyuan Province, it should be said that there was almost no real peace in the Great Qin.

The threat of demons and monsters loomed all the time.

Jiang Fu was stunned for a moment, before laughing at himself: "You are right, when did the Great Qin ever have peace? Unless the monsters and demons are purged, there will never be true peace."

Speaking of this, he looked sideways at Shen Changqing.

"I'll be taking a mission in two days. In the meantime, if there is nothing urgent, you can wait until I return. If it is urgent, you can find a Deputy Steward."

"Then I wish Steward Jiang a safe return."

"Thank you for your kind words."

Jiang Fu smiled.


In a secret room, Zhou Yuanzheng was sitting opposite of Dongfang Zhao.

"I just obtained news that there is a Natural Calamity in Guangyuan Province. From what we can see, it should be in its infant stage."

"A Natural Calamity in its infancy..."

Dongfang Zhao's eyes flashed slightly, his voice was low.

"An infant Natural Calamity will not be a big problem for the time being. But once it grows, it will be a big problem. Send someone to seal it off immediately."

"Although this move will not 100% suppress the growth of the Natural Calamity, it will delay it by a lot."

"I do not intend to do so for the time being."

Zhou Yuanzheng said in a deep voice.

Hearing this, Dongfang Zhao frowned and looked at the former with some confusion: "If the Natural Calamity is not sealed, once it grows, who would be able to keep it in check? You should know very well the consequences of having a Natural Calamity in the Great Qin's territory."

"They say that Natural Calamities are indestructible, but I don't believe that there are no indestructible things in the world. Even if they are indestructible, then it only means that we are not strong enough."

"What do you mean?"

"It's very simple, when we found the Natural Calamities, they were already in their growth stage. So when the Demon Suppression Division failed to destroy them, that's why they are considered indestructible."

Zhou Yuanzheng's voice was as loud as a bell.

"But in my opinion, it is likely that we are not just strong enough to destroy them.”

"On the other hand, if we can destroy the infant Natural Calamity, then we can break the legend that Natural Calamities cannot be destroyed."

"Even if we can't deal with the other Natural Calamities in the Great Qin territory, we already know what to do."

Hearing these words, Dongfang Ziao's expression changed. He understood Zhou Yuanzheng's idea.

Indeed, Natural Calamities were considered immortal. They were a huge mountain looming over the head of the Demon Suppression Division.

In comparison, although the monsters and demons were very strong, the Demon Suppression Division could still kill them in order to deal with them. It was just that the price they had to pay was high.

 "There's currently chaos around the world and things have not yet settled. Here, in the Capital branch, the Division only has you and I. It is estimated that the power we can deploy is very little."

"If you are planning to take action against that Natural Calamity, you will need some time to prepare."

Dongfang Zhao's face was pensive.

Zhou Yuanzheng shook his head: "There's no need to use other forces. I could just directly go there and see if my conjecture was right. If not, I'll temporarily seal that area."

"You should be aware of my strength. If I can't do it, even with the other Guardians, the probability of success is also not high."

"This time I go, I'm not necessarily going to destroy the Natural Calamity, but rather test its depths and limits."


Dongfang Zhao nodded.

He could see that Zhou Yuanzheng was completely prepared.

As the opposite was a Guardian, he could not completely influence the other party's thoughts.

At this moment, Zhou Yuanzheng scrutinized Dongfang Zhao, and said with some concern: "How is it, can you still suppress it?"

"There's no problem for now."

Dongfang Zhao shook his head and smiled.

"I can still fight. Let's talk about it when I really can't fight."

"That would be the best. The Demon Suppression Division can't afford too much damage right now."

Zhou Yuanzheng breathed a sigh of relief.

Dongfang Zhao said: "If we are gone, there will naturally be those who come after us. Do not think that the Great Qin can not leave anyone. In fact, before you and I appeared, no matter how rampant the monsters and demons were, wasn't the Great Qin untouched?"

"You know, there are times when you put too much pressure on yourself. There is really no need for that."

"Hmm, maybe I think too much..."

Zhou Yuanzheng also did not refute it, and simply showed a self-deprecating smile.

The two then talked for a long time. 

Finally, Zhou Yuanzheng got up and left, leaving Dongfang Zhao alone in the secret room. The place suddenly fell into silence.


A long sigh of helplessness sounded.

On the other hand, after Shen Changqing returned from the hall, he stayed in his courtyard; studying the [Hundred Battles Sword Technique]. He also took the time to practice the [Heaven Capturing Astral Steps] and the [Iron Sand Palm].

These three Martial Arts couldn't be upgraded with Killing Value, so Shen Changqing consistently trained them.




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