Chapter 77: Poisonous Medicinal Soup.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

The rain made the already dim night sky darker.

On a deserted mountain path, was a lone brightly lit courtyard.

[Tuk Tuk~]!

The sound of knocking suddenly reverberated in the courtyard.

Two or three breaths later, the closed courtyard door opened and a scholar quietly looked at the visitor.

"I am Mo Zijin, this guest is?"

"Yang Gong of the Eternal Life Alliance greets Mr. Mo!"

Yang Gong courteously cupped his hand. Although his expression was steady, one could see nervousness in his eyes.

He knew very well what the 'thing' in front of him was.

Even though he was from the Eternal Life Alliance, he did not dare show any contempt to the Natural Calamity in front of him, even if it's just in its infancy.

Despite hearing Yang Gong's words, Mo Zijin's expression did not change much.

"It's raining outside, Brother Yang. Why don't you come in and sit for a while?"

After speaking, he turned around and walked inside.

Standing outside the courtyard, Yang Gong looked a little hesitant.

He knew very well that the domain of the Natural Calamity in front of him was within the confines of the courtyard.

He would be fine, as long as he does not go inside. But if he does, he would be in a lot of trouble.

Yang Gong did not want to put himself in danger.

But when he thought of the order from the top dogs of the Eternal Life Alliance, he had no way to refuse.

If he was abandoned by the Eternal Life Alliance, there would be no place for him, whether it was with the Humans, or the monsters and demons.

By that time, only death awaited him.

Thinking of this, Yang Gong hesitated for a moment, before eventually stepping inside.

'Although the Natural Calamity is dangerous, this one is still in its infancy. It shouldn't be able to do anything to me. I would also be fine, as long as I don't provoke it.'

Thinking this, his tense heart relaxed a little. 

As Yang Gong walked into the courtyard, the courtyard door closed automatically.

The sound of the door closing made Yang Gong's heart skip a beat.

Walking into the lobby, Yang Gong immediately smelled a thick inky smell, mixed with the pungent smell of herbs, making him instinctively frown.

Looking at the environment inside, it was similar to an ordinary home.

"Please sit down, Brother Yang."

Mo Zijin had a gentle smile on his face.

Yang Gong could only sit down. Finally, he could not hold himself any longer and opened his mouth: "I have a matter to discuss with Mr. Mo."

"Discuss with me?"

Mo Zijin looked surprised and a puzzled look appeared on his face.

"I have never met Brother Yang, I wonder what Yang wants to talk to me about?"

"Has Mr. Mo heard of the Eternal Life Alliance?"

"I would like to hear more about it."

"The Eternal Life Alliance is a power created by the Demon Clan. Its power covers the whole world, not only in the Great Qin. This time, I came here mainly to invite Mr. Mo to join the Eternal Life Alliance."

Yang Gong said with a straight face.

In the eyes of outsiders, the word "demon" was a contemptuous term for demons. But in fact, it was not.

The word "demon" did not originate from the Humans, but rather from the Eternal Life Alliance.

So, when Yang Going mentioned this word, his face did not change at all.

On the other side, the gentle smile on Mo Zijin's face seemed to have stiffened.

He neither agreed nor disagreed to Yang Gong's statement. It was as if he didn't hear it.

"It's raining tonight, also the weather is cold. I'll go get some warm soup for Brother Yang."

After saying that, Mo Zijin turned around and left.

Yang Gong opened his mouth, wanting to stop the other party, but he was too late.

Sitting alone in the lobby, he looked at the surroundings. The candle flame danced along the gentle breeze, shifting shadows brought by the candle's light. It felt ominous.

Yang Gong took a few deep breaths and calmed down his uneasy heart.

"This mission is really not that simple."

Yang Gong sighed.

However, although the mission was not simple, if he succeeded, he'll gain a lot of benefits. 

Other than that, the Eternal Life Alliance would certainly reward him handsomely.

By that time, it was possible that he could break through to a level comparable to that of the Grandmaster Realm. 

Thinking of this, Yang Gong's spirit was uplifted.

The Eternal Life Alliance had many strong people. He's currently only at the level of an Innate Realm Cultivator, and his status was not high.

But as long as he could break through, he'll be able to move further up the ladder.

In the Eternal Life Alliance, he would be considered a strong person.

At this time, Mo Zijin came back with a porcelain bowl in his hand.

"Brother Yang, this is a medicinal soup that I have spent many years carefully researching and developing. It will nourish your body, so drink it while it is hot."


Yang Gong looked at the black medicinal soup that was emitting a stinky and pungent smell. He felt like vomiting.

If he thought that there was nothing wrong with the soup, then he's certainly braindead.

They remained in this stalemate for a while.

