Chapter 167: Whole Fleet Retreating.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Basil thought that the Io Federation realized that the difference in their speeds was too large, and that it was useless even if they switched to other Star Paths.

Therefore, they were ready to break through the Sierra Empire's blockade and rush into the Star Path.

It could be said here that the Angels performed this scene very beautifully. First, they warped into Aldo's Star Path in waves, creating the illusion that 3,000 warships were arriving from Aldo every 30 seconds.

This was reflected on the radar of the Sierra Empire. A fleet of ships was exiting the Star Path in waves, it was perfect!

After that, they pretended to be surprised to find that there were Sierra Empire warships in Vion, so they set up a defensive formation.

Finally, once all of their warships had arrived, they pretended to flee towards Ori.

Basil then sent the Royal Guard Fleet to intercept them, and they were completely isolated from the rest of the Sierra Empire's fleet for at least an hour.

It could be said that the whole plan of luring the enemy was perfect.

"Order the Royal Guard Fleet to fire at full power. Don't allow any Io Federation warships to escape into the Star Path!"


The firefight started, but Basil was surprised as he saw the situation of the battle.

Instead of covering the whole battlefield, the Io Federation was firing in groups of 20 warships, focusing on one individual enemy warship.

This was clearly an attack method, specifically aimed at the Energy Shields of the Royal Guard Fleet. But the current distance between the two sides was nearly 3 million kilometers, so the hit rate would be very low.

On the other hand, Basil's fleet was using cover fire-type of shooting. Each wave of attack could destroy a large number of Io Federation warships. After all, the latter had no Energy Shields, and only 1 or 2 shots of the Sierra Empire's warships' main cannons were required to destroy the latter's warships.

However, after 10 seconds or so, a scene played out that dumbfounded Basil.

All of the attacks that hit the Io Federation warships were blocked by light blue Energy Shields!

The 200,000 Io Federation warships all had Energy Shields? Also, it's also not the technology of the Babawi Empire. After all, Basil knew that the color of the Energy Shields of the Babawi Empire was red!

The impossible was currently happening right in front of Basil's eyes.

After the first round of exchange, the Io Federation did not lose any warships since the Sierra Empire was using a cover fire-type of shooting, which resulted in a limited number of hits on each Io Federation warship.

Meanwhile, the Io Federation used precision fire. Although their hit rate was pathetically low at this distance, once a warship was hit, it meant certain destruction.

If 20 warships hit one enemy warship at the same time, the enemy warship would be hit by at least 20-30 rounds of main cannon fires at the same time. Even a Level 4 Civilization warship would succumb from the combined power.

Of course, at such a long distance, it was very difficult to do this. After all, the other side was not a target that just stayed still.

So in the first wave of attacks, the Io Federation only destroyed more than 50 Sierra Empire warships.

Watching the first round of exchange between the two sides, Basil's eyes were almost spitting out fire.

"No matter how these warships of the Io Federation came to be, they must all be destroyed here today! I don't believe you can’t wipe out the entire Royal Guard Fleet in an hour!"

Basil said angrily, while looking at the projection.

Through the attack just now, he could see that the weapons used by the Io Federation were still their Level 3 Civilization weapons, and their hulls were also their original ones.

Meaning, their warships were only Level 3 Civilization warships with Energy Shields, not Level 4 Civilization warships!

The Royal Guard fleet may not lose, even if it was 120,000 against 200,000. In more than one hour, the rest of the 3.5 million warships would reach the battlefield!

The Sierra Empire had Energy Shields of their own, it was impossible for the Io Federation to deal a significant amount of damage to them in an hour.

"Order the Royal Guard Fleet to attack in groups of 10 warships!"

"Yes, Commander Basil!"

At the same time, in the flagship of the Io Federation's Queen's Guard Fleet, Elena was looking at the time and whispered to herself.

"The time has come!"

With her words, the void that was one million kilometers away on both sides of the Royal Guard Fleet of the Sierra Empire suddenly shrank, and two huge fleets appeared, directly attacking the Royal Guard Fleet!

This turn of events simply dumbfounded Basil.

"Warp Engines!"

These two words came out of his mouth subconsciously, as an unbelieving expression surfaced on his face.

Once again, the impossible was happening right before his eyes!

What's going on here? Why did someone, other than the Barbawi Empire, possess Warp Engines?

As soon as the 1st and 2nd Legion of the Human Federation appeared, they attacked the Royal Guard Fleet, which had its back to the entrance of the Star Path.

The distance between them was only 1 million kilometers, and they were attacked on its sides, which had the largest surface area, so the hit rate was amazingly high!

With a precise crossfire on both sides, more than 3000 warships of the Royal Flotilla were directly destroyed.

The casualties made Basil freeze.

The power of this attack was even more powerful than that of the Royal Guard Fleets. Did a hidden Level 4 Civilization provide the Io Federation Energy Shields?

Basil suddenly realized what was happening.

"Order all troops to retreat, and return to the Sierra Empire via the Star Path, immediately! Tell the Royal Guard Fleet to use their fullest speed to retreat!"

Basil was very decisive, he understood that unless his army reached the battlefield, the Royal Guard Fleet would be wiped out!


Basil wasn't an idiot, who would die for the sake of face!

The best move was to retreat immediately and pull some distance away!

"Commander Basil?"

The Adjutant did not think as much as Basil and naturally did not understand Basil's order.

They had only fired two rounds of fire, but the Commander suddenly ordered the whole army to retreat?

"Pass on the order immediately, do you want to survive or not!?"

Seeing his Adjutant still frozen in place, Basil was furious and roared.

"Don't you know that every minute was precious at this moment, why are you still frozen?"

"Yes, I'll pass it on immediately!"

The Adjutant shivered and immediately sent the orders to the fleet Commanders. 

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