Chapter 60: The Difficulties Of The Demon Suppression Division.

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Sitting in the inner hall, Shen Changqing looked at the darkness outside, his face calm.

It was only until this moment, did he really feel the difficulty of the Demon Suppression Division’s role.

The number of demons and monsters was large, but the number of people in the Demon Suppression Division was limited.

If an ordinary person were to be trained to be able to face demons and monsters, the time required was the most difficult to measure.

Even if some of the experts were indeed cultivated, in the face of the large number of demons and monsters, there was no way to fight.

What's more, what the Demon Suppression Division was lacking right now was precisely time.

Hence, the Demon Suppression Division casted a wide net.

They recruited people from all over the world and then put them in the Demon Suppression Division. They provided them with Martial Arts and other resources to supplement their Cultivation. Then at the end of one year, they would send these people out. Any successful promotion was good.

Although such a method would sacrifice many people, this was the most efficient and most time-saving way.

"The number of people who can deal with demons and monsters is just too few!" Shen Changqing sighed secretly in his heart.

Take a look at the current situation in Lin'an City.

Right now, monsters had invaded the city, but only one person was holding down the fort.

If a small city was already facing this much threat from monsters, one could imagine how chaotic the other places were. 

"Forget it, how can someone like me, an insignificant slayer, influence the proceedings of the Demon Suppression Division? Right now, it is better to think of stabilizing the situation in Lin'an City!

Shen Changqing secretly shook his head and expelled the distracting thoughts in his mind.

Regarding how many monsters were in Lin'an City, he was not sure.

But one thing was certain, that was, he absolutely can not let the monsters lead him by the nose.

The Officials had already been sent out. As for the specific results, he could only wait and see.

Shen Changqing knew that he could not afford to move lightly right now.

He must stay in the Government Office, as it's in the center of Lin'an City.

This was so that when he caught some wind from any direction, he could make the appropriate response.

"The Heavenly Inspection Guard had sent no news so far, I'm afraid that the situation is not looking too optimistic--"


A few Officials, who were holding torches, were patrolling on the dark street.

Due to the curfew, there were no idle people on the street at this time.

Not only that, with the threat of monsters, no one would go out. There was only the sound of their footsteps amidst the eerie silence. 

"You guys, how many monsters do you think are in the city today?"

Zhou Yang tightened his grip on the torch. His eyes were vigilantly looking around. An ominous premonition always lingered in his heart.

"Who knows. First Zhao Fang colluded with the demons, then the Zhang Family was destroyed by the demons, followed by an earthquake, and now Lin'an City is being invaded by monsters! How are we so unlucky!?"

Another Official said with a gloomy face.

The other Officials' hearts were also heavy.

Other people could hide from the monsters, but they couldn't do anything and actually had to face them.

As Shen Changqing said, they eat the government's food and take the people's taxes as salary. In critical times like right now, they could not retreat.

Otherwise, if the court charged them with a crime, they would end up dead in the end.

Zhou Yang clenched his torch with one hand and squeezed a rooster blood bottle with the other.

"Lord Shen said that the rooster blood can deal with the monsters, I just hope that we wouldn't have to use it!"

"Say, is rooster blood really useful?" Someone looked at the rooster blood bottle in his hand and asked with some doubt.

"Who knows?"

Zhou Yang shook his head.

"We can only pray that it works, otherwise, we'll be in trouble!"

After saying that, Zhou Yang paused and turned back to look at the people behind him.

At this time, his face suddenly changed.

"Where did Old Wang go?"

Hearing this, the other Officials involuntarily turned back, looking behind them. They were really missing a person when. They couldn't help, but look at each other.

"Old Wang had been following behind us, right?"

"I do not know, I just saw him. Maybe he went somewhere?"

Looking at the other's reaction, Zhou Yang's face gradually became gloomy.

"Let's go back immediately and report the matter to the Lord!"

Having been an Official for many years, he had already sensed that something was not right.

Old Wang was not a new recruit, it was impossible for him to just leave the team without saying a word.

Besides, with the current situation, would the other party have the guts to leave the team to do something else?

Meaning, there was only one possibility left.

Looking at Zhou Yang's gloomy face, the remaining Officials' faces also became ugly.

"Head Zhou, you mean Old Wang... he--"

"Do not say it, we will go back immediately. You all pay attention to the situation around us. The moment there is something wrong, immediately use the bottle of rooster blood!"

Zhou Yang stopped their words.

There was no need to doubt further. Since Old Wang disappeared, there must be a monster lurking around.