Soon, the stiff smile on Mo Zijin's face fell. He seemed to have become more gloomy.

"What is it, does Brother Yang not trust me?"

"Mr. Mo misunderstood."

Yang Gong reached out to take the porcelain bowl. The foul smell got more concentrated, and he couldn't help, but gag.

Since he joined the Eternal Life Alliance, strictly speaking, he was no longer a normal Human being anymore.

Even if the soup was a poisonous soup, it shouldn't have much effect on him.

For so many years, Yang Gong had never heard of a monster being poisoned to death.

So he was not afraid that the soup was poisonous. It's just that the taste made it really hard to swallow.

He did not want to drink it!

But under the eyes of Mo Zijin, Yang Gong understood that he could not refuse.

Once he refused, the plan to bring the other side into the Eternal Life Alliance would be broken.

For the sake of the great cause, he had to drink!

Thinking to this point, Yang Gong opened his mouth wide and drank the contents of the bowl.

After drinking the black medicinal soup, Yang Gong found that it didn't have the stench that he imagined. Instead it had a fragrant smell!

The taste was a sharp contrast from its smell.

Yang Gong couldn't help, but smack his mouth.

"It's delicious!"

The smile on Mo Zijin's face became even brighter, as he reached out to take the porcelain bowl.

"Brother Yang really has good taste."

"That's... *VOMIT*!"

Yang Gong first smiled and was about to say something. But when the soup entered his belly, a sudden 'explosion' suddenly took place, causing his face to twist. He bent over in his seat and began to vomit.

He had spat out black blood, mixed with unknown things, and a fishy smell wafted into the air.

"This, this soup is poisonous--"

Yang Gong slid down from the chair. His body curled up on the ground, and his face turned blue.

It was poisonous!

The soup was really poisonous!

The only thing he didn't expect was that the toxicity of the soup was so strong, it could poison him.

On the other side, Mo Zijin had a furious expression on his face.

"This is a prescription that I have researched for several years, how could it be poisonous? You are insulting me!"

As he spoke, his face became distorted.

In an instant, the candle shadows in the hall shifted violently, and the originally bright hall became much dimmer.

Immediately afterwards, Mo Zijin's eyes began to pop out, with black blood flowing from the sockets. His mouth split open to the bottom of his ear, with blood dripping down from the wound.

At this time, he had completely lost the elegant temperament of a scholar.

"You dare insult me? I'll eat you!"

Looking at Mo Zijin bending down, Yang Gong's eyes showed horror.

He wanted to resist, but his body was poisoned and couldn't move.

He could only watch as his opponent leaned down and approached him, little by little.


His arm was torn off. The pain was severe, making Yang Gong let out a shrill scream.


Using one hand to grab the bloody arm and stuffing it into his mouth, Mo Zijin ate it cleanly after two, three gulps. He then turned his dark eyes to look at the rest of Yang Gong's body.

The candle in the hall suddenly went out.

Lightning flashed in the night sky, accompanied by heavy rain falling down.

A cruel scream rang out in the hall.

The screams went from shrill to low, and finally fell silent.

After a long time, the candle in the hall was re-lit, and the sound of pages of a book being flipped rang from the inside. It was as if nothing had ever happened.


A room was as bright as daylight, with rows upon rows of oil lamps. But among the many lit oil lamps, one of them suddenly went out.

The moment the lamp went out, an old woman came in with a walking stick and looked at the extinguished oil lamp. Seeing the name carved underneath it, her face changed.

She immediately left the secret room and went to another place.

Outside the secret room seems to be the yard of a big family, with rocks, flowing water, and pavilions.

One by one the maids and servants shuttled, but if one looked carefully, one could see that the expressions on everyone's faces seemed to be a little unnatural.

The old woman crossed the courtyard and came to the hall.


There was a person sitting in the hall. On the table in front of him was covered with unknown flesh and blood. Some of it were still beating slightly, as a strong smell of blood permeated the air.

Seeing the old man enter, the man, who was enjoying his 'meal', paused.

"What are you doing here?"

When he spoke, he didn't put down the meat he was holding, and he was still chewing. Bright red blood flowed down his mouth.

Despite such an image, the old woman's expression remained unchanged. She said: "Yang Gong's Fire of Life went out."

"Yang Gong?"

The man was stunned, thinking of something.

"If I remember correctly, he was the one that was tasked to look for the infant Natural Calamity, right?"   

"Yes, but now that Yang Gong's Fire of Life is extinguished. It's either he encountered someone from the Demon Suppression Suppression, or he died at the hands of that Natural Calamity."

The old woman's face was calm.

"It's fine if he died in the hands of the Natural Calamity. But if he died at the hands of the Demon Suppression Division, I'm afraid that our base here will be exposed."

"I understand."

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