Chapter 62: Fire Rising To The Heavens.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Slowly walking forward, Shen Changqing did not let his heart be bothered by the corpses on the ground.

The closer he got to his destination, the denser the Evil Aura became.

When he spread his senses out, he was only met with silence. There were no signs of life.

Shen Changqing suddenly stopped and stood still.

There was an Evil Aura circling around him.

He was certain that the monster here had found his trail.

But he didn't take any action... Not yet.

Time passed little by little, and neither Shen Changqing nor the monster made a move.

Both were waiting, expecting the other part to reveal a flaw.

After a long wait, the monster still did not make a move, and Shen Changqing was becoming impatient.

"Well, since you do not want to come out, then this Official will see how long you can hold back!"

A palm strike then whistled across the air. A hot wind swept away, instantly igniting the surrounding buildings.

Immediately after that, Shen Changqing followed up with a few more palm strikes, intensifying the momentum of the fire.

Soon, the entire courtyard was set ablaze.

Although monsters were not afraid of flames, it also did not mean that flames did not affect them. After the temperature rises to a certain level, they would be forced to retreat.

Shen Changqing used his Astral Qi to shield himself from the heat.

At the same time, his senses were amplified to detect any movements in the courtyard.

One breath!

Two breaths!

The fire continued to rage, causing the burning wood to emit a cracking sound. The Evil Aura was dispersed by the scorching temperature, but there was still no movement from the monster.

As the fire became more and more fierce, even with his Astral Qi protecting him, Shen Changqing also started feeling breathless.

However, his body remained motionless. He and the monster hidden somewhere, were locked in a stalemate. 

[Bang~ boom...]

The house started collapsing, the more fragile rooms were the first to break.

The moment the house collapsed, a black shadow rushed out of the fire.


Shen Changqing's eyes flashed coldly, as he gave chase to the shadow.

The Heavenly Martial True Qi burst out of his body. He was as fast as lightning. Only two breaths later, he closed the distance between him and the shadow.

Next, Shen Changqing sent a palm strike into the air.

The black shadow fell down.

At the same time as the black shadow fell, Shen Changqing took a step forward and his body also fell. When the black shadow landed on the ground and bounced, Shen Changqing instantly drew his sword, then began fighting with it.

With the ability to see in the dark, Shen Changqing clearly saw what he was fighting with.

It was a person. The difference was that his opponent had a stiff expression and moved like a ghost.

Such a familiar situation, how could Shen Changqing forget?


"Besides snatching the Demon's Essence Blood, the Eternal Life Alliance also has enough forces to send a Grudge Level monster to stir up Lin'an City!?"

Shen Changqing's face was sullen. However, his attack did not stop for even half a second.

The destruction of the Heavenly Inspection Guard stronghold was most likely the work of the monster in front of him.

Otherwise, with the strength of the Heavenly Inspection Guard stronghold, it was impossible for a Ghost Level monster to destroy it so easily.

Meaning, it was the work of a Grudge Level monster.


Shen Changqing's sword slashed out in the air, bringing up a majestic whistle in the darkness of the night, but the monster's body disappeared.

However, Shen Changqing was anticipating this and already had a palm strike coming.


The monster was hit and was sent flying sideways.

The palm strike had landed on its chest, which dented it.

Shen Changqing then sent another slash towards the monster's head, beheading it.

The moment the head hit the ground, the real body of the monster detached itself from the possessed body. It wanted to escape.

"My Lord!"

At this time, an Official happened to rush over, making the monster change its direction towards the Official.

Seeing this, Shen Changqing's face changed.

"Get out of the way..."

Alas, his words just came too late.

The Official did not have any prior preparation, so he was easily possessed by the monster. His body entered a short period of stiffness.

Without waiting for the monster to take full control of the body, Shen Changqing had already slashed towards the Official’s neck.

Shen Changqing's sword was coated with Heavenly Martial True Qi, there would be no problem cutting through iron like it was mud, not to mention a neck.

With just one slash, the Official's head fell off.

The monster that had just possessed the body, immediately detached itself from the body and wanted to find its next carrier.

Shen Changqing was furious and angrily shouted: "You still want to leave!?"

He then threw his sword into the air, making it turn into a shadow. Soon, it hit and nailed the monster to the ground.

Immediately after that, without giving the opponent a chance to react, Shen Changqing closed in and sent a full forced palm strike into the monster's body.


The monster issued an ear-splitting scream, as its body disappeared into nothingness.

A familiar feeling then coursed through Shen Changqing. When he looked at the panel, his Killing Value had increased by more than 20 points. With this in mind, he finally relaxed.

