Chapter 61: Extermination.

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The Officials, who had been attacked by the monster, had lost a lot of Qi and blood.

Fortunately, Shen Changqing had arrived just in time, so there was no big problem.

After taking the Officials back, Shen Changqing couldn't even sit down, as he immediately received more news.

He immediately left the Government Office and rushed to other places with his sword.

After an unknown amount of time...

A big commotion suddenly resounded outside the city. Sometimes there would be a mournful scream, and sometimes there would be a Cultivator's roar.

"My Lord, there is strange movement outside the city!"

Zhang Yue, who was following Shen Changqing, reported. His face was gloomy.

Although he had encountered a monster attack on the street, thanks to prior preparation, there was no major problem.

But now, demons were wreaking havoc outside the city.

There was constant pressure everywhere.

"It seems that the Sects are prepared. It seems that the Eternal Life Alliance's real purpose of attacking Lin'an City this time, is to compete for the Demon's Essence Blood."

Naturally, Shen Changqing also saw the commotion outside the city, and he immediately guessed what it was about.

Compared to the monsters rampaging inside the city, the monsters outside the city that were competing for the Demon's Essence Blood were the biggest trouble.

With Shen Changqing's perception, he could feel that there's at least a Grudge Level monster outside the city.

Even if the people of different sects unite, they would still not be able to fight a Grudge Level monster.

For this reason, Shen Changqing was prepared for the destruction of their entire combat force.

But now, it seemed that there were also experts over there.

Currently, the commotion outside the city was caused by the battle between those experts and the monsters.

"The worst one among the people who are fighting, should also be at the Innate Realm. However, I don't know how many there are..."

To be able to fight with a Grudge Level monster, the minimum requirement was to be in the Innate Realm. Though, Shen Changqing was not sure of how many Innate Realm Cultivators had come.

As for there being a Grandmaster, it was not very likely.

But from the amount of effort and resources they were putting in, it could be seen that the Demon's Essence Blood didn't have a mere ordinary value for the Sects.

Retracting his gaze, Shen Changqing looked to Zhang Yue: "Continue to patrol the city. If you find any monsters, immediately report it to the Government Office!"

After he said that, he began moving in the direction of Yongfu Pawnshop.

After a couple of long jumps, he had disappeared from Zhang Yue's and others' sights.

"Go and continue the patrol!"

Zhang Yue soon came back to his senses, looking at the startled Officials and spoke in a deep voice.

On the other side, Shen Changqing also arrived at Yongfu Pawnshop.

With the situation outside the city, he was sure that the monsters in Lin'an City would not be rampant for long.

As long as the Cultivators outside the city won, then the monsters in the city would automatically retreat.

Even if the Cultivators outside the city were defeated, the monsters would have already been weakened.

By that time, with him guarding Lin'an City, the Eternal Life Alliance would certainly withdraw their forces in the city in order to avoid any more losses.

Basically, regardless of the outcome of the battle, the experts from these Sects would help ease the situation in Lin'an City.

The Yongfu Pawnshop's interior was dark, as if no one was inside.

With a shock of True Qi, Shen Changqing opened the door and entered.

A cold and gloomy aura immediately struck him.


Shen Changqing's face was cold, this cold aura was more than familiar to him. It was clearly the Evil Aura that came from monsters.

A monster was either currently here or it had left not long ago, that's why there's some Evil Aura left lingering in the air.

It was as Shen Changqing guessed. It was weird for the Heavenly Inspection Guard to not make any moves when the monsters attacked Lin'an City. They were indeed attacked.

Although the inside of the pawnshop was dark, Shen Changqing could see in the dark, so he immediately saw the situation.

There was no one around!

He then began moving towards the inner hall.

At this time, a black shadow suddenly fell to the ground.

Shen Changqing walked in and saw that it was a dry corpse.

From its appearance, the person seemed to have not died that long ago. Shen Changqing could tell at a glance that it was the consequence of the person's Essence Blood being drawn clean.

Moreover, the dry corpse's face also felt familiar.

Looking at it carefully, it was someone from the Yongfu Pawnshop, which was of course, actually part of the Heavenly Inspection Guard.

But now, this person had become a dry corpse.

As an intelligence office, the general strength of the Heavenly Inspection Guard was not very strong. Even Situ Bei, who was the head of the Heavenly Inspection Guard in Lin'an City, couldn't be counted as a Qi Circulation Realm Cultivator.

Stepping over the dry corpse on the ground, Shen Changqing continued to walk towards the inner hall.

He found more dry corpses, they all had their Essence Blood drained.

The only difference among the corpse's was that each face had a different expression, some wore an expression of horror, while some expressions were distorted.

When Shen Changqing finally arrived in the inner hall, a bloody smell assaulted his face. In the darkness, Shen Changqing saw a person whose limbs were cut off. It was as if he was livestock.

