Chapter 166: Luring The Enemy Deeper.

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14 days later, at the border node, Vion Star System.

At this moment, the Sierra Empire's fleet was resting. However, Basil was still very cautious. He didn't do what the Kabat Empire did and instead did the resting times in many batches, so that the fleet could still maintain the maximum combat capability.

After all, anything can happen in war. It was a major dereliction of duty for a qualified Commander to let his guard down, no matter what the situation is!

It could be said that even if an enemy came to attack at this time, the Sierra Empire wouldn't be affected by that much.

In the orbit of Vion II, inside a 15 million ton heavy Battleship.

"Adjutant, how much longer will it take for the soldiers to finish their rest?"

"Commander Basil, according to the current progress, it is estimated that we have 10 days to complete the resting plan!"

"Very well, order the fleet not to let their guard down, and be ready for battle at all times!"

"Yes, Commander Basil!"

Before the Joint Fleet set out for Vion, Lin Fan, Liang Xingchen and Elena had studied the Sierra Empire currently occupying Vion.

The Sierra Empire's strict formation and cautious atmosphere made the three understand that the Commander of the opponent was a very experienced general. A sneak attack might not achieve the desired result. It could even have the opposite effect if they were not careful.

After all, the Sierra Empire had a huge number of warships and they had nearly 120,000 Level 4 Civilization warships.

For Liang Xingchen and Lin Fan, what they wanted was not only to win, but to win with the smallest amount of casualties.

They were not like the Io Federation, where they could lose a legion and have enough people to rebuild it right away.

Instead, their plan was to have the Queen's Guard Fleet put on a show; taking advantage of the speed difference between the ships of the Sierra Empire and the Babawi Empire bought warships to the 120,000 latter warships!

As mentioned before, Vion was one of the three nodes on the border between the Io Federation and the Sierra Empire, while the other two nodes were Aldo and Fayne.

According to the data from the monitoring equipment, the Sierra Empire did not set up defensive lines on the Star Paths. It was probably because their Commander thought it was better to spread out their forces across the Star Paths than to lump them together.

After all, the number of Star Paths in Vion reached 6, and with the strength of the Sierra Empire, they could still crush the Io Federation despite having their forces spread out.

Basil did not want to give the Io Federation any opportunity to take advantage of the situation by dividing his troops. If someone really attacked through the Star Paths, he would immediately lead his forces to suppress it.

However, Lin Fan and the others saw an opportunity to take advantage of this situation!

At the exit of the Star Path between Vion and Aldo, the void shrunk, then 3000 warships appeared.

The situation was immediately noticed by the Sierra Empire.

"Commander Basil, at the exit of the Star Path in the direction of Aldo, Battleships of the Io Federation suddenly appeared. There are 3000 of them!"

"Hmm? In the direction of Aldo?"

"Yes, Commander Basil... New update, there are now 3000 more warships. There's now 6000 warships in total!"

Basil frowned, the situation was a bit unexpected.

Aldo was 5.6 light years away from Vion, and it would take nearly 2 years to travel on the Star Path. So was it possible that this fleet that had just appeared, departed from Aldo 2 years ago and had just arrived?

Could it be a defense mission? If they really departed 2 years ago, they may not have received the news of the fall of Vion yet. After all, only a month or so has passed since then.

No matter why they came, since they came, there was no reason for the Sierra Empire to just let them leave.

"Order all of the soldiers on the planet to return to their ships immediately. 20 minutes later, the fleet will attack towards Aldo."

"Yes, Commander Basil."

At the exit of the Star Path leading to Aldo, the trend of 3000 warships appearing every half minute continued.

When the Sierra Empire started to move out 20 minutes later, the warships of the Io Federation at the exit of the Star Path had already reached 120,000. Then, as if they realized that something was wrong, these warships started to form a defensive formation against the Sierra Empire in a hurry!

When Basil saw this situation, he breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed that this fleet was indeed sent from Aldo a few years ago. They just had bad luck and arrived at the time when Vion fell.

However, the Sierra Empire fleet was not close to the Star Path that was near Aldo. It would take them a whole hour to get there, so it was not possible to attack the Io Federation fleet immediately.

After 30 minutes or so, the number of Io Federation warships had reached 200,000. At this time, the whole fleet abandoned their defensive formation and fled towards the Star Path of Ori (the direction where Bernice retreated).

"Commander Basil, all of the enemies should be out of the Star Path. Their total number is 200,000, and they are currently fleeing towards the entrance of Ori's Star Path. They are expected to arrive there in 40 minutes. According to the current speed of our fleet, it would be impossible to catch up with them!"

Listening to the Adjutants's report, Basil frowned.

The warships of the Io Federation were fast, reaching a speed of 8,000 kilometers per second, which was similar to the speed of the Sierra Empire's warships.

However, they now had the Royal Guard Fleet (a legion composed of the Babawi Empire bought warships). The situation was now different.

"Order the Royal Guard Fleet to turn on their engines and chase after the enemies. Stop them before they reach the entrance of the Ori's Star Path!"

"Yes, Commander Basil!"

The Royal Guard Fleet's warships could reach speeds up to 30,000 kilometers per second, so it's relatively easy for them to stop the other side!

Soon, the Royal Guard Fleet left their main fleet in the dust, and headed towards the entrance of Ori's Star Path at a high speed!

After 30 minutes or so, the Royal Guard Fleet arrived at the predetermined position and set up an intercepting formation with their backs to the entrance of Ori's Star Path! The path of retreat of the Io Federation's fleet was blocked.

At this moment, the Io Federation fleet was less than 3 million kilometers away from the entrance of the Star Path. However, they did not change their course and fled to the other Star Paths, like what Basil had expected.

Instead, they fired at the Royal Guard Fleet blocking the entrance of the Star Path!

This made Basil a bit confused, did the Io Federation want to force their way in?

The more Basil thought about it, the more likely it was. 

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