It was normally difficult to determine whether a monster was completely dead or not. But, Killing Value was different.

If the monster was not dead, it would not give Shen Changqing its whole Killing Value. After all, when the monster received an irreparable damage, only a portion of the Killing Value would be bestowed. 

Now, the panel showed an increase of more than 20 points of Killing Value, which was what a dead Grudge Level monster gave.

Hence, the Killing Value was proof that the monster was dead.

It was only at this time that Officials wearing terrified faces appeared, as they slowly came forward.

"My Lord--"

"What is the situation in other places?"

Shen Changqing put his sword back into the sheath and looked at the Officials, one of whom was Zhou Yang.

Zhou Yang glanced at the corpses of his colleague on the ground, then withdrew his gaze and bowed: "My Lord, most of the fires have been put out.

It was just that he did not expect that the commotion was caused by Shen Changqing and the monster.

For this, Zhou Yang was also glad that he was not the fastest one. Otherwise, the one lying on the ground would have been him.

Shen Changqing looked at the several people, then looked at the corpse on the ground, slightly shaking his head.

"The moment he was possessed by the monster, he was already dead. However, he was killed in the line of duty. Take him back and prepare a good burial. If he has a family, according to the rules, give them the corresponding pension."

"My Lord is wise."

Hearing Zhou Yang's praise, Shen Changqing simply shook his head.

In any case, the dead Officials also had a life of their own, giving them pension was regretfully the only thing Shen Changqing could do.

Shen Changqing then said: "You continue to patrol to see where there are still abnormalities. In addition, speed up putting out the fire, this Official will take care of the situation."

"As you ordered my Lord!"

Zhou Yang bowed.

Shen Changqing looked at him and moved in the air, disappearing in less than a breath.

Seeing this, Zhou Yang turned to look behind him, "Wu Er, you take Zhou Xing's corpse back. The rest of you, follow me."


After killing the Grudge Level monster and harvesting its Killing Value, Shen Changqing returned to the Government Office.

The commotion outside the city had gradually calmed down.

Time passed and soon, light started driving away the darkness in the world.

"It's over!"

Standing on the roof of the Government Office, Shen Changqing thought to himself.

The smoke was still rising from Lin'an City, but there was no more of the suffocating gloom of yesterday.

The Officials who were on patrol also began to return, one after another.

Shen Changqing jumped down and went back to the inner hall.

Shi Qingsheng, who was resting in the side room of the inner hall, came out from his nest at dawn and saw Shen Changqing, who had come down from the roof.

Currently, Shi Qingsheng's face was pale. The bags under his eyes were big and dark. He looked sleep-deprived.

Shen Changqing raised his eyebrows: "Did you not sleep well last night?"

"With the situation last night, how can I sleep?"

Shi Qingsheng smiled bitterly.

Last night, not to mention sleep, even hiding under the blanket, Shi Qingsheng was unable to stop shivering.

If not for the dawn finally arriving, he wouldn't have dared to leave his room.

Ordinary people were just too weak against monsters and demons.

Shen Changqing said: "Last night, almost all of the monsters were almost killed by this Official. So the next period of time, I believe, Lin'an City will be much calmer."

These words were to comfort Shi Qingsheng.

The fight for the Demon's Essence Blood was over.

The Eternal Life Alliance's stronghold in Lin'an City had been eliminated by Shen Changqing. With the death of many monsters, it was impossible for the Eternal Life Alliance to invest too much power in this area.

To put it bluntly, Lin'an City was only a fart-sized place which, except for the 100,000 people, had nothing to spark interest for the demons.

If the Eternal Life Alliance really put a lot of power to this place, they were dumb.

However, in Shen Changqing's view, since the Eternal Life Alliance could grow to the point where they were right now, they would definitely not do something so reckless.

"Yes, as long as your Excellency is here, there is no need to fear the monsters..."

Shi Qingsheng smiled, however, he paused mid-sentence.

He had almost forgotten that Shen Changqing was not the real Governor. He was only acting as one temporarily before the new one arrived.

Meaning, Shen Changqing would sooner or later have to leave.

As the two conversed, Zhang Yue brought people back.

"Let's go into the inner hall to talk, the rest of you go to rest." When he saw Zhang Yue, Shen Changqing directly said.

After saying that, he stepped into the inner hall.

The rest of the Officials also dispersed.

In the inner hall.

Shen Changqing sat and looked at the two people in front of him: "You all sit down, then Zhang Yue can tell me the details. How much damage was there in the city last night?"

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