If the other side was lucky, he may be able to survive.

But if he's not, then...

A monster was not something they could deal with. Now that they found one, the correct choice was to go back and report it to the Lord, letting him deal with the monster. 

The others also did not dare to stay in the area, as they moved towards the direction of the Government Office.

Not long after, Zhou Yang suddenly noticed that there was only silence.

When he looked back, he saw that the people who were originally following behind him had disappeared without a trace.

His back was instantly drenched in cold sweat.

Zhou Yang's immediate guess was that either everyone else was trapped by the monsters or he was the one trapped.

It was obvious that the latter had the highest probability.

He had patrolled the street in front of him God knows how many times in the past days, so he was long familiar with it.

But, at the moment, the familiar street was giving him an unprecedented sense of unfamiliarity.

Darkness covered the street and he couldn't see its end.

"What should I do...?"

Zhou Yang swallowed his saliva with difficulty. Looking at the scene in front of him, his legs seemed to be glued in the ground and he could not move.

"According to the Lord, the greatest weapon of monsters are their illusions. That is to say, I may be caught in some kind of illusion right now-"

Thinking about illusions, Zhou Yang's heart not only did not calm down, he became even more nervous.

Even though he knew it was an illusion, there was no way for him to relax.

Not to mention that the existence of an illusion guaranteed that there was a monster nearby.


A cold wind suddenly blew from behind him, as if someone was breathing on him. The cold feeling made Zhou Yang's body have goosebumps.

His stiff body stood still.

His trembling hands opened the bottle containing rooster blood.

He then turned back and saw a rotten face without eyes.


He immediately threw the rooster blood towards the "thing"  in front of him. The crimson blood fell on the rotten face, and it started scaling it, as if the blood was boiling water. The face's mouth immediately let out a mournful screech.

At the same time, Zhou Yang spread his legs and frantically ran in the direction of the Government Office.

At this moment, his mind was only filled with the image of the rotten face.

The fear inside him was stirred up.

Even Zhou Yang himself did not realize that his movements today were much faster than in the past.


"My Lord, it's not good, something has happened!"

Zhou Yang rolled and crawled inside the Government Office, while shouting loudly.

Shen Changqing, who was sitting in the inner hall, naturally heard it.

"Calm down!"

The loud shout dispelled most of Zhou Yang's fear.

Shen Changqing's face was cold: "What happened? Tell me the exact details?"

Seeing the familiar face, Zhou Yang immediately calmed down. He swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva and said: "My Lord, we encountered a monster attack. I do not know what happened to the others, but I was able to escape by using the rooster blood."

A Monster attack!

"Where is it? Take this Official there!"

"Yes , Yes! This humble servant obeys!" Zhou Yang did not dare to refuse and led the way.

It didn't take long before the two arrived at the street.

"My Lord, we were patrolling just around this street, but not long after, Old Wang and the others all disappeared-"

Looking at the familiar street in front of him, Zhou Yang thought of what had just happened to him.

If not for the presence of Shen Changqing by his side, he would never dare to come back.

Hearing this, Shen Changqing did not answer and simply stood still.

Heavenly Martial True Qi rose from his dantian and perception was put to the maximum.

A moment later took a step forward and struck with his palm that was wrapped in Heavenly Martial True Qi.

The fierce Heavenly Martial True Qi was like a raging flame, causing the surrounding temperature to rise sharply.

Immediately afterwards, under Zhou Yang's horrified gaze, he saw everything in front of him dissipate like ashes.

The street in front of them dissipated and another street was presented in Zhou Yang's eyes.

The difference was that the missing Officials were currently lying on the ground, in a heap.

Not waiting for Zhou Yang to react, Shen Changqing suddenly slashed his sword towards an empty place.

A harsh screech suddenly sounded and a dilapidated body was cut into two halves, before finally disappearing like smoke.

Shen Changqing sheathed the sword and sneered: "A small, Ghost Level monster dare to set up an illusion boundary in the city under my eyes? You're seeking death!"

Shen Changqing then harvested the Killing Value. Although it did not give him much, it still satisfied him.

It was obvious that the monster had already been here earlier. It arranged an illusion boundary here, then the people who step into the street will unknowingly fall inside the illusion.

After doing all this, Shen Changqing came in front of those few Officials.

Everyone's face was a little pale, but their chests still rose and fell, proving that they were still alive.

Then in a very dry and direct way, he woke them up by giving each of them a slap.

When they saw Shen Changqing's face, they immediately came back to their senses.

"My Lord!"

"The monster here has been killed, you guys come back with me first!"

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