Chapter 165: Joint Fleet.

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Inside the Ten Heavenly Halls, in the Capital Circle of the Io Federation.

It had been more than an hour since the end of the battle in Vion. Currently, Alfie and the leaders of the twelve Angel tribes were gathered together.

Bernice had just reported the results of the battle, which had caused the room to go silent.

The 11th and 12th Legions had lost more than 30% of their forces, and the 9th Legion had been completely wiped out to cover the withdrawal of the rest of the fleets. Their Commander, Bonnie, had also fallen.

With the data from the Io Federation's monitoring equipment, the size of the Sierra Empire's fleet was finally known to Alfie and others.

There were 120,000 Babawi Empire bought warships and 3.6 million Sierra Empire warships.

From the size of the fleet, the Io Federation could still keep up with the former. However, combat power-wise, it was not something that the Io Federation could handle by themselves.

After all, it would take the entire Io Federation's military to deal with the 3.6 million Sierra Empire warships alone, not to mention that there's still the 120,000 Babawi Empire bought warships.

"Your Majesty, there is an incoming communication request from Vice Admiral Liang Xingchen, the Commander of the 2nd Legion of the Human Federation!"

A guard came quickly and reported to Alfie.

"Pick it up immediately!"


Soon, the figure of Liang Xingchen appeared in the hall.

"Queen Alfie, I have been ordered to provide military support to the Io Federation, can you tell me about the current situation?"

"Yes, it has been confirmed that the Sierra Empire has deployed a total of 3.72 million warships, including 3.6 million of their own warships and 120,000 Babawi Empire bought warships!"

"Vion has fallen and the defenders are retreating to the rear through the Star Path!"

Liang Xingchen frowned after hearing the info. The enemy's forces were not small!

Especially the 120,000 Babawi Empire bought warships, which was troublesome. Well, to be more accurate, there's 116,000 of such warships after the battle.

"Queen Alfie, do you still have any undiscovered eyes in Vion?"

"Yes. There are quite a few, but for the time being, the other side has not made any further moves."

In fact, there was a reason why the Commander of the Sierra Empire, Basil, – one of the three Commanders – did not continue the attack immediately.

After assembling his fleet, he crossed 9 light years to reach the border. After arriving at the border node, he started to advance without stopping, and crossed another 7 light years to attack Vion.

It can be said that the Sierra Empire's army had been marching and fighting continuously for more than 5 years. The soldiers needed to rest now! Hence, they did not continue to attack.

"Alright, I will arrange for the 2nd Legion to depart as soon as possible and meet your fleet at Io!"

"Thank you very much for your support, I will have the 200,000 warships from the Queen's Guard Fleet ready to move with you!"

"Your Majesty, there is no need to be polite. We have a common defense treaty, it is our duty to help you repel the foreign enemy."

Liang Xingchen smiled, the Io Federation was a key factor in the future of mankind. They were an important link of the Human's future strength, so how could they allow the Sierra Empire to just do as they please against them!?

After continuing to discuss some details with Alfie, Liang Xingchen ended the call and began to make arrangements.

Even for Liang Xingchen, the battle was difficult. The enemy had 3.6 million warships, and the Sierra Empire's warships were also stronger than most of the Level 3 Civilizations that the Humans had fought so far.

On top of that, the enemy had more than 100,000 Level 4 Civilization warships. Although they were the weakest type, they still posed a threat.

After repeated calculations and simulations, Liang Xingchen thought that it would be better to involve the 1st Legion if they want to take this battle with minimal casualties.

Soon, a document requesting the assistance of the 1st Legion was sent to Sanders.

After Sanders understood the scale of power the Sierra Empire had, he immediately agreed to Liang Xingchen's request. The job of the 1st Legion defending the former Kabat Empire would be taken over by 6 local Guard Fleets.

Although the 6 fleet's were "Guard Fleets," they were not pushovers. They were made up of Snow Leopard Class Battlecruisers and Mother Sky Carriers.

Their combat power was even stronger than the Queen's Guard Fleet of the Io Federation! After all, they used Nuclear Fusion energy.

When Lin Fan received the order from Sanders, he quickly understood the whole event. Even he was surprised that the Sierra Empire had brought out 120,000 Babawi Empire bought warships!

Did the entire Sierra Empire empty their treasury? How could they have bought so many?

However, Lin Fan's main concern was not about these warships, but whether the Sierra Empire had any special relationship with the Babawi Empire.

Would the involvement of the Humans alarm the Babawi Empire? After all, the current power of the Humans was still far from being comparable to that of the Babawi Empire.

However, no matter how much he worried, the Humans cannot abandon the Io Federation. As for the reason why the Sierra Empire got 120,000 Babawi Empire bought warships, he'll find out enough after he gets to the battlefield and captures a group of senior officers.

To ensure the safety of the frontier, Lin Fan did not take the whole 1st Legion. He left the 11th and 12th Fleets together with the 6 local Guard Fleets, while he took the remaining 10 fleets directly to the Capital Circle of the Io Federation.

Liang Xingchen took the whole 2nd Legion with him and had one local Guard Fleet be stationed in their stead.

11 days later, the 240,000 warships of the 2nd Legion arrived at the Io Federation's Capital Circle first. The 1st Legion arrived 23 days after the war began.

At that time, in the Capital Circle of Io Federation, a Joint Fleet filled the empty space in an organized way. It was a force that could make any Level 3 Civilization shiver!

The Joint Fleet consisted of 440,000 warships of the Human Federation and 200,000 warships of the Io Federation, totaling 640,000 warships.

Although there were only 640,000 warships, this was an all Battleship fleet. Even the Queen's Guard Fleet of Io Federation was the same. There were no Battlecruisers in sight!

In addition, 440,000 of them were real Level 4 Civilization warships, while the 200,000 Battleships of the Io Federation could be regarded as Quasi-Level 4 Civilization warships.

In the Orion's Arm Branch, it can be said that this fleet could easily destroy any Civilization except the Babawi Empire! This was no exaggeration.

At present, Liang Xingchen was the Commander of this Joint Fleet. Lin Fan and Elena (the former Commander of the 3rd Legion of the Io Federation, now the Commander of the Queen's Guard Fleet) were the Vice Commanders!

"According to the plan, Elena will lead the Queen's Guard Fleet to depart first. Lin Fan and I will depart 7 days later!"

After all, the Io Federation was still using the first generation of the Human's Warp Engines, so their speed was much slower than the current Human's 1st and 2nd Legion. They needed to calculate the time in when to depart in order to ensure that both Federation's would arrive at the same time!


The Queen's Guard Fleet then started to move and activated their Warp Engines under Elena's command.

With a sudden shrinkage of the void, 200,000 Battleships disappeared.

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