As he approached, Shen Changqing saw that the so-called human livestock was actually Situ Bei.

The head of the Heavenly Inspection Guard in Lin'an City did not have his Essence Blood drained. Rather he was cut and bled to death.

Looking at the angry expression on the other side's face, one could guess what had happened.

Squatting down, Shen Changqing stretched out his palm and helped Situ Bei close his eyes.

Shen Changqing then stood up and raised his perception to the maximum.

There was still Evil Aura left around, but it was weakening every moment, proving that the monster had already retreated.

After a moment, Shen Changqing retracted his perception. His eyes then fell back on Situ Bei, his expression contained neither sadness nor joy.

"You got too comfortable in your position, and now you have fallen into the hands of the demons."

Way before, Shen Changqing had already found that the Heavenly Inspection Guard in Lin'an City was too lax. It was not an attitude the Heavenly Inspection Guard should have.

The intelligence they gathered was also not comprehensive.

Now that Yongfu Pawnshop was exterminated, it could be considered to be the price paid for their laxity.

After all, although the strength of the Heavenly Inspection Guard was not strong, their means to protect their lives had never been lacking. Otherwise, as the eyes and ears of the Demon Suppression Division, the Heavenly Inspection Guard wouldn't have been able to exist this long.

To put it bluntly, the strength of the Heavenly Inspection Guard was negligible, but their means to protect their life was first-class.

Yet, the Yongfu Pawnshop was easily wiped out by monsters. 

Shen Changqing had searched the Yongfu Pawnshop and determined that the entire Heavenly Inspection Guard stronghold was exterminated.

From here, it could be seen that the Eternal Life Alliance was prepared.

Destroying a Heavenly Inspection Guard stronghold was basically the demons' way of poking the eyes of the Demon Suppression Division in Lin'an City.

It's just that the Eternal Life Alliance didn't think that the presence of the Heavenly Inspection Guard in Lin'an City doesn't matter. No matter if they lived or died, it wouldn't impact Shen Changqing that much. They were of little use.

After his search, Shen Changqing dug a deep pit and buried all of the bodies. He didn't bother with the other things and simply went back to the Government Office.

At the time he went back, the battle was still going on outside the city.

At the same time, there were fires raging in the city.

When Shen Changqing returned to the Government Office, he immediately summoned all of the Officials who were recuperating in the Government Office.

"There's fire in the city, which is probably the work of the monsters. You gather the people nearby to put out the fire, do not cause a big riot!"

"Yes, my Lord!"

The Officials then hastily executed the order.

Shen Changqing looked at the scene outside. The originally dark city was now illuminated by the fire.

"The demon's side are at a disadvantage, otherwise they would not use such extreme means, like setting fire in the city!"

Setting fire in the city was no doubt for the purpose of creating panic.

But now, the Officials of the Government Office had already been dispatched to take care of the problem.

"Unfortunately, Lin'an City is ultimately too small. It is not considered important, so there is no way to station a large army here. Otherwise, this would have been easier to deal with."

Shen Changqing sighed.

The Great Qin's territory was vast, so not every city had soldiers stationed.

The cities that had soldiers stationed were either large cities or very important geographically. A small place like Lin'an City was already lucky to have a few dozen Officials.

Taking a step forward, Shen Changqing then leaped up in the air.

Shen Changqing stood on the roof of the Government Office, and his field of vision opened up a lot. He could now see half of Lin'an City.

The fire lit up the darkness of the city, making it easy to see things from afar.

With the help of fire, Shen Changqing was able to see farther.

Shen Changqing could see some people run out from their own houses, helping put out the fire.

Unfortunately, the distance was too far to see the battle outside the city. Even with the advantage of the high ground, Shen Changqing could not see too much.


"Let me see how many monsters are still in Lin'an City-"

Shen Changqing's perception was put to the maximum. His gaze was like a lightning bolt that scanned areas of the whole city, one after the other, in an attempt to find the whereabouts of the monsters.

Since the Eternal Life Alliance had gone so far as to set fire to the city, the monsters would no longer do things as low key like they did earlier.

After all, in the eyes of the monsters, the Human Race was like pigs and dogs.

Now that they had completely torn their facade, they would certainly kill a lot of people and then retreat.

As the people scrambled to put out the fire, a gloomy and cold aura pervaded the atmosphere.

"Found you--"

Accurately capturing that cold aura, a cold, stern smile appeared on Shen Changqing's face.

The next moment, Shen Changqing swept towards the direction of the Evil Aura.

Soon, he landed in a courtyard.

The faint Evil Aura had now become dense. Looking around, he could also see corpses lying on the ground everywhere.

The way those corpses died was the same as what happened to the Yongfu Pawnshop's Heavenly Inspection Guard. They had their Essence Blood sucked out of them